Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204: Remote desktops deal with establishing the connection between two computer systems, which are geographically quite far from each other. This feature is provided in the OS of the computers. It allows you to connect with the remote desktop and perform several activities that make you feel like you are in front of that system. Microsoft introduced this, but now it can be exercised by Mac users. Remote Desktop is an application of Microsoft, now available at the Apple play store.

Check if Remote Desktop Connections are enabled, if the remote is functioning, and update the Device driver if necessary. If the issue persists, configure Windows Firewall and disable Remote Desktop functionality on the remote computer.

Remote desktop is a healthy application as it allows you complete access to another system like a logout, login, multi-window control, in-build chats, etc. These features have given this application great importance in the technological world. You can download it and use it on the Mac operating system. This article will discuss possible ways to fix this issue so you can use the application smoothly and comfortably.

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Possible Causes of the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204

Solving any issue becomes very easy if you know the possible causes of it. This section will discuss some possible causes leading to the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204. Besides, some users have issued complaints about Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204. They mentioned encountering this issue when connecting with the Remote desktop. ErrorunavailableThough the company has not given any particular reason for the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204, we have made some possible assumptions about the error to solve it. Following are a few of the reasons for the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204:

  • Disabled Remote desktop protocol.
  • Windows Firewall.
  • Temp folder of Mac Remote Desktop.
  • Third-party Antiviruses.

How to Fix the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204

Since we have already discussed the causes of the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204, we would find it relatively easy to resolve. This section discusses a few of the easiest and simplest methods to deal with the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204.

Method #1 Enable Remote Desktop Protocol

The remote desktop protocol is accessibility permission that must be granted by both devices urging to connect through the Remote desktop feature. If any of the two devices skip enabling this permission will meet the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204. You can quickly fix this issue by allowing Remote desktop protocol on both devices. Following are the steps to help the Remote Desktop protocol:

1. Go to the System Properties option of your system.

system properties

2. Grant permission to User Account Control. Go to the Remote option.

remote option

Grant accessibility for Remote Desktop in your system. Hit Apply to save changes. Follow the same steps for another device as well.

Now your system can easily connect to the Remote Desktop, and Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 will resolve. If this method does not work, you can prefer the next one.

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Method #2 Access Remote Desktop through Windows Firewall

A firewall is a feature that hunts for illegal personal connections, unauthorized access, and data damage in your system to avoid malfunctioning. Windows firewall does not allow private connections to its users. However a Firewall is a helpful feature, but it can be problematic for Remote Desktop connections and lead to the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204.

Suppose you are using the Remote Desktop application of Windows. In that case, you should know that private connections are illegal, so it won’t allow any remote computer to connect to your system. To resolve this issue, you need to change a few of the settings of the Windows Firewall. Following are steps to change the grounds of the Windows Firewall:

1. Go to the Control Panel of your system.

Control Panel

2. Search for the System and Security option. Scroll down for Windows Defender Firewall. Windows Defender Firewall Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall. Go to the allowed apps option. Go to Settings.

Enable private and public access to the Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop (WebSocket) option.

Save the changes made and refresh your system.

By following these steps, your system can connect to the Remote Desktop, and the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 will be solved. If this method does not fix this error, go to the next.

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Method #3 Remove the temp folder of the Mac Remote Desktop Application

Mac Remote Desktop application provides a temporary folder to store files in your system while connected to Remote Desktop. If you encounter Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 on your system, then there are chances that this temp folder has been interrupted by any corrupted files.

To experience the smooth facilities of the Mac Remote Desktop application, you need to delete this folder. By doing this, you can easily connect to the Remote Desktop. Follow the steps given ahead to remove the temp folder:

1. Close all Remote Desktop programs on your system. Go to the Finder icon.

finder icon

3. Proceed to the Group Contents option. Go to the Return to Retrieve Information option. Delete the Restart your Mac system to see the changes in action.


Your issue would be resolved if the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 occurred due to this temp folder. If this method does not work, go to the next fix.

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Method #4 Disable the Third-Party Antivirus

Most Operating Systems provide accessible antivirus facilities, but they are not strong enough to protect your computer system. Thus, most users prefer a third-party antivirus to protect their system to be safer.remote desktop error code 0x204

This may be possible that your system’s Third-Party Antivirus is interrupting the Remote Desktop connections for security measures, consequently leading to the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204. To resolve this issue, uninstall the Third Party Antivirus. This will eradicate the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204.

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Why does Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 occur?

Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 occurs due to a problem with the Remote Desktop Connection software or network issues.

How can I fix Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204?

You can fix Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 by checking your internet connection, turning off antivirus software, updating Remote Desktop Connection, or resetting the Remote Desktop Connection settings.

How do I disable antivirus software?

To disable antivirus software, go to your antivirus program's settings and disable the antivirus temporarily.

How do I reset the Remote Desktop Connection settings?

To reset Remote Desktop Connection settings, open the Run dialog box, type ‘mstsc.exe /reset,’ and press Enter.

How do I update Remote Desktop Connection?

To update Remote Desktop Connection, go to the Microsoft website and download the latest version of Remote Desktop Connection.


The methods mentioned here are the most accepted and positively responded methods for the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204. We have mentioned the exact steps for every fix that, if followed correctly, will completely eradicate the Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204.


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