3 Ways to Fix Windows Update 0x80070422 Error


Windows Update 0x80070422 Error is a very common issue. But don’t worry as we have 3 Ways to Fix Windows Update 0x80070422 Error. After following one of these ways, you will be able to overcome this problem.

“The best part of a problem is that provides you with the right amount of immunity to fight the next problem in the process of solving the initial one.” -H.G. Wells

An error or dilemma is a blessing in disguise for any person. It provides the right amount of bravery and esteem to fight with the second and ultimately it becomes a part of your habit, more precisely your character. The famous and widely known author H.G. Wells from his treasury has presented these precious words to inspire people to leave cowardice and open-chested fight with all your problems and errors. The errors are also a matter of time, and thus, they also teach us many things that we would not realize now.

windows update 0x80070422 error

The main reason and issue giving rise to the error 0x80070422 is broken update files, or any dilemma had occurred while updating your system and it hence becomes a great barricading from using your personalized operating system. It is a serious issue and cannot be ignored just for a second also. With our precise and helpful guide to various methods and tips, you can efficiently solve all your problems related to the error (0x80070422).

The best part of this particular error is that it can solve very effortlessly if you follow our steps carefully. This error is among those many errors which have never resolved by the Microsoft Corporation who is ironically the owner of the error also.

This error is not only the part of any specific Windows operating system but has been noticed and irritated many different windows operators of the different versions and editions. The only positive thing of errors like 0x80070422 is that it challenges the might of Microsoft Corporation that will improve seeing all those errors popping up repeatedly.

How to Fix Windows Update 0x80070422 Error

Trace down these methods carefully to achieve the desired outcomes expected by you.

Method 1: Inactivate the Network List Server

This method has proved the desired results for many users. We highly anticipate this method, and we hope that it works best for all your worries. Follow this step with an optimistic view.

1. At First, “Run” by hitting “Windows Key+R” together.

2. Then feed the following command and press Enter from your keyboard “services.msc

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Type Services.msc

3. Afterward, locate the alternative “Network List Service” by looking precisely in the list.

Network List Service

4. Then select “Properties” by right-clicking and then choose “Disable” from the drop-down of “Startup Type” alternative.

5. Finally, click on “Apply” and then on “OK.”

Network List Service properties

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Method 2: Resume Update Service offered by Windows

Resuming or restarting your Windows update service will prove you an excellent aid for processing and troubleshooting the error 0x80070422. The step mentioned above solves the problem, but in case it has not much to offer then this is a step you are required to treat it.

1. At First, start the application “Run” by pressing the “Windows Key+R” together.

2. Then feed the keyword “services.msc” in the search box and press Enter.

Type Services.msc

3. Navigate to “Windows Update” from the list of services mentioned.

4. Afterward, select “Properties” by right clicking on “Windows Update” alternative.

Windows Update service properties

5. Make the startup types as “Automatic” from the list of options available from the list.

6. Also, ensure that the service status is selected as “Running.”

7. Then hit “Apply” and “OK” to complete the process.

automatic startup type

Method 3: Immobilize IPv6 in Network Centre

Disabling the IPv6 option in Network Centre will certainly help if the above two options did not make you stand face to face with success. The error 0x80070422 can troubleshoot quickly with this step and can guarantee you accomplishment which we made just as easy as it seems.

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1. At First, hit “Windows Key+ X” and select the option “Network Connection.”

Network Connections

2. From the right side of the pane select the alternative “Network and Sharing Centre.”

Network and Sharing Center

3. Then locate your specific network and hit on it to view detailed information present.

4. Afterwards, select “Properties.”

ethernet properties

5. Then uncheck the option “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP /IPv6)” and click select “OK” to implement the following changes.

uncheck internet protocol version 6

6. Finally, “Restart” your PC to implement and execute the following changes fruitfully clubbed with vanishing the error 0x80070422.

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Hence, the error 0x80070422 must have disappeared from your system, and you would be rejoicing in your efforts. We highly appreciate your concern, and we consider it as your ultimate goal for the processing of the contents like this.

We respect your comfort and stress-free life, and that is the sole reason for our operation ability. The best phase of error solving is the little feeling that you are coming close to making the system of yours error free is remarked by us each time.

Microsoft has not yet accepted the responsibility of making their operating system error-free and simplifying the lives of it many operators, and thus, we come to your scene to help and guide you for a justified existence and usage of a Windows operating system. We just take your happiness and satisfaction as our gift or reward in turn for providing quality and hassle-free services like this. We work very sincerely and efficiently so that any error or dilemma faced by you does not remain unsolved. Hoping for your appreciating feedback and critical comments below.

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