5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008


Windows being the top computer software keeps upgrading itself in order to provide the best possible services to its users. However, often this update besides adding positive features to the software creates some errors as well. Hence, in this article we shall be discussing one such error, Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008 in detail and the different methods to fix it. This is one of the most common errors of Windows that arises on updating it.

Causes of the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008

In this section, we shall be discussing possible causes behind Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008 error. It becomes very easy to solve any issue once we have an idea of possible causes of the error. Following are the possible causes of the error:

1. Third party antivirus programs.

2. Corrupted files.

3. Old version of Troubleshooter.

4. Improper Windows update.

5. System BITS crashed.

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008

In this section, we have briefly described the ways to fix the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008. You can go for the option that suits best with your case. Before beginning with any method to fix the error it is suggested to try to restart or refresh your system and check whether the error still persists or not as most of the time technical errors get solved by mere refresh or reboot. In case your problem is yet to be solved then go for the methods mentioned below:

Method #1 Disable the Antivirus

Nowadays for the sake of tight data security, people use third party antivirus programs. This antivirus usually interrupts with Windows and creates hurdles to and forth of Windows update. Third party antivirus is basically a program whose antivirus engine is produced by some different producer other than the owner.

disable the antivirus
Disable the Antivirus

Likewise three parties are involved and thus is called a third party antivirus. If you are one of such antivirus program users then most likely this can be your scenario. Following are the steps that would lead to disabling the antivirus program:

1. Go to the Settings option via Windows button.

2. Search for the Update And Security option.

3. Select Windows Security option.

4. Search for Virus Protection.

5. Turn off the antivirus settings.

Now restart your system to check whether the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008 fixed or not.

Method #2 Execute SFC Command

The corrupted files are the malfunctioning files that inhibit the smooth functioning of the system. It may be possible that the Windows update is reflecting Error 0x80080008 due to any such corrupted files.

execute sfc command
Execute SFC Command

However, it is very easy to find and remove such corrupted files from the system by using SFC scan which is an inbuilt feature of Windows. Following are the steps to implement this scan:

1. Press the Windows button to open the menu.

2. Scroll down for Run command.

3. Type sfc/scannow in the space provided.

4. Follow the steps as suggested to delete the found corrupted files.

Refresh your system to see whether the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008 is fixed or not.

Method #3 Update the Troubleshooter

Old version of troubleshooter is something which does not cause the error voluntarily but may indirectly support it. Troubleshooter is a built-in feature of Windows that keeps checking for troubles or errors in the system in background and accordingly fixes them.

The old version of Troubleshooter is not able to fix errors of any upgraded version of Windows which ultimately freezes the feature. If this is your scenario, then follow the steps given below to update your Troubleshooter.

1. Select the Settings menu via Windows button.

open settings
Open Settings

2. Search for Update And Security option.

update and security
update and security

3. Scroll down for Troubleshoot option.


4. Go to Windows Update option.

select windows update
Select Windows Update

5. Click on the Update button.

6. Run the updated Troubleshooter.

These steps will update your Troubleshooter and there are chances that your Troubleshooter will most probably find and fix the issue. Refresh your system to check if your error is fixed or not.

Method #4 Manually Perform the Update

As we know that the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008 arose due to the Windows update, so there are chances that automatic Windows update is being interrupted due to any reason.

Also, many users around the globe have often mentioned that manual Windows update sometimes fixes the errors created by automatic update. Therefore, it is suggestible to manually update your Windows 10. This might solve the issue for you. Following are the steps to manually update the Windows:

1. Go to Microsoft update official website.

microsoft update website
Microsoft update website

2. Choose the respective version of Windows 10 as per your requirements.

3. Click on the download option.

4. Then install and run the newly downloaded version.

Like this Windows can be updated manually. Now restart your system to check if the error still persists or not. In case the error still persists then go for the next method to fix it.

Method #5 Restart BITS Service

BITS stands for Background Intelligence Transfer Service. This service plays major role in enacting updates in your system. There are chances that your system BITS has crashed as a consequence of which you are being encountered by the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008.

Following are the steps to restart BITS in your system:

1. Prompt the Run command.


2. Write services.msc in space provided to enter command.


3. Scroll down for the Background Intelligence Transfer Service.

4. Click on the properties.

5. Restart the first and second failure from the recovery menu.

6. On the general tab click on the start button if it was not functional.

Thus, like this you can have your BITS restarted. Refresh your system to check whether the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008 still persists or not. In case it’s not fixed, contact the software developer support team.


These were some of the quick fixes to the Windows 10 Update Error 0x80080008. Methods mentioned here are most accepted and positively reciprocated fixes to the error. The steps mentioned in each step are accurate and easy to follow. These methods would definitely eradicate the error if followed correctly.


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