{Solved} 6 Ways to Fix Xbox One Error Code 0x807a1007


Xbox One Error Code 0x807a1007 is a very common issue. However, these 6 Ways give you an easy way to fix Xbox One Error Code 0x807a1007. Microsoft was the sixth-largest information technology company when it first launched Xbox in the year 2001. It was set on the path to revolutionizing the gaming world. Having registered 24 million unit sales by the year 2006, Microsoft’s Xbox was winning the gaming race. After this success, Xbox 360 was released which turned to be a more significant hit than its predecessor with 77.2 unit sales.


Microsoft also launched the Xbox virtual marketplace for buying numerous games and multimedia once again intriguing users to buy it. It achieved a landmark of 55 million users as of July 2017. Well, that’s a big feat. The successor of Xbox 360 is the Xbox One that was released in May 2013 and was aggressively promoted by Microsoft as an “all in one entertainment system” to compete against Sony’s PS4.

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Features of Xbox One

Microsoft has bundled Xbox One with some of the most exciting features for the best user experience, some of which are:

  • Preinstalled Skype.
  • Personalization of TV screens.
  • Option for live TV.
  • Usage of voice commands to control the console.
  • Triggers for controllers that are made for the comfort and ease of playing.
  • Performing two things at the same time.
  • Recording and sharing your favorite moments from the gameplay.
  • Having a customized home screen.
  • Keep in touch with the Xbox Live community.
  • Search for opponents with the same skills, language, and game style.

Also, Xbox One is coupled with a feature called ‘Party Chat‘. This enables you to start a party that allows 8 users to join a conversation at the same time. With these striking features, Xbox was undoubtedly a delight for gamers. Xbox sure made a mark with an estimated 25-30 million unit sales. However, there are some issues that the users of Xbox One face, one of them being the error code 0x807a1007. So, we bring you a quick guide to fix the Xbox One error code 0x807a1007.

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Why does this Error Occur?

Firstly, let us understand the driving force behind the occurrence of the error. The 0x807a1007 error code indicates that the error has occurred due to a connection failure between your Xbox console and the other members of the party chat. The primary reason for this can be cited as the discordant Network Address Translation (NAT) types used between your host and you.

How to Fix Xbox One Error Code 0x807a1007

So, how to recover from the error and resolve the issue? Well, here  are the possible things you could do to recover from the error:

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Method 1: Try to Re-join the Party Chat

Well, this is the most straightforward trick to resolve the issue. This fix can work if the error was caused due to some temporary network failure. So, just try to join the party once more, and this fix may work. However, if the error persists, then don’t worry; we have other ways as well.

party chat
Party Chat

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Method 2: Start the Console Again

It has been suggested that restarting the console has solved the error 0x807a1007. Here are the steps to restart the console:

1. At First, Shut down the console by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

2. Then start the console again after a few minutes.

xbox console
Xbox Console

Doing this might probably work for the error to vanish.

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Method 3: Change NAT Settings

As mentioned before, the error might be popping up due to the incompatible Network Address Translation types between the host of the party and your console. So, changing the settings would presumably do the trick. The steps for changing the NAT settings are as follows:

1. At First, go to the left end of your Home screen to open the Guide.

2. Then click on Settings and choose the Network settings option.

Network Settings
Network Settings

3. On the Network screen, under the Current Network Status which indicates the current NAT type. The 3 types of NAT are: Open, Moderate, and Strict.

4. Always stick to the Open mode for party chats. So, if your current network status shows Moderate or Strict, then change it to Open.

set NAT type to open
Set NAT Type to Open

Method 4: Change the Region

It is to be noted that before opting for this way, you must have enough cash in your account to change the Region settings. Also, certain services are only available in specific regions. So, keep a note of that as well. Plus, the region can be changed only once in three months.

Here, are the steps to proceed with changing the region:

1. At First, sign in to your console.

2. Then open the Guide from the left of your Home screen.

3. Navigate to Settings>>System>>Language & Location.

Language & Location
Language & Location

4. Set the new location and Restart now.

Restart Now
Restart Now

Check if the error continues to appear. If not, then go on to the next possible solution.

Method 5: Use the Option of Energy Saving

Here are the steps to enable the energy-saving option:

1. At First, open the Guide. Navigate to Settings>>Power & Startup.

Power & Startup
Power & Startup

2. Then click on the Power Mode and set the Energy-saving option by clicking on it.

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Energy Saving Mode in Xbox
Energy Saving Mode in Xbox

This method should surely resolve the error for you. No worries if it doesn’t. If the error 0x807a1007 continues to bother you, there is always a last resort.

Method 6: Restoring Default Factory Settings

It is possibly the last way to resolve the error 0x807a1007 of Xbox One. To restore the default factory settings, here are the steps that you can follow:

1. Navigate to Guide. Go to Settings>>All Settings>>System>>Console Info & updates.

2. Choose the Reset console option. Wait for the reset process to complete.

Reset Console
Reset Console

Once done, you are most likely to get rid of the Xbox One error code 0x807a1007.

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One of these methods should definitely solve the Xbox One error code 0x807a1007 for you. This way you can continue your gaming time with your friends by using party chats.