How To Fix: Xbox Sign In Error 0x87dd0006 [7 Ways]


Xbox is the largest gaming console compared to the others. Over time, it has gained a lot of support and now has a huge community online. Through all these years, Xbox has given gamers a massive opportunity to interact with different genres of games online with the help of its three consoles, starting with Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Despite the excellent performance it provides its users, like every other thing, Xbox has its shortcomings. Like the Xbox Sign-in Error, 0x87dd0006 can ruin your gaming experience.


The sign-in error 0x87dd0006 is one of the most common errors many users face, and the company also acknowledged it.

Reasons For Sign In 0x87dd0006 error:

This “Xbox won’t let me sign-in” error causes great inconvenience. This error usually happens when:

  • The billing information is not correct
  • Your profile may be corrupted
  • Network might be facing some problem

Ways To Solve Xbox Sign-In Error 0x87dd0006:

7 ways to fix the sign-in error 0x87dd0006

By checking your billing information

The most common reason for this error might be due to incorrect billing information. When the payment process fails because of incorrect information, it tends to stop working properly and shows these kinds of error messages. Always double-check the information provided. Check these simple steps:

  • View your Microsoft account
  • Under billing & payment, click on bill info
  • Check the details provided, if needed to change, select edit info and follow the instructions given.

For Xbox series X Users


  • Open Guide by pressing the Xbox key
  • Click on Profile and System
  • Locate Settings and choose an account
  • Next, go to the Payment and billing option and click on edit info.

For Xbox 360 Users

  • Select Account from the settings option
  • Then click on Manage Payment options
billing info on xbox 360
billing info on xbox 360
  • Make changes on the bill if needed
  • Select OK

For Xbox One Users


  • Click on Guide, which is visible on the Home screen 
  • After that, tap on All Settings under the Settings option
  • Locate Payment & billing in the account section and select it.
  • Select the billing information you want to change and click on Save info

By Re-logging Into Your Account

The 0x87dd0006 error might also happen if your profile gets corrupted. In that case, it’s best to delete your Account and log in again.


The steps given below will be a help:


For X series Users

To Delete:
  • Click on the Xbox key and select Guide
  • Locate System and go to settings
  • Next, select Account, you’ll see an option to remove Account
    remove account
    remove account
  • Delete the desired Account
To Re-login:
  • Press the Xbox button and open Guide
  • On Profile & System, select Add or switch
  • Click on Add new to enter your account details

For Xbox 360 Users

To Delete:
  • Under settings, select System and click on Storage
  • In case you have an external device connected, select All Devices; otherwise, select Hard Drive and choose Profiles


  • Delete the profile you want to by using the Delete Only Profile option
To Re-login:
  • On your controller, press Guide
  • Click on the Download Profile option. This option will only be available if you sign out of all your Xbox accounts. 
  • Enter your Microsoft account details
  • Choose your desired storage location and wait for your profile to get downloaded

For Xbox One Users

To Delete:
  • Open Guide by scrolling left on your Home Screen
  • Select All settings under Settings
  • Navigate Account and click on Remove Account
    delete account for xbox one
    delete account for xbox one
  • Click on Remove after selecting the Account you want to delete
To Re-login:
  • Scroll left on your Home Screen and select Guide
  • Locate sign in tab and select Add & Manage
    add and manage
    add and manage
  • Click on Add New
  • Enter your account credentials and follow the instruction on the screen

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By Updating Your Controller

Sometimes, updating your controller can also help in solving the problem. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Xbox button
  • Go to Profile & System and click on Settings
  • Go to Devices & Connections and then click on Accessories
  • Select the one you want to update and click on the three dots below
  • Download the updated firmware option available

The steps mentioned above are for wireless updates only

If your controller is not available for wireless updates, follow the below-mentioned steps using a USB cable:

  • Use the USB cable to connect your controller to the console
  • There will be some instructions appearing onscreen.
  • If it doesn’t appear, then click on Menu and go to settings
  • Go to Device & Streaming and select Accessories. There you will find an Update option click on that.

By Signing In With A Different Account

In case you have another account, try using this method. 

  • Log out of the Account that shows the error message. 
  • Then log in with the other Accounts available
  • Log out from this Account and try logging in with your previous Account
    sign in with a different account
    sign in with a different account

This method has proved to be effective.

By Updating Your Console

To update your console, follow these steps:

  • On your controller, press the Xbox button
  • Select Profile & System and go to Settings
  • Then go to System and click on Updates
update console
update console
  • See if there are any available updates. If yes, install the updates.

By Unplugging Your Ethernet

Xbox runs better with wired connections. So using Ethernet will be more helpful. Sometimes there might be some connectivity issues. To resolve them, try unplugging your Ethernet. Follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Remove your console from the Ethernet
    unplug ethernet
    unplug ethernet
  • Try logging in while being disconnected
reconnect console
reconnect console
  • Reconnect your console again 

By Restarting Your Router

For wireless connection users, your modem or router might create a problem due to poor connections. Make sure your router is placed at a proper distance. If you still face issues, try restarting your router. To do so, follow these easy steps:

  • Switch off your Xbox
  • Switch off your router, too, by pressing the power button and wait for 30 secs
reset router
reset router
  • After waiting, press the power button to switch on your router
  • Now switch on your Xbox and ensure if it is running smoothly

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 internet is working fine but can’t connect to Xbox live?

Try unplugging the network cable from your console. Male sure the sockets of the console, as well as the connector, are clean. 

Why does my Xbox say connect to the Xbox network?

Sometimes, even if you are online, this issue may occur on your Xbox live. You can try removing the Ethernet, or in case of wireless connections, disable it via Settings. Hold on to the power button for 10 seconds and restart your System. 


The Xbox assist 0x87dd0006 error can be a major problem for many users as it causes an interruption in your gaming pace. We believe by now you have an idea of how to solve this error with the simple steps mentioned above!