4 Ways to Fix Error Code 0xC0070652 on Windows 10


Unfortunately, Windows 10 is being heavily criticized by its users due to various reasons. This version emphasises on providing free facilities and advertisements which is causing many bugs in the functioning of the system. Many problems have been reported by its users in a short span of time and this has been keeping the developers on their toes. Windows 10 users are facing the Error Code 0xC0070652. This error code appears on the desktop while uninstalling any application from PC.

Fix the Error
Fix the Error

Causes of Error 0xC0079652

No particular cause of this error has been determined so far. Only assumptions have been made about the possible reasons which can cause this error and consequently, the remedies have been suggested. Also, Microsoft is preparing to automatically fix this problem in the PCs of its users by bringing some kind of upgrade in the operating system. Some of the major causes of the  error code 0xC0070652 are:

  • The System Installer might have got stuck.
  • The MSIServer might be misbehaving
  • Background working of AntiVirus software
  • Third-party conflicts

How to Fix the Error 0xC0079652

In the below section, we have discussed some of the very common and the easiest methods to conduct methods to eradicate the error code 0xC0079652. I suggest that before going forward with any method, you should reboot your PC first and then recheck the action.

Sometimes most of the technical problems can be solved simply by rebooting it once. Hence, better to be safe than sorry. The methods to fix the error code 0xC0070652 from your Windows computer are as follows:

Method #0 Use Restoro (Strongly Recommended)

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Method #1 Restart the System Installer

Windows Installer is a service provided by Microsoft which controls and manages installation and uninstallation of applications in the system. It might happen that this service is misbehaving or has got stuck, due to which system is unable to install or uninstall any application and error code 0xC0070652. You can restart this service to fix the error code 0xC0079652.

Following are the steps to restart the System Installer:

  • Search for the Run option from the Start menu.
  • In the Run dialog box, type services.msc and then click on OK to proceed to the Services screen.
  • Here, search for the Windows Installer Service.
  • Right click on Windows Installer and select restart.
  • If it does not restart then first start it and then restart it.

Try to uninstall the desired application now. If the error code 0xC0070652 is still not fixed proceed to the next method discussed below.

Method #2 Abandon the MSIServer

The MSIserver is a service provided in Windows installer. It is responsible to add, remove or change applications. This MSIserver might be busy with managing some other files which are restricting our application installation or uninstallation. Thus to counter this error code 0xC0070652 we shall forcefully stop this service. Therefore we can continue with the installation or uninstallation of our applications.

Follow below-given steps to stop MSIserver services-

  • Go to the task manager of your PC.
task manager
task manager
  • In its dialogue box proceed to more details.
  • Scroll down for services option.
  • In this dialogue box search MSIserver and right-click on it.
  • Click on stop to stop this service.
  • Try to uninstall the desired application now.

If this error code 0xC0070652 is still not resolved then you can go to the next option.

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Method #3 AVG Files Running in the Background

AVG stands for  Anti-virus Guard. It is provided in Microsoft as well as in Android. It is a free antivirus that protects the computer system from corrupted files. These files keep working in the background of the computer system and are present by default. Sometimes, it happens that AVG is already busy with managing some sets of files when we command our PC to uninstall any of our applications.

As a result of this, error code 0xC0070652 appears on our screen. To counter this error you need to stop AVG functions. This can be done by the AVG removal tools which are available at AVG’s native website. For an OS of 32 bit, a particular AVG remover tool is present and for 64 bit OS, another remover tool is provided. The steps to stop AVG running in the background are:

  • Download the AVG remover tool from the official website.
  • Once the tool downloads, click on avgclear.exe installer.
  • Give accessibility to User Account Controls.
System Type
System Type
  • Click on Yes to allow reboot in safe mode.
safe mode
safe mode
  • Now follow the instructions to stop all the background files as directed.

Now your background files would have been forcefully stopped. You can check the uninstallation of the application. This will definitely fix this error but if still, it persists, then go with the next method discussed below.

Method #4 Perform a Total Reboot of Your System

This method is one of the most effective methods to fix the error code 0xC0070652. Sometimes it happens that services provided in your PC or those provided by running applications misbehave in the background and restrict the activities like installation and uninstallation. In that case, it is very important to search for the culprit file and disable it. You may do this by rebooting your complete system and disabling all unnecessary services.

Here are the steps that you can follow to completely reboot your system.

  • Go to the Run command from the Start menu.
  • Enter MSConfig in the space provided.
  • Once you reach system configuration, still down to services.
  • Now you can see the services provided, go to the lower right corner of your desktop and click on ‘disable all’.
  • This will take you to the startup menu. Now, you need to select each system startup and consequently disable it.
startup menu
startup menu
  • Once all the system startup disables, you can reboot your system.
disbable startup
disbable startup

This would fix the error code 0xC0070652 and allow you to uninstall applications smoothly.

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These were a few of the methods to counter the Error Code 0xC0070652. The methods that we have discussed to fix this error are very simple and easy to use.