Fixed: Access Denied As You Do Not Have Sufficient Privileges


Trying to find answers to the access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges error? If so, don’t be alarmed; you may resolve this error message with the aid of this blog. This article discusses all the potential causes of this error and how to deal with similar issues.

A brief notification stating, “Access refused as you do not have adequate privileges,” appears when the problem occurs. You can resolve this by employing techniques such as taking ownership of the partition, running CMD as an administrator, using SFC to repair Registry Corruption, and many others.


Dealing with these issues can occasionally be unpleasant because they prevent users from fully utilising specific apps. You can deal with such situations without difficulty, thanks to this post. Click here to fix windows 10 slow shutdown error.

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In What Way Do I Fix You Do Not Have Sufficient Privilege To Perform This Operation

Use the remedies listed below to solve this problem of access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges without fuss.

Launch CMD In Administrator Mode 

It has traditionally been advised to run the programme in administrative mode to avoid issues like access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges. This is similar to windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation . To do this, adhere to the guidance below:

  1. To open Command Prompt, enter cmd into the Desktop search box.
  2. Right-click “CMD” and choose “Run as administrator” from the menu that appears.opencmd
  3. Once it has started, type the chkdsk /f drive letter: and press Enter.

Note: The drive letter should be replaced with the name of the drive where Windows is installed on your computer.

    1. If prompted, answer “Yes” to the question about scheduling a volume check for the next time the system restarts. Enter after pressing the “Y” key on your keyboard. (Y/N)’.
    2. If not, you can check for issues by closing a CMD panel and restarting your computer. Click here to learn how to fix it if you fail to connect to Windows Service.

Run An SFC Scan To Address The Registry Corruption

Sometimes registry errors might lead to issues with access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges. You can use DISM or SFC to fix the registry if the registry is corrupted. To perform the SFC scan, simply follow the steps below:

  1. To open Command Prompt, enter cmd into the Windows search box or click Win+R.
  2. Next, launch System File Checker by entering the command SFC/scannow into the cmd prompt and pressing enter.windowsscan
  3. Now, the corrupted files will be automatically found by SFC scan and repaired.
  4. Watch for the scanning to be finished.

Note: [While the scanning is taking place, refrain from taking any other action.]

To use the DISM tool, adhere to the guidelines given below:

    1. To open Command Prompt, enter cmd in the search bar or click Win+R. cmd command
    2. Wait patiently as the DISM looks for damaged files. Check out if your windows start button not working.

Change The Current Account To Administrator

If the fixes above don’t help you, consider changing your current account to an administrator one to resolve the access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges error.

  1. Find the “Control Panelcontrolpanel
  2. Next, pick “Control Panel” from the search result that showed.
  3. Here, select “Category” under the “View by:” heading.
  4. To modify the account type, select “Change account type” below “User Accounts.changingacctype
  5. Then after, tap on your account to make changes.
  6. Next, select “Change the account type” by tapping the button on the left side.
  7. Select the radio button next to “Administrator” to designate the account as the system administrator.
  8. To save the changes made, touch “Change Account Type” after finishing.
  9. Exit the Control Panel tab lastly.

Now try executing the administrative account command and see if you still receive the same issue. Read this article for best file manager for Windows 10.

Taking Possession Of The Partition 

Another option to fix the issue of access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges is to take ownership of the partition. The steps are as follows:

  1. Launch File Explorer.
  2. When you right-click the drive, choose “Properties“.diskproperties
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Select “Advanced” from the Security tab.
  5. After that, hit “Change” and choose “Advanced.”
  6. Click “Find Now” right now.
  7. Next, select User Name from the User or Group List and tap OK.
  8. Tap “OK” one more, and then select “Add.”
  9. After that, select Advanced under the “Select a principle” permissionentry, select a principle
  10. Click “Find Now” right now.
  11. Next, select the user name from the user or group list by scrolling down and tapping OK.
  12. Tap “OK” once again.
  13. Select the “Full control” check box next. then click OK.fullcontrol
  14. Finally, click the “Apply” option below and OK.
  15. Select “Apply” from the Security tab, then select “OK.” Finally, you are legally permitted to run the programme. Can’t find webcam device manager quickly? Read This.

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Change FAT32 To NTFS To Resolve Access Denied As You Do Not Have Sufficient Privileges

You may use Command Prompt to convert FAT32 to NTFS without using Format using cmd. Just carry out the easy actions listed below:

  1. Type Command Prompt into a search engine.
  2. Next, choose cmd from the results list and click the context menu to select “Run as administrator.”
  3. After you type “help convert,” press the “Enter” key. It will offer guidance on how to convert FAT volumes to another format.
  4. After typing the function “convert drive letter: /NTFS:,” click the “Enter” button.ntfs
  5. Pause till the conversion is complete before writing “exit.” The targeted device’s file system now seems to be NTFS. Want to secure your windows 10? Read this.


What does the statement of a server mean,

The most frequent cause of an 'Access Denied, You Don't Have Permission to Access on this Server' error notice and the ULR, which prevents you from accessing a website with a reference number, is a network-related problem with your browser. Note that Firefox browsers tend to experience this problem the most.

How can I launch the elevated mode of this utility?

By starting Command Prompt as an Administrator, you can use Command Prompt to launch this software in elevated mode. Enter cmd in the search box, then select Run as administrator by choosing the Command Prompt program using the right-click menu. Enter the chkdsk /f /x instructions in the elevated window to solve chkdsk access denied windows 10.

How can I confirm that I have the proper authorizations to start system services?

Here are the procedures to do this to confirm it: Start gpedit. Select User Rights Assignment under Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies. In the settings window, select Log on as a service twice. Click Add User or Group on the login as a Service right to include an account in the set of accounts.

How to run chkdsk in elevated mode windows 10?

To open an elevated terminal in admin mode, open cmd and press CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT MOUSE. Type chkdsk /f c:; you will be prompted with the message The present driver is being used, thus the operation can't be completed, but you can select Y to perform the check on the next startup.

Why do I continually get a warning that says 'Server access denied'?

The Access Denied alert shows if your Firefox browser utilizes a VPN or a distinct proxy configuration than what is set up on your Windows 10 PC. As a result, if a website notices an issue with your network or browser cookies, it may prevent you from accessing it.

How do I carry out the chkdsk access denied?

Enter chkdsk volume: /f at the command prompt to fix faults without checking the disc for damaged sectors. Enter the command chkdsk volume: /r at the command prompt to correct errors, faulty sectors, and readable data.

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We sincerely hope that this post proves to be helpful and that utilising the above-mentioned methods, you can quickly resolve the access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges issue. There are also more commonly asked issues about access being prohibited because of insufficient privileges. Also, read this article to fix windows 10 update stuck.