In today’s world, where the pandemic has forced everybody indoors, streaming has become quite popular. Not everything is available on the net, from games to music to what. Twitch is one of the most used platforms for the same. As valuable as it is, its sponsors’ ads can be very annoying, especially when they come continuously. To block these ads, many Chrome extensions are available, like AdBlock. But again, it can be very frustrating if you constantly see AdBlock not working on Twitch.

adblock not working on twitch

The AdBlock Plus not working on Twitch can be using an Older AdBlock version, Incorrect AdBlock settings, incorrect Chrome settings, Extensions conflicting, or the Ads in Streams. You can update AdBlock, alter different settings, and remove unnecessary extensions to fix these issues.

Keep reading this article to fix your issue quickly. Also, learn about the best Ad Blocker for TV.

Resolve AdBlock Not Working On Twitch

Despite the reason for the AdBlock not working on Twitch error, this detailed step-by-step guide will help you eradicate it from its root. To do so,

Try updating AdBlock

All the extensions get updated automatically, but if a glitch occurs, it is better to update these manually. To do so,

  1. In the address area in Chrome, enter chrome://extensions and open it.
  2. Turn on developers’ mode and look for AdBlock
  3. Now tap on the update option and let it run.

Relaunch Twitch and check if the problem of AdBlock not blocking Twitch ads persists.

Change the browser

The browser page can also be a problem sometimes. The issue can also occur if the web page doesn’t recognize your internet.

change your browser

To resolve this, refresh the browser page by clicking on ctrl+F5 and reloading. Now check for the error; if it persists, use a different browser like opera and try again.

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Ensure settings are configured for Twitch

It is better to personalize AdBlock for Twitch to fix the error. To do this,

Tap on the AdBlock icon in your browser. Now, from the drop-down, tap on the settings menu.

configure settings for twitch

Ensure the Allow Acceptable Ads option is turned off in the general tab

Restart your browser and reopen Twitch to check for the AdBlock not working on Twitch error.

Alter chrome settings

It is also better to check and change the Chrome settings, as they can hinder the extension performance. To check this,

  1. In the address area in Chrome, enter chrome://flags and open it.
  2. Now enter network service in the search bar.
  3. Ensure both Runs network service in-process and the Data reduction proxy with network service is off, and save changes.

Now try working Twitch again and check if the issue AdBlock doesn’t work on Twitch persists.

Verify no conflicts occur in the extensions

Sometimes using a lot of extensions can be a problem too. Try to disable all the other extensions except AdBlock, and then try to run it and check if the error persists.

remove conflicts

If the issue still comes up, then follow the remaining steps.

Install HSL AdBlock

Why doesn’t AdBlock work on Twitch? If the ads are inserted into the stream, AdBlock may find it challenging to remove those, and it is better to bring HSL AdBlock into play.

install hsl adblock

To install it, go to the official website and load it into your browser. Now try running Twitch and check if the error AdBlock not working on Twitch persists.

Try filtering Twitch ads on AdBlock

If ads still don’t leave you alone, filter them separately. To do this,

  1. Tap on the AdBlock icon in your browser. Now, from the drop-down, tap on the settings menu.configure settings for twitch
  2. Tap on the advanced settings and go to customize.

Edit the list and enter,, and apply

Now restart the stream and check if ads are coming or not.

Try using an alternative twitch tv device.

If AdBlock doesn’t work for you, try using the alternate twitch tv payer extension. Install it from the official webpage and run it.

use alternate twitch tv

This will remove all ads from the streams and resolve the AdBlock not working on Twitch error.


How to block the ads in Twitch?

Adds can be very annoying no matter the platform. To block these, try using extensions like Ad Guard, matrix, or try using a different player. If ads still annoy you, then try subscribing.

Do extensions like AdBlock work for Twitch?

Yes, these extensions are primarily built for blocking ads. But to use them for a specific extension, try to change their settings accordingly.


After going through this guide, we hope you found and resolved the issue of AdBlock not working on Twitch. If the problem persists, you might need to try a completely different extension. Now that Twitch is streaming without issues, you can happily get back to watching your favorite streamer. Happy ad-free watching!