While saving a ppt, it’s showing an error occurred while PowerPoint was saving the File. Then you have landed on the right page. Stick right through because this article will tell you exactly how you can solve this problem. These days many people are facing similar problems.      

You can fix it by saving it to a new ppt file. Ensure the File is not open anywhere else, as sometimes this also causes an error while saving the File, or you can try signing out of your Account, for instance. Click here to learn how to fix the Microsoft Word background problem. 

Let’s look into these methods in detail to resolve an error that occurred while PowerPoint was saving the File. This article contains six ways in which you can fix this error. 

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Reasons for the Error “An Error Occurred While PowerPoint Was Saving The File”

It could be because of numerous reasons. Corruption of files, files saved on bad sectors, and usage of corrupt images or other attributes in slideshows are the major causes of this problem.   

corruption of files

The File can be corrupted for the following reasons: virus or malware attack on your computer, large file size, or unexpected system shutdown due to power collapse. Sometimes we are not able to find files after searching in Windows. It is also essential to fix it. You were sharing the File via an untrustworthy network, using of flawed PPT compression tool, inappropriate upgrading of the PowerPoint app, Collapse of system hardware or the app, etc. 

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Here Are Six Solutions. If An Error Occurred While PowerPoint Saved The File

Let’s discuss six solutions for errors while PowerPoint saved the file.

Please Save It To a New PowerPoint Presentation 

Here are the six ways by which you can quickly fix the error and save your PowerPoint file smoothly   

If there was an error saving your slideshow or the PowerPoint won’t save, try saving it in a new file.

  1. Open a new presentation        opening a new presentation powerpoint
  2. Copy your old PowerPoint presentation into the new presentation.     
  3. Click on SaveAs next, enter the file name, and save the File.  enter the file name and save the file powerpoint

NOTE: if the File is still not saving, try changing the file extension from PPTX to PPT.   

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Check For Corrupted Files

Sometimes the images and data are directly copied from the internet, and, likely, they may not be compatible with or support the standards of PowerPoint. Or there are other reasons which can lead to a corrupted file; this enables the save function from working correctly. corrupt

So make sure to check if your File is corrupt or not. If a message shows something like ‘ PowerPoint encountered an error and needs to quit or cannot open a file because it’s unreadable or the contents are misplaced, then your File is corrupted. Sometimes we delete essential files by mistake. Learn how to undelete files from this article.   

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Save The File In a Separate Location

One of the reasons an error occurred while Powerpoint was saving the file is that if the location you chose to save the File is protected, needs additional permission to make changes, or is set to a cloud service like OneDrive. In this scenario, change the location where you want to save your File. You can do it by following these simple steps:   

  1. Click the SaveAs option, and a window will open.  click the saveas option, and a window will open in powerpoint
  2. On the left side of the window, there are multiple folders where you can save the PowerPoint file. Choose the desired folder by clicking on it.  save button powerpoint 
  3. Click on the Save button.   

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Sign Out From PowerPoint Account   

Even after trying everything, it still shows “an error occurred while PowerPoint was saving the file,” then Sign out from your PowerPoint Account. Follow the steps mentioned below to sign out from the Account:    

  1. Open the File menu and click on Account in the bottom left corner.      click on account in the powerpoint
  2.  Click on the Signout option.      
  3.  Sign in back into your Account, and try to save your File. Can’t Sign Into Your Account in Windows 10? Read this article to fix it.

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Check If The File Is Open Anywhere Else 

Most of the time, an error occurs while PowerPoint saves the File. If the File is open anywhere else on the pc, you can face trouble while saving the File. To check this, go through these steps:   

  1. Open File Explorer; you can also use the shortcut Win+E.        the shortcut win+e
  2. Deselect the Preview Pane by clicking on the View tab in the top right corner, which is just below it.   
  3. Go back and save your File.   

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Microsoft Visual Basic Editor   

If you have enabled any Visual Basic UserForm in your ppt, removing it might help solve the error that occurred while Powerpoint was saving the file. To remove it, you have to follow these steps:  

  1. Click on Tools, select Macro, then click on Visual Basic Editor      click on visual basic editor in powerpoint
  2. Select UserForm1, click on File, and Remove it.      
  3. Click on Yes, choose a location, ad save the UserForm1      the userform1 in powerpoint
  4. Now, Save your PowerPoint file.


How to fix PowerPoint not saving in safe mode?

Suppose this happens while saving the File in safe mode. Try starting PowerPoint in safe mode.

What happens if I cut and paste slides to another PowerPoint?

Your slides would be pasted in another ppt and no longer be available in the previous ones. it is identical to how we cut and paste data from one document to another.

How to fix PowerPoint won't save errors?

If this happens, it means your File is corrupted. You can go through the second method of this article to check if your File is corrupted or not.

How to repair a corrupt PowerPoint file?

You can try saving your File in a different location, copy PPTX contents in another PPTX file, Enable Safe Mode to recover the File, use PPTX Repair EXE or use Microsoft Visual Basic Editor.

Why can't I open a Powerpoint document?

It can produce various errors if you don't install your Microsoft PowerPoint properly. However, it can easily fix it. Other than installation, additional elements can affect the proper working of the software, like opening or saving a file.

How to save ppt file as PDF?

Click on File and then select Export > click on Create PDF/XPS. Then it will ask you to choose a location where you want to save the File, select the location and click on Publish.

Does PowerPoint save backup files?

Microsoft PowerPoint has an autosave feature that saves your File every 10 minutes. The default setting always keeps it on. However, you can turn it off in the settings.

How to recover a deleted file?

In the Microsoft PowerPoint, click on File on the top left, go to Open, and click on Recent. To recover an unsaved presentation, go to the bottom of the page and click on it. Remember, the Recover Unsaved Presentation folder keeps the files for only a short period.


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There are many ways to solve an error while PowerPoint saves the File. It’s not feasible to add every solution possible. This article contains the six most common ones people encounter while saving a PowerPoint file.   

Above all, hoping that this article has been helpful for you and now you know what to do or not to do if such a problem occurs ever again in the future

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