Fix: An Existing Connection Was Closed by the Remote Host on Minecraft


Seeing this specific error can halt your gaming session and can be extremely bothersome when trying to connect to your favorite Minecraft server. An existing connection was closed by the remote host error. It is a Java error that occurs due to several reasons such as the Firewall blocking the connection.

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Even your internet connection itself, or some issues related to your router. We’ll look into how to fix this error and get your connection to your server back into its prime condition.

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Methods To Fix The Error

The following are the ways to fix this Java error of an existing connection was closed by the remote host:

Turn off Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is a Microsoft Windows application that filters information coming to your system from the Internet and blocks potentially harmful programs. Sometimes, the Firewall acts overprotective and blocks the information from the known sources too.
So, it could be the windows firewall that is messing up your precious gaming session. Follow the process stated below to turn off the Firewall to resume your gaming session.

open windows settings
open windows settings

Click on the Start button on the taskbar and open up Settings. Next, Open the Updates and Security section and click on Windows Security and Navigate your way to Firewall. Go to the network protection column and click on your current network to turn off the windows firewall protection. Read this article, to know about the methods to allow chrome to access network in firewall.

turn off windows firewall
turn off windows firewall

Close the Minecraft application and relaunch it. Check if this resolves the error.

Change IPv4 DNS Address

DNS, which stands for domain name system, can be one of the reasons for halting your gaming session. So you could go into the control panel and change your DNS address and continue to play. To make it even simpler, the process of changing it is; open the control panel on your system and go to network and Internet. Next, click on the change adapter settings and then right-click on the network adapter to open properties.

change DNS server
change DNS server

Navigate all the way down and double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4. Select Use the following DNS server addresses option and enter ‘’ in the Preferred field. Then enter in ‘’ in the Alternate DNS server field and save all your changes. Close the application and open it to check whether your issue still persists.

Check your Network

Check your home network and try resetting it. Sometimes it is a problem with your network or slow internet that is the root of the error’s cause and not the server itself. Unplug your modem and restart the device after a while. Wait for the lights to glow, and now connect your computer to the Internet and reconnect to the servers. Check if the existing connection was closed by the remote host problem still persists.

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Re-installing Java And Minecraft

This should be the last way you are trying because it is highly time-consuming. The re-installing of applications takes up a lot of time. Only choose this method if you’ve tried every other means and couldn’t find a positive outcome.

re-install Java
re-install Java

Sometimes, the root cause could be the incompatible versions of the game or java. In this situation, uninstall the pre-existing applications and re-install the newer version. This minimizes the problems caused, and you can also try re-installing the game itself for better performance.

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These are a few of the ways which you can follow to get your application back on track. Try following each and every method mentioned. One of it will overcome an existing connection was closed by the remote host on Minecraft – error. If you still cannot find the cure to your problem, you can contact the Minecraft support team. Raise a query by clearly explaining to them your situation. They can advise you the best on your problem. If not, you can always scan your pc or troubleshoot it to find any errors and resolve them accordingly.

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