The Top 9 Apps To Help With Anxiety


Presented by BetterHelp. Anxiety is a prevalent issue in millions of individuals’ lives. Thus, many apps are available that aim to help people reduce symptoms and find ways of coping with them. There are anger management apps that can be a great help in a variety of different ways by getting your frustration under control.

Here are some excellent suggestions for mobile apps to help with anxiety so you can regain control over the way you feel.

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List Of Apps To Help With Anxiety

Below are the top 9 apps to help with anxiety and control your feelings and emotions:


If you struggle with anxiety, you’re probably aware of how intrusive and distressing your thoughts and feelings can get, which can worsen symptoms and lead to more frustration.


Headspace is an app that focuses on meditation to learn how to practice mindfulness, or the process of looking at and accepting your thoughts without judgment, which is made easy by practicing through this app. Click here, if you’re thinking about launching your event and need to know about event management!

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Calm is an app that shares similarities to Headspace and is rated just as highly, and both are beginner-friendly, but people who stick with an app long enough might need some more advanced features.


That’s where Calm can be an upgrade, and with a subscription, users can access masterclasses and guided and unguided meditations, giving them more control over their experience. 

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Managing stress and anxiety can be enjoyable, but why not make it even more fun? Happify is an app that incorporates games with skill-building techniques that are based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).


Additionally, you can receive personalized coaching from experts and interact with the community by subscribing. Don’t worry, you can still remain anonymous if you wish.

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Speaking of CBT, a popular app centered around this method and self-care is Sanvello, which is designed specifically for people with anxiety or depression.


Gain valuable coping skills and track your progress with this evidence-based app that has a few different subscription tiers. It’s also definitely worth mentioning that the highest one lets you receive personalized therapy sessions in addition to the other perks of the further tiers.

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If you’re interested in CBT techniques but you’re not keen on paying for a subscription, Mindshift is one of the free apps to help with anxiety. 


You’ll find strategies that are similar to the paid options, and its interface is easy to use, so if you’re looking for a free self-help app for anxiety, this one should definitely be considered. However, people will see optimal results if they use it in conjunction with therapy.

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One of the most notable ways to overcome anxiety is by becoming aware of how we feel and how we decide to respond to these feelings. 


Bearable is an app that helps mood and symptom tracking. If you’re feeling particularly anxious on a given day or feeling great, this makes it easy to record it so you can see what might contribute to anxiety and what helps calm it.

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Reflectly is similar to Bearable and it’s meant for mood tracking. But this app is one of the best apps to help with anxiety that lets you journal your thoughts. There are some best behavior tracking apps that can help you become aware of behaviors and work towards changing them so that you can feel happier and healthier each day.


Journaling is an effective strategy because, as the name of this app suggests, it lets you reflect on your fears, concerns, and other stressors that are causing you to feel anxious on a regular basis.

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Self-care takes consistent work, but to make it easier and ensure your efforts don’t go to waste, it’s good to have a plan each day to target specific issues and work on certain skills.


To start building better habits for yourself, Fabulous is an app that will help you get into a routine that will improve your health and well-being. However, checking in each day will be a commitment, but this simple app makes it more enjoyable. 

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Sure, self-help is effective in helping people cope with anxiety. But you don’t have to fight it alone, which is why therapy is the best resource available to you. BetterHelp is the best online counseling and therapy app out there.



In addition to making it easy to connect to a licensed professional, you can enjoy additional resources, such as a complete advice section full of articles about anxiety and other mental health topics for your reading pleasure.

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Fighting anxiety isn’t easy, but by enjoying one or more of these apps, you’re taking steps to beat it. Even though there is considerable overlap between them, each app has something unique to offer. It encourages you to explore each one and find ones that resonate with you.

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