How To Fix Avast Blocking League of Legends (LOL) Launcher


A frequently raised issue is Avast Blocking League of Legends. But don’t worry as we have a working method to Fix Avast Blocking League of Legends. By following one of these ways, you will be able to solve this problem.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, then I bet you have not slept with a mosquito any night.” –Karl Marx

avast antivirus
Avast Antivirus

The above lines are quoted by the great philosopher and the socialist Karl Marx. It can be correctly cited for someone not willing to accept the fact that they are sufficient for revolutionizing the whole system. Errors like Avast Blocking League of Legends are a minimal issue as compared to significant, fully drastic changes.

league of legends
League of Legends

The classical game, Leagues of Legends is a very intricate and error-prone game due to the presence of the complicated server it operates upon. Apart from the complicated server, there are no such bugs or crashes found in the game as it is developed with very precise and keen programming. The developers of the game are to be given full credits for this masterpiece being so well designed. It is an excellent example of accurately initiated instructions in a game.

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It is not the first you’ll hear of antivirus blocking a game from its operational routine. However, it has become a specific norm that each game has something that the antivirus catches hold of unnecessarily. Avast is an antivirus blocking League of Legends and keeping it from a successful launch is a usual error. Moreover, the blocking has now become prevailing every time you launch the game. The mishap is that there is a misunderstanding on the part of the antivirus that one treats the game files like a virus, which is an entirely safe folder of files.

How To Fix Avast Blocking League of Legends (LOL) Launcher

To solve the dilemma, follow the method and enjoy your game without any error:

1. At First, navigate to your Avast Antivirus application installed on your PC.

2. Then go to Scan>>Scan for Viruses>>Quarantine (Virus Chest) & look for some file related to LOL.

Avast User Interface
Avast User Interface

3. It might happen that Avast accidentally quarantines some core files related to the League of Legends Avast error. Afterward, to fix that, simply restore these files that associate with the game League of Legends by right-clicking on files and selecting “Restore and add to Exclusions.

Add to Exclusions
Add to Exclusions

4. Finally, it should resolve your issue within minutes.

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Hence, this solution will certainly help you in fixing the error Avast blocking League of Legends. Games are an excellent source of entertainment. And, they always provide us with a competitive spirit which makes us tangled upon the sportsmanship. To conclude, we ensure quality content if you respond and write to us genuinely. Do share your authentic feedback and mesmerizing comments below.

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