Avast Antivirus is a renowned cybersecurity tool for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. There is a complimentary and premium version, which effectively safeguards your PC from internet dangers. You’re at the right place if you also face the Avast keeps turning off issue.

A few methods to keep Avast from turning off include Update Avast, Repair the Avast antivirus application Reinstall Avast, Restart Avast, and Command prompt.

Nonetheless, some users have reported that Avast keeps turning off when they activate the software or restart the computer. They also state that they don’t change Avast’s default settings manually. To learn more about these problems and their solutions, read further!

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How to Fix Avast Keeps Turning Off Issue?

It’s advised to restart your computer before doing any of the recommended troubleshooting methods listed below. This procedure will refresh the operating system and delete any corrupt temporary data that may be the source of the issue. Read This Article on how to fix avast mobile virus definitions that won’t update

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Method #1: Update

An out-of-date version of Avast may be causing the issue. Suppose your Windows operating system has recently received a software update. In that case, you should also check if a new version of your antivirus software is available to continue functioning correctly with Windows.

  1. You can access the Avast user interface by clicking the Avast icon in the system tray.
  2. Go to the Update tab and look for two buttons with the text Update.
  3. Either of these buttons is for upgrading the virus definitions database, while the other is for updating the software.
  4. You can update the database and the software by clicking these update buttons.

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Method #2: Repair

Repairing the Avast antivirus application is the second solution to the problem of Avast keeps turning off issue. To enter the Settings app, click the gear-shaped symbol in the lower-left corner of the Start menu.

Go to Apps and select it. You should immediately open a list of all installed applications and utilities on your PC, so be patient while it loads.

In the Control Panel or Settings, look for Avast and click Modify.

To repair it, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Run Avast, click the Avast icon in the system tray or the Avast shortcut on the desktop.run avast
  2. To continue, click the Menu button in the right corner after entering the main screen. After that, go to Settings.

repair- avast keeps turning off

To proceed, go to the Troubleshooting tab and then select REPAIR APP.

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Method #3: Reinstall

If the methods above do not resolve the Avast keeps turning off the issue, it would be best to consider reinstalling Avast.

Get the most recent version of the Avast installer from the official website. You can download the Avast Uninstall Utility from the official website.

avast uninstall tool

After downloading these files, disconnect from the Internet and boot into Safe Mode.

And to boot to safe Mode- 

It is advised that you generate a system image to provide better protection for your computer. After that, even if Avast encounters difficulties or other issues, you can keep your computer and data safe. Does your Quickbooks stop working? Click here to learn the solution.

This is how you can do the following-

  1. Toggle the Windows button On/Off.
  2. Click Restart while holding down the Shift key.
  3. Select Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu, then Advanced Options.
  4. Click Start-up Settings under “Advanced settings.
  5. Click Restart under “Start-up Settings.”
  6. There are several boot choices available. The numbers 4,5 or 6 are essential for booting into Safe Mode. You can choose an option by pressing one of the numbers or the function k. You can select an option by tapping one of the numbers or the function keys F4, F5, or F6.
  7. Safe Mode is now active in Windows 10.

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Method #4: Restart

Start the aswbIDSAgent Service once more. Avast employs the aswbIDSAgent as one of its services to secure your PC. Changing a few parameters on this service generally solves the Avast keeps turning off issue.

  1. Open the Run dialogue box using the Windows Key + R key combination. Type “services. msc” in the Run dialogue box and click OK.type services.msc
  2. Locate the aswbIDSAgent Service and pick Properties from the context menu.aswbidsagent service

You should leave the service stopped if it is (you can check it right next to the Service status section). If the service is still running, click the Stop button and wait for it to stop before moving on to the next step.

Before you click the Start button to restart the service, ensure that the Startup type option in the aswbIDSAgent Service’s Properties is set to Automatic.

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Method #5: Command Prompt

You can disable the behavior shield or background Avast scanning using the command prompt. This may aid in the resolution of the Avast keeps turning off issue.

  • Click the Windows logo. Type cmd, right-click on the search result, and choose to execute as administrator from the menu.run as admin
  • Type C: ProgramDataAvastSoftwareAvast in the command prompt window and hit enter.type command
  1. A new window will open, in which you can search for and open the avast5.ini.file.
  2. Save the command [GrimeFighter]: ScanFrequency=999.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4.  Check if Avast keeps turning off on its own; the issue still exists.

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How can I fix Avast from turning off?

To fix Avast from turning off, try reinstalling Avast, updating the program to the latest version, disabling conflicting security software, running a malware scan, or contacting Avast support for further assistance.

Can malware cause Avast to turn off?

Certain types of malware may disable or interfere with antivirus software like Avast. Running a thorough malware scan using a reputable antivirus tool or seeking professional assistance can help detect and remove any malicious programs causing the issue.

Can an outdated Avast version be why it turns off?

Yes, using an outdated version of Avast can lead to performance issues or conflicts, causing it to turn off. Make sure you have the latest version installed by updating Avast regularly or configuring it to update automatically.

Does Avast turn off during system startup?

Avast may turn off during system startup if there are conflicts with other startup programs or issues with Avast's startup settings. You can check Avast's startup configuration and turn off any conflicting programs to prevent Avast from turning off.

Is there a specific error message when Avast turns off?

Avast may not always display a specific error message when it turns off. However, you may notice Avast's icon disappearing from the system tray or encountering real-time protection or scanning function issues.

Can a corrupted Avast installation cause it to turn off?

Yes, a corrupted Avast installation can cause it to turn off unexpectedly. Uninstalling and reinstalling Avast can help resolve potential corruption issues and restore proper functionality.

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These were how to fix the Avast that keeps turning off errors on your PC. We hope you go through each of these and resolve your issue with Avast Antivirus, as protection from viruses and malware is a must in these trying times when PCs get infected all the time.

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