Hey you! Are you fretting about Avast making the internet slow? You’ll find all the basic and professional information about Avast here. 

To solve your issue, follow the given methods: 

1. Alter the Avast Web Shield Functions: manipulate the Intelligent Stream and HTTP Scan functions with the Heuristic Sensitivity option.

2. Get the Latest Browser: update your browser and get the latest one

3. Re-install Avast after uninstalling the app and installing the latest version.

You must peruse the article to learn why Avast poses this issue and how to solve it. Also, you’ll know each of these methods in a step-by-step manner. Don’t forget that some extra tips and a devoted section to QNA await your attention!

Knowing the Issue 

Avast creates some speed issues in your PC. The operations start to run slowly, and even the simplest tasks take the longest time. Your downloads, uploads, and all other essential functions take a lot of time.man frustrated because of slow internet

Due to this issue of Avast throttling internet speed, many users get agitated. This issue arises for many reasons, and there are several solutions to it. So now, let’s plunge in to see what is causing the problem. 

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Why this Issue

There are numerous reasons for this problem. Avast slows the internet because, in the first place, Avast keeps running in the background, disrupting the computer’s speed as a whole.avast web shield

Secondly, Avast uses a utility called Avast Web Shield to keep an eye on all activities on the network. This function is very sophisticated and compromises the speed of the internet. 

There may be the following causes of your problem:

  • Web Shield is enabled in addition to the existing security functions.
  • Your Browser got Outdated.
  • You’re aiming to open a malicious site.
  • Antivirus is damaged. 

How to Solve the Issue

If you are wondering does Avast slow down internet speed, you stand correct. This is a disconcerting element, and it is necessary to solve it. To solve this issue of Avast making the internet slow, follow the given methods:

1. Alter the Avast Web Shield Functions

Change the settings of the web shield by opening the app, going to the menu, reaching settings, and then heading to the option marked as components.avast web shield settings

This launches the web shield panel. You’ll find an option named Customize. Select it. 

This would lead you to change the settings of four types of functions. 

Intelligent Stream Scanning Function

It is created to scan each file in the installation process. You have got to put this in the disabled mode if you want to speed up your internet. Also, learn how to disable avast temporarily.smart_scan_new

To perform this, reach the main settings. You’ll find it in the same Customize window. The option of the intelligent scan would be shown here with a checked box beside it. Untick the box to make the function stop. Also, read why an avast scan takes forever and find the solution for this issue.

Test the setting on a browser, and then, according to your experience, decide whether you want to keep the setting. 

HTTPS Scanning Function

It is meant to protect the PC against virus attacks, but switching it off may lead to a speedy internet. You can switch this setting off without any distress, as your internet would still be scanned.https scanning in avast

So, after enforcing the turning off of this feature, you’ll have speedy internet. 

The issue of Avast making the internet slow can be solved through this. Does your avast keep turning off? This might be the reason.

Heuristic Sensitivity Function

It is used to analyze the malware codes for your PC’s security. Just as you turned off the intelligent stream scanning function, in the same way, turn off the heuristic sensitivity feature. malware detection

After you are done manipulating each of the three settings, you can give a trial to your internet speed by launching your browser and running it. This could get you over with the issue of Avast slowing internet speed.

2. Get the Latest Browser

Another method to solve the issue of Avast making the internet slow is to update your browser to the latest version. The newer versions of everything are better since they carry all the bug fixes that were not there previously. They get easier to use after every update, so customers can relate more to them. web browser

To do this, reach for the browser, select the menu, and search for the help feature. After this, you’ll have to cooperate through a wait time depending on various factors according to your PC, and then you’ll have an up-to-date version of your browser. The latest browser would prove to be the solution to your slow internet. 

3. Re-install Avast after Uninstalling

This method is relatively easy, and you must first remove Avast from your PC and re-install it. To uninstall the antivirus, reach the control panel, go to Programs, and head to the Programs and Features option. In this, a list of all your installed applications will appear before you. Look for Avast here and then click uninstall when you find it. Confirm the uninstall and reboot your system.avast-be-free-antivirus

After you’ve left no trace of Avast on your PC, it’s time for the re-install. Go to the main website of Avast to install the latest update. Find the best-suited version for your computer and then download it. First, Download the app and install it on your computer, and then you’re done.

The three methods will solve your issue of the Avast firewall slowing down the internet.

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Can Avast function without an internet connection?

. It sure can. You have to install an offline antivirus version of Avast. They can be downloaded using an offline installer.

Is Avast disadvantageous?

Avast has some drawbacks of running in the background and slowing down the PC and the internet. It may block some innocent applications at times by considering them harmful. Despite these, it is one of the best antivirus applications that protect your PC against all odd softwares.

Can an antivirus prohibit my internet access?

It can only stop some malicious websites and not the whole internet. The speed of the internet may become subject to some risks, but otherwise, it cannot block it.

When was Avast launched, and what is its latest version?

Avast has been in the market since 1988; since then, it has even acquired the AVG security company. Its latest version has rolled out in 2024. You can find all versions on the Avast website.


Now that you have received the information provided, you can take care of your internet speed. The issue of Avast slowing the internet must be simple for you now. You’ve learned how Avast can cause problems for your internet, and you also know how to solve this issue.

You even read the resolutions in detail and covered every critical aspect. After all this, you can quickly achieve your speedy internet. You’ve covered all the possible solutions, from altering all three web shiels functions to getting the latest browser settings and re-installing Avast after uninstalling it.

You can give a trial and error to all of these methods, and we are sure your problem will be solved through these.