4 Best AI Chatbot Platforms in 2019 (With Pros & Cons)


This current era has seen various revolutions in the field of information technology and with the penetration of the internet and connectivity to the remotest part of the world, this revolution has been deemed to be successful within a short duration. Also, this has also been the base for the development of artificial intelligence which is widely gaining prominence in the society.

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In many of the developed countries, they are already using various artificial intelligence powered robots and other types of bots for completion of tasks accurately. One such field where the use of artificial intelligence powered chatbots are found very useful is human interaction.

List of 4 Best AI Chatbot Platforms

As of now, there are more than 50 companies which have already made their claims to have developed the best AI chatbots. Hence, in this article, we shall discuss the best AI chatbots that we have tried and tested to make the things simple for the users of these best AI chatbots.


Truchat is one of the best AI chatbot platforms that are available in the market at present. The software company Trugiant has developed it and it is aimed at providing an engaging as well as an effective solution to the users.

Best AI Chatbot Platforms

Also, what makes Truchat the best AI chatbot platform is its single system which can be used across all the platforms available at present; hence there isn’t a need to build different algorithms for different platforms. It is due to this feature that the customer conversations can be monitored and controlled by a single system. The visual flow builder has made it possible to create extremely complex systems with a simple drag and drop mechanism. You can go through more detailed features here at the Truchat.



  • A single system that can be used across all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • The same chatbot can work on apps as well as the website. Hence no need to program the bots twice.
  • An easy and straightforward user interface which makes it extremely simple to create the complexities with just drag and drop.


  • Very less templates available which make its use very limited.

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Botsify is again one of the best AI chatbot platforms which can be extremely useful for the people without a technical background. As a lot of people are not so well versed in technical aspects hence face a lot of difficulties in designing of the best chatbots and they aren’t able to do so without the help of an assistant.

Botsify - Best AI Chatbot Platforms

However, when they use Botsify, they can design their best AI chatbots with a simple click and drag based mechanism which eliminates the need for computer programming experts. This platform also has a certain number of templates which can be used to create similar and most common bots; hence it is very much time-saving in a practical sense.


  • The straightforward mechanism of creating chatbots is available.
  • The click and drag mechanism makes it easy for the people of non-technical background to use it.
  • The human involvement and bot to human transfer is available using the chat capture feature.


  • The chat capture feature is available for free only on a trial basis for a single chatbot.
  • The charges for the bot to human transfer are large enough.

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is one of the best AI chatbot platforms which is powered entirely by Amazon and it runs on Amazon infrastructure only. It comes with obvious compatibility with Alexa, which is again a product of Amazon. Although there are a lot of technical knowledge and trucks involved in using Amazon Lex as your AI chatbot platform, there are a lot of benefits that are indeed well received by the users.

Amazon Lex - Best AI Chatbot Platforms

The users are not charged a single penny for administration. Also, when there aren’t any hidden charges, this makes it one of the best AI chatbot platforms available at present.


  • The users can start with their chatbots with even zero investment and then make the payment as the revenue is generated.
  • The user interface is easy for the ones with some basic technical knowledge.
  • The absence of any upfront charges makes it highly reliable.


  • It is not that easy to create the chatbots for the ones with a non-technical background.

Google Dialog Flow

The product of Google is indeed very much eligible to have a place in this list of the best AI chatbot platforms solely because of its advantage in providing a highly accurate and extensive way of dealing with the customers. As Google is a renowned developer, hence it has taken great care in making the development platform easily accessible to the users with and without a technical background in artificial intelligence, which has only improved its user base.

Google Dialog Flow - Best AI Chatbot Platforms

It is an excellent tool for the regular small companies which want to create chatbots for a variety of purposes, as they don’t need to hire a large number of professionals for that. It has been possible only because Google has kept its platform simple enough to handle it without any experts.

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  • Very easy to operate by non-technical users.
  • An extremely friendly user interface, which engages the user completely.
  • A very diverse response algorithm, which tackles almost every question put forward by the customers.


  • It isn’t available on mobile devices. The users have to use a web-based version only.


These were some of the best AI chatbot platforms which can be easily used to create the chatbots as and when required for a variety of purposes. Most of the chatbots have been known to be highly accessible and thus, you can believe in their excellent service. Also, this list is not at all exhaustive and you can find many other best AI chatbot platforms which can provide you an excellent service.


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