5 Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows With Pros & Cons


If you’re a user of the Windows Operating System, then it is for sure that you might have faced specific issues such as corrupted files, malware attacks, disk failure, etc. Hence, a need to have a disk cloning software might seem apt for you. However, simply going ahead and picking up a random disk cloning software won’t be a great idea as many developers brand their products as the Best Disk Cloning Software and in reality, they use it to steal your data, which is not in your interests.

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Top 5 Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows

Hence, we have compiled a list of the Best Disk Cloning Software that is available at present, and they are free from malware attacks as they take the task of saving the computer system from such attacks by their software. Also, all of them are from reputed companies and are very unlikely to be suspicious. Hence, we recommend you to give these disk cloning software a try.

1. Paragon Drive Copy

If you want to have the best disk cloning software, then it is highly unlikely that you would like to miss this tool out. It is a fantastic tool for copying your data, backing it up for making changes to your disk and also to manage the partitioning of your drive.

Paragon Drive Copy

You can easily clone your computer system with this simple yet effective disk cloning software. Also, it has an inbuilt feature that allows it to restore all the backup files from all the formats. It is one the best disk cloning software when it comes to migrating Windows.

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2. Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is again one of the best disk cloning software when it comes to the Windows platform. This tool works effectively to carry out all the necessary functions required by such software.

Macrium Reflect

It can create an archive file of a collection of your images, documents, etc. to keep them at a single place from where they can be restored quickly. It has a support of both MBR and GPT disks and also, it has a rapid cloning feature that boosts up the speed to PC cloning while using this software.

The support from Macrium Image Guardian also acts as a firewall which keeps your data protected and secure, and this also makes it the best disk cloning software for Windows.

3. Hard Disk Manager 16 Professional

The Hard Disk Manager 16 Professional is also an excellent tool and certainly one of the best disk cloning software which one can get in the market at present. The professional version of this software focuses on the high performance of your hard drive, organization of the disk and also the capacity of storage available for the hard disk. Fix Your Computer is Low on Memory Error in no time.

Hard Disk Manager 16 Professional

The most notable feature of this disk cloning software is that both professionals, as well as newbies, can easily use it. The user interface is straightforward and allows to undo the actions by simply going back by a step. No commands required. The Hard Disk Manager 16 Professional version also takes care of any malware attack. In most of the cases, your computer system is restored to normal functioning.

4. Drive Image XML

The Drive Image XML is the best disk cloning software for windows when it comes to back up the images on a computer system. It allows the users to use different or even same disk drives to save their backup on, and also to restore them as and when required. An exciting feature that has been well received by the users is the facility of scheduling the backups.

Drive Image XML

The users can schedule the backup for a later time which shall be completed without their involvement. The Drive Image XML saves the images in XML format, which enables it to be used on third-party applications as well. However, the only drawback is that the company offers support only for the commercial version of the software and not the Private edition.

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5. EaseUS to do Backup Home

If you are using a personal computer at your home where you don’t require commercial featuring of products. Then this tool is one of the best disk cloning software that you can have. It is highly efficient in the cloning of the data such as documents, images, and other files. And also keeps them as a backup of your hard disk. Hence, keeping your operating system safe from failing in case of a malware attack.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home

Whenever you want to restore the data, you can do it with a single click. Also, when your computer has been damaged or is replaced. It will restore the data automatically so that your work doesn’t stop. The option to customize the backup files and leave out some specific files is a great feature of this tool. Also, it supports the backup of data to various online storage such as Dropbox, Drive, etc.

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These were the Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows platform. They are tried and tested across the world by a number of computer users and software companies too. So, they are highly safe and secure, and your data is entirely in safe hands. However, it is essential to note that the tools mentioned in this list are not exhaustive. There are alternatives, with more or fewer features. So, use these softwares as per your needs and requirements only.

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