The article discusses the best IDEs for ruby on rails. Usage data for Ruby on Rails shows that it is a strong and well-liked backend framework for web development organizations. The Ruby on Rails IDE is all you need to start with the Ruby on Rails web platform.

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The RubyMine IDE, Atom Editor, VIM Editor, Sublime Text, Aptana Studio, Emacs, Cloud9, Net Beans, and other applications are among the Best Tools For Ruby On Rails Web Development. Let’s examine some popular Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for Ruby on Rails web applications with Surface Pro 3 Stuck.

Today’s market offers several IDEs, both paid and free, and selecting one takes time. Based on our experience as a web application development company, we have created a list of the top IDEs for Ruby on Rails development.

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7 Best IDEs For Ruby On Rails

The seven best IDEs for Ruby on Rails for web development are mentioned below.


JetBrains’s well-known business, which specializes in developing the best IDEs for ruby on rails that support numerous programming languages, has launched a commercial project called RubyMine

  • Along with RubyMine, they also created development tools for Python, PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, and many other programming languages.
  • RubyMine’s intelligence is its best feature. RubyMine can quickly run all Git tasks and resolve conflicts thanks to its Git integration.  rubymine
  • RubyMine’s ability to automatically finish code and provide ideas for frequently used methods is another excellent feature. 
  • Code editing is made more convenient by the local history function. 

This Ruby on Rails IDE’s user interface is visually pleasing and indicates the changes made to a record since the previous submission.

Get: RubyMine

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Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is the most popular and best IDEs for ruby on rails, free to download. 

  • The top Ruby on Rails editor is Visual Studio Code, which received 9.2 out of 10 points from TrustRadius, a travel website development that rates products. 
  • Visual Studio Code is an intelligent editor, much like other cutting-edge IDEs. 
  • While many code editors provide simple autocompletion and syntax highlighting, Visual Studio Code offers more.  microsoft visual studio code
  • Programmers can access member lists, fast information, and information on parameters using its IntelliSense tool.
  • Through integration with Git, version control is managed. To create solutions for Azure-specific cloud environments. You can deploy directly to the cloud after installing Azure CLI and the Azure CLI or Azure App Service packages. 

The fact that Visual Studio Code is free and available worldwide is one of the best IDEs for ruby on rails. Numerous extensions are available if you wish to alter your Ruby on Rails IDEs and expand their functionalities. To prevent editor lag, the installed plugins run in a separate process.

Get: Microsoft Visual Studio Code

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Aptana Studio

It is the leader among free best IDEs for ruby on rails for creating web apps. At the moment, it has received over 6 million downloads. 

  • Ruby can use Aptana Studio on Rails developers, who can use its plugin system to maintain their code, even though it’s primarily designed to build and debug websites using HTML and CSS. aptana studio
  • An automated debugger is Aptana Studio’s main benefit. 
  • The deployment wizard in Aptana Studio, which supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and Capistrano protocols, is another reason developers choose it. 

Furthermore, an integrated terminal simplifies the execution of operating system tasks, such as traversing projects with numerous Git repositories. Also, you can see an outline of Aptana Studio’s UI.


Developed by Apache, NetBeans is the best IDEs for ruby on rails, made available without charge. Java is used to build it. Any operating system can install it. NetBeans follows the “Write once, run everywhere” maxim of Java.

  • One of the greatest Ruby on Rails IDEs is Netbeans, which has all the features required to make coding easier and more pleasurable. 
  • The editors automatically added the appropriate braces, brackets, parentheses, and quote marks.  netbeans
  • The program offers a sophisticated autocompletion tool to make coding faster and more accurate. The most pertinent coding recommendations are displayed at the top after being sorted by relevancy. 

By pressing Ctrl+ Space, the compilation will begin. If you’re not happy with the default shortcuts, you can alter them. The clever tips highlight flaws like a missing field or variable definitions, errors with imports, braces, etc., making fixing code-related faults easier to understand.

Get: NetBeans


VIM is not an integrated development environment, in contrast to RubyMine and NetBeans. And it has a screen and a text editor. 

  • VIM is the best text editor by 25% of developers who responded to the 2019 StackOverflow Survey of Developers.  vim
  • Also, VIM is the best IDEs for ruby on rails and is a trusted classic in the world of developers. Engineers have been using vi (the forerunner of VIM) and VIM to produce their goods for more than five years.
  • VIM is ubiquitous and compatible with any programming language, unlike most IDEs. 

VIM is extremely lightweight and supports the quickest computers. It was first created especially for UNIX. Additionally, Windows, Linux, and macOS all support VIM.

Get: VIM


Emacs, a past text editor, debuting in 1976, is another. Guy L. Steele Jr. and David A. Moon created the editor at first. Richard Stallman, one of the creators of the GNU project, made changes to the editor at the time of release. 

  • Emacs is built around the Emacs Lisp programming language, initially created for use with the Unix operating system.
  • Additionally, Linux, BSDs, Windows, and macOS support the Emacs editor.  emacs
  • The feature set of Emacs includes project management tools, calendars, a debugger interface, an IRC client, mail, and a newsfeed.
  • Support for Unicode in practically every human language is one of the best features. 

Emacs is the best Ruby on Rails IDE available for Ubuntu because of the abovementioned capabilities.

Get: Emacs

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Sublime Text 4

A powerful and best IDEs for ruby on rails text editor made specifically for programmers, Sublime Text is available commercially. 

  • The autocomplete engine underwent a thorough update. Based on the current code, it now offers intelligent completions that are more precise.
  • The integration with Sublime Merge, a multi-platform Git client, is advantageous for Sublime Text.  sublime text 4
  • The UI of Sublime Text does a fantastic job selecting the right colors for syntax definitions and coding, making the code simple to read. 

Sublime Text can handle enormous files because it is a lightweight editor. Unlike most editors, sublime Text effortlessly opens CSV files with millions of lines.

Get: Sublime Text 4


What makes Ruby on Rails so well-liked?

Usage statistics show that Ruby on Rails is a powerful and well-liked backend framework for web development companies. Ruby is a computer language that makes writing code simpler than other languages. Only when the Ruby on Rails framework gained widespread adoption did Ruby become more well-known.

Where do I begin my study of Ruby on Rails?

After the Ruby on Rails framework gained popularity and web developers from all over the world started utilizing it, Ruby gained all of its notoriety. You can use a straightforward notepad, an editor with many features like Emacs, VIM, or Sublime Text, or a fully functional IDE like RubyMine or Aptana Studio RadRails.

What is an IDE?

The goal of an integrated development environment, or IDE, is to increase programmers' efficiency by providing closely coupled components with simultaneous user interfaces. IDE is a piece of software that offers computer scientists and programmers a wide range of services for creating software.


To sum up, It is popular to employ a powerful web application programming language like Ruby on Rails. Because of its attributes like readability and simple syntax, it is more frequently compared to Python. On the one hand, the Ruby IDE can also be considered a player when teaching beginning programmers Python. 

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