If you enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, do you find it challenging to bring them with you wherever you go? Thanks to modern technology. Here are the best jigsaw puzzle apps that can go anywhere with you.

The top seven jigsaw puzzle apps for Android and iPhone devices:

  • Magic Jigsaw Puzzles
  • I’m a Puzzle
  • Ravensburger Puzzle
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Plus
  • Jigsaw Puzzles Real
  • Epic Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Kids’ Puzzles

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The Top Seven Jigsaw Puzzle Apps

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the best jigsaw puzzle programs you need if you seek a sizable collection of gorgeous high-definition images.magic jigsaw puzzles The software provides a distinctive and enjoyable way to explore your favorite photographs as jigsaw puzzles with over 20,000 HD images drawn from the National Geographic Channel, Cartoon Network, and other sources.

This program is unique because it allows you to move multiple pieces simultaneously and work more quickly and effectively. You can also rotate the pieces to give variety and challenge. Although there are only 630 pieces for each puzzle, it’s still plenty to make solving puzzles on your smartphone fun.

Overall, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is an excellent app with various beautiful and entertaining images to turn into fun, challenging jigsaw puzzles. The app is free to download but ad-supported, and you can remove ads with an in-app purchase. Additional puzzle packs are available starting at $0.99, providing endless puzzle possibilities for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

I’m a Puzzle

If you enjoy logic puzzles and brain teasers, I’m a Puzzle is a game for you. Players must think imaginatively and apply their problem-solving abilities to complete the different problems in this captivating and addicting puzzle game.im a puzzle

There are many different sorts of puzzles in the game I’m a Puzzle, such as block puzzles and traditional jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle is made to be demanding and entertaining, with many levels of complexity to keep you interested for hours.

Even puzzle newcomers may easily pick up and play the game thanks to its simple controls and user-friendly design. What sets Im a Puzzle apart from other puzzle games is its vibrant and colorful graphics to captivate and delight players of all ages. From cute animals and landscapes to abstract patterns and designs, there’s a puzzle for everyone in this game.

Visit: I’m a Puzzle

Ravensburger Puzzle

Ravensburger’s long-standing history in the puzzle industry speaks to the quality and expertise they bring to its products; this app is no exception.The game’s customizable features, such as choosing the number of puzzle pieces and sorting them by color or border, offer a personalized experience for puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The vast collection of over 2000 jigsaw puzzles ensures a puzzle for everyone of every age. Testing with over 100 enthusiasts before release highlights the developer’s commitment to creating an enjoyable and satisfying puzzle experience.

Visit: Ravensburger Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Plus

Jigsaw Puzzle Plus is the perfect app for puzzle enthusiasts who love to customize their gaming experience. With the ability to add images and turn them into puzzles, this app takes personalization to the next level. And with over 1000 pre-made puzzles, you’ll always have options.metropolitain

One of the standout features of Jigsaw Puzzle Plus is its wide range of puzzle complexities. If you’re a beginner or an experienced puzzle solver, there’s a puzzle for you. And with up to 8 levels of complexity, you can challenge yourself to solve even the most intricate puzzles.

The zoom-in and out function is also a great addition, especially for larger and more complex puzzles. And with the app’s intuitive controls and sleek interface make it easy to navigate and play.

Jigsaw Puzzles Real

Jigsaw Puzzles Real is a must-have app for puzzle enthusiasts who crave customization and flexibility. With their 2400 preloaded images, you can create jigsaw puzzles from various beautiful landscapes, cute animals, and intricate patterns.available on mobile and tablet But what sets this app apart is the option to upload your images and use them as puzzles, which provides an endless supply of puzzles personalized to your interests and preferences.

Whether you prefer a simple 9-piece puzzle or a challenging 1300-piece puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzles Real has covered you with its customizable difficulty settings. While the app is free to download, it is ad-supported.

Visit: Jigsaw Puzzles Real

Epic Jigsaw Puzzles

Epic Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the ideal jigsaw puzzle apps for individuals who enjoy spending their free time-solving challenging puzzles. Players can spend hours playing and immersing themselves in jigsaw puzzles using the game’s more than 2000 puzzles.jigsaw puzzles Using epic paintings and other works of art as the basis for the jigsaw puzzle images is one of the app’s distinctive characteristics, elevating the gameplay to a new level of beauty and delight.

This epic jigsaw puzzle is for everyone, from kids to adults or even your grandfather, who wants quality time. There are five difficulty levels, with up to 500 pieces per puzzle. And the best part? The app is free to install and contains no annoying ads.

Visit: Epic Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids’ Puzzles

Kids’ Puzzles is the perfect app for parents who want to keep their children entertained and engaged in productive activities.favourite puzzle mode The app includes kid-friendly jigsaw puzzles with entertaining and informative image content. Although the puzzle library is not extremely large, it provides various options catering to different interests. There is something for every child to enjoy, including farming, dragons, pirates, and more.

The software is user-friendly and straightforward to manage for kids of all ages, with a maximum puzzle size of 7×7. The software is accessible for iOS devices and has no adverts, making it a fun and safe activity for youngsters.

Visit: Kids’ Puzzles


Can I customize the difficulty level of jigsaw puzzle apps?

Many jigsaw puzzle apps offer customizable difficulty settings, including the number of pieces and the shape of the details.

Can I create my puzzles in jigsaw puzzle apps?

Some jigsaw puzzle apps allow users to create their puzzles using their images.

Are jigsaw puzzle apps free to use?

Many jigsaw puzzle apps offer free versions with limited features, while others require a one-time payment or subscription.

Can I play jigsaw puzzle apps offline?

Some jigsaw puzzle apps offer offline play options, while others require an internet connection.

Do jigsaw puzzle apps offer social features?

Many jigsaw puzzle apps offer social features, allowing users to connect with friends and compete for high scores.

Can jigsaw puzzle apps help with cognitive function?

According to some studies, playing jigsaw puzzles can improve cognitive function, including memory and problem-solving skills.