3 Best Linux Operating Systems for Education


Students, their parents, and teachers always strive to optimize and improve the learning experience. Today, computers provide numerous opportunities to do so. Because modern teenagers were born in the digital era, they don’t have any difficulties with technologies. Numerous programs and instruments can be put to use in everyday learning practice. For instance, Best Linux Operating Systems for kids can be used as perfect tools for youngsters.

With their help, students can engage with the study materials more comfortable and more efficiently. In this post, we will describe the best options to try out. Continue reading to learn more.

Best Linux Operating Systems for Education

Here are some of the best Linus Operating Systems for education.


Using Linux for education, one should pay special attention to DebianEdu, an OS for learning needs. This software is open-source, that is why it is always under development, and new improvements appear regularly. Linux community, as well as other talented programmers and educators, include new features and readjust the old ones to make DebianEdu even better.


Here you will find a full set of applications and programs for learning. This is the Best Linux Operating Systems. The package includes a complete Libre Office suite and other software for schooling. Not only serious programs can be found here, but also fun games and entertaining apps.

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Sugar on a Stick

Sugar on a Stick is an educational operating system that is perfect for the children. Currently, this OS can be installed on a computer of any kind (even Mac is expected soon). This system includes engaging and straightforward programs that are made specifically for kids. As such, Sugar on a Stick might be the best choice for the youngest learners, their parents, and educators.

sugar on a stick

This software kit was designed for the youngest kids, so if your elder student needs a complicated project to be done, there are small chances that Sugar on a Stick will help. However, you can always pay for uni assignments if you need a task to be done quickly. What makes this OS special is that you don’t have to install it on your laptop or computer. It works from a USB, so you can connect it to any device whenever your child needs it. The settings and configurations are ready for use right after the launch.

This OS is straightforward, so even if your kid is not very good at computers, you don’t have to worry that he/she will accidentally delete something important. No need to watch after him/her when you have Sugar on a Stick – the OS has a kid-friendly interface.

In this system, you will find a pack of games and programs for education that will help your children cope with various types of tasks. What is more, the presented tools allow kids to learn more about computers.


Edubuntu is a particular version of Ubuntu. This one is focusing on making computers more accessible for both children and their tutors. As you have already understood from its name, Edubuntu provides educational tools that make learning easier.


Linux itself can offer several instruments for college and high school. However, Edubuntu was explicitly created to meet the purposes of students. It is a full pack of software and hardware for different learning purposes.

This system was created by a group of educators and academicians from all over the world. Vast experience and background allowed them to adapt the OS for students’ needs entirely. Here you will find various programs like GComprise and Kheedu. GComprise is a large package of games and programs for the youngest learners (2-10 years). The playing format is the best for them since it keeps them interested in the process. Kheedu includes programs for students as well as planning instruments for their teachers. There are also Chrome homework extensions which are a panacea for students who are controlled with loads of homework.

Being a sort of an educational Linux distro, Edubuntu is a set of tools and packs, and you can easily install it to your PC without a necessity to reformat your current Linux OS.


As you can see, the described Best Linux Operating Systems have a lot to offer. Students and educators can benefit from them in many ways. Edubuntu and Sugar on a Stick are perfect for the youngest learners – they provide a wide range of games and apps that will surely entertain preschoolers and teenagers.

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DebianEdu will come to their liking as well, but the elder students will also find it useful. You can install the systems to your computer easily – you don’t have to delete initial Linux OS to do so. All of them are made to assist kids with their education, so choose the one that suits your purposes and have fun while learning!

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