VR Game Engine Software offers developers a platform for making their games. The engines have a virtual reality SDK that lets experts develop and examine games. With the engines, developers can design games for many gadgets, including phones and game consoles. Read this article to learn to fix when your Blustacks engine won’t start.

The Best VR Game Engine Software in 2024 are Unity, Unreal Engine, Lumberyard, CryEngine, etc.

Not all VR game engines are good for making all types of online games. This is why a person should know the features, uses, and devices that every engine offers before getting one. The best game engines vary as per the kind of game you want to make. Also, the engine you choose depends on what you like, your knowledge level, your preferred scripting language, game specifications, platform, and many others.

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Top Best VR Game Engine Software

These are some best VR games to look after:


This is a full framework for designing VR games that can operate on computers, consoles,
mobile gadgets, embedded systems, and others. Some of the games which have been created are:

  • Westland two
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Rust
  • Relic Run

Unity engine possesses a web player that allows you to see 3D content on a browser. Live
updates are also provided. Other things that users can enjoy in Unity include Virtual Reality kits, extensions, plugins, and others. The tool also has a straightforward editor that supports scripting languages such as JavaScript and C#. Unity Engine is the best tool for game dev. RetroStyle Games art outsourcing studio creates a lot of 2D/3D indie games with Unity.


Unity may be downloaded at no cost, and you will receive the core assets, documentation,
tutorials, and other things. Its subscription says that a user will never pay anything until when his/her fundraised is less than one hundred thousand dollars per year. After this, you will have paid subscription alternatives for companies and experts.

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Unreal Engine

Created in 1998, this is a scalable tool whose architecture is modular. It supports a scripting language known as UnrealScript. Since it came about, it has been advancing in popularity and functionality. Currently, it is one of the engines with many features.unreal

You can use it to create and deploy Android, iOS, HTC, and Nintendo games. And
just like Unity, various games in the market have been created by Unreal Engine.

They include:

  • Mass Effect Series
  • Batman Arkham Asylum

Unreal Engine’s newest version platform game engines can be downloaded online. Their features include integrated tools and C++ source code. Using it does not require making any payment, but users have to give a five percent royalty after they get to three thousand dollars in revenue in a calendar quarter.


This is the entry for Amazon into the field of the best games. Amazon uses it to make its games. And like most engines, Lumberyard is also free to use. Amazon profits from its primary business, AWS services, which most good games use.


The technology used to create Lumberyard encompasses Double Helix, CryEngine, Twix, and a full AWS stack. There is also Amazon GameLift which is heavily utilized in deploying and running session-based multiplayer games. At the moment, Lumberyard is doing so much under Virtual Reality. It can support OSVR,
Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.


This powerful VR Game Engine Software originated from Crytek company in Germany. This company is the one behind many great games that we have in the market. They include games like:

  • Ryse
  • Crysis
  • Far Cry

CryEngine joined the free game engines with complete source code and access to its features. The game engine gives membership services at a small fee, and they profit through offering teaching and support services. A marketplace even highlights several materials, sounds, 3D items, and more made by the community and Crytek.

cry engine

Lately, Crytek is doing everything possible to get a share in the AAA games field, which Unreal Engine and Unity occupy. VR development is relatively new, and the most recent version of CryEngine is filled with VR development.

The engine is also doing everything possible to attract many users. Its first initiative was a significant step towards creating a worldwide group of users that will make a mark in the VR industry. They are even partnering with gaming companies and are facilitating schools to create CryEngine VR labs equipped for learners.


This is among the very Best VR Game Engine Software. It supports 3D pipeline like
animating, rendering, simulating, movement monitoring, modifying videos, and creating games. It comprises a path-trace viewpoint preview, HDR lighting support, Virtual Reality rendering support, and PBR shaders.


It even owns an established group of experts and provides seminars, tutorials, and teachings on character modeling, animating, and blender basics. Blender game developer additionally contains add-ons for VR, such as BlenderVR, which supports VideoWall, external rendering modality tools, and Head-mounted displays. It assists in the cross-platform creation of VR systems and scenes porting from Virtual Reality in platform configurations without editing the real scene. It supports Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

AppGameKit – VR (AGK)

This VR Game Engine Software allows people to design and create applications for many platforms easily. That is achieved through the AGKs scripting platform. This gaming engine includes simple VR instructions in its scripting language, which offers a great Virtual Reality experience.


It even allows complete management of SteamVR-supported head-mount displays, touch gadgets, and leap movement hand monitoring. This game engine performs most of the activities for users making coding, compiling, and exporting applications to every platform simple.

AGK-VR provides 60 VR instructions that range from diagnostic checks on hardware and
SteamVR, HMD initialization, forming standing or sitting Virtual Reality experiences, and more. AGK additionally provides guidelines for starting with the games’ commands. There is even a section online where people send inquiries. The game engine supports other platforms, for example, iOS and Mac.

Oculus Medium 2.0

This VR game engine puts curving, designing, painting, and objects creation for the VR field
together in one place. This is the right game engine to consider when creating a character.

oculus medium 2.0

It allows users to sculpt and design many 3D items to add to Virtual Reality games using Oculus Touch controllers and Oculus Rift. Its features include:

  • Grid snapping
  • Improved layer limit
  • Many lights
  • Three hundred prefabricated stamps

The Oculus medium’s rendering engine utilizes Vulkan, producing smooth frame rates and good memory management when creating high-resolution sculptures. Besides that, the Oculus medium provides manuals for users to quickly get hung on various features in the engine. The game engine also has a forum online where Virtual Reality experts share ideas.

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Can VR game engine software come into use for non-gaming applications?

VR game engine software can be used to create various applications in addition to games, such as virtual tours and educational simulations.

How do I learn how to use VR game engine software?

Many VR game engine software options offer tutorials and documentation.

Are there any free VR game engine software options?

Some VR game engine software options offer free versions with limited features, while others require a one-time payment or subscription.

Can VR game engine software come in use to create multiplayer games?

Many VR game engine software options offer features for creating multiplayer games and experiences.

Can VR game engine software come in use for mobile devices?

There are several VR game engine software options compatible with mobile devices, allowing users to create VR experiences for smartphones and tablets.

How do I choose the right VR game engine software?

Consider factors such as compatibility with your operating system and VR headset, ease of use, and available features when choosing a VR game engine software.


All the VR Game Engine Software we discussed here brings some uniqueness regarding their functionalities and features. But always remember that picking an engine based on its technical features is not good. We recommend figuring out what suits you, depending on your game development skills and needs. Write to us if you have any questions.

Thomas Glare is a VR engine professional. He analyzed all the engines he discussed here and is confident they are the right ones for people looking to develop Virtual Reality games. In addition to being an author, he develops mobile apps for Android.


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