Boost Your Mind with These Great Games


Did you know that your brain can hold nearly 3 million hours of television? This equates to about 2.5 petabytes (or 2500 terabytes) worth of data! Retrieving all that information, however, is a story for another day. These are all the more reasons to ensure that your brain is kept at its optimal best by ensuring that you’ve regularly exercised it using games that engage the parts involved in logic, creativity, thinking, and decision-making, among others. Sounds fun… right? 

Boost Your Mind
Boost Your Mind

Of course, jogging up your brain can be fun, entertaining, educating and rejuvenating, and all that, but your choice of games matters a lot. This is because, for starters, some brain games can be addictive. So, boost your mind with this games.

Some could also lead to more stress and exhaustion to your brain, especially the ones that you naturally don’t have a liking for. Now, the best thing in this tech era is that you don’t need to physically carry game boards or equipment. All you need to do is download the game on your mobile device and you’re good to go. 

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5 Ways to Boost Your Mind with These Great Games

Forgive the slight deviation from the main point, below are a few games that you’d want to check out for a brain boost. 

1. Scrabble Word Finder

If you are tired of playing the same old board games, it’s time that you widen your scope on the type of games you play. There are so many games out there to help you improve your cognitive skills. The online version of Scrabble is one of the many games that will not only help to build your vocabulary, but it will always sharpen your creativity, logical, and critical thinking ability. Also, read about best writing tools for professional writing.

scrabble word finder
Scrabble Word Finder

And if you want to master the game and cut back on the time you spend scratching your head for word ideas, you can always use a scrabble word checker tool or unscrambler. Boost your mind with this game because, apart from helping you to construct words from the letters you’d otherwise have not considered. The tools goes a long way in helping you reconstruct different words, not to mention improving your English proficiency.

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2. Lumosity

Lumosity has been described as one of the best in the brain games category. It’s an ideal choice for Android users and in addition to this, it’s customizable.

Unlike many other games, Lumosity includes an interactive combination of different types of puzzle games divided into different levels across various segments. Try it and boost your mind with this game.


It’s available in Google Playstore for free, with an iOS and desktop version too. Lumosity will help to improve your vocabulary as well as your reading skills. It also includes features that will help expand your computation skills. It’s an all-inclusive game that contains short time challenges and games that can help refresh your mind. 

3. Cognifit

Most people struggle with memory and concentration. This can greatly affect one’s planning capabilities as well as the reasoning agility. Cognifit is among the many games you can try out to see a change in your overall brain functions. It consists of features that will help to assess your cognitive skill set and boost your mind with this game. It’s a great game for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other mental impairment ailments. 


4. Brain Metrix

This is more of a web service that includes a collection of creativity games, memory, and IQ testing games that can help to keep your brain in tip-top shape.

brain metrix
Brain Metrix

You have a collection of games to choose from and different levels of expertise to try out. Brain Metrix is also a good choice of game to help those struggling with dementia and Alzheimer’s to be in their best. So, boost your mind with this game!

5. Elevate

This game consists of more than 40 other mini-games that are designed to keep your brain in its optimal best. It’s an all-inclusive game with different categories to help with your computation skills, speaking skills, processing speed, and attention.


Elevate is more than your ordinary game because it takes a more serious approach, which is perhaps why the developers focused less on colorful illustrations. Nonetheless, it’s a game that can be used to assess one’s overall performance in different areas such as mathematics, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Try this and boost your mind with this game.

Brain games are not just meant for the fun part of things. Adding brain games in your daily fitness programs will go a long way in improving your cognitive skills as well as your overall well being. The numerous benefits of brain-training games include:

  • Improving overall brain activity
  • Boosting memory power
  • Reducing boredom
  • Improving concentration
  • Reducing the risk of dementia
  • Enhancing problem-solving skills


Before you consider just any game, it’s important to read its reviews online. In addition to this, for highly addictive games, you want to ensure that you have a mix of everything. Your brain is best exercised with a mix of different brain games such as Sudoku, puzzles, and scrabble. But then again, games alone may not suffice in promoting a healthy brain.

You also want to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and protecting your brain from physical injuries. And on a parting shot, the next time you see your kids playing some brain games, let them have at it because it’s helping to develop their brains at an early stage.