[Solved] Borderlands 3 Not Working Error


Borderlands 3 Not Working: Borderlands 3 is a video game that allows gamers to have good hand experience of action gaming of looting either on 1st person shooting or in a group of four. Borderlands 3 is made for the gaming geeks who want to have the first-person shooter experience on Windows, Playstation and Xbox one. The game launched very recently not only gives the gamers solo experience but also allows them to have them in a group of 4.

borderlands 3
Borderlands 3

But it becomes very pity sometimes when a user faces the problem of Borderlands 3 not launching. It happens most of the time with every game, but what priors the most is the comfort in fixing the problem of games not working or launching. The Borderlands 3 not launching problem interrupts the handful of gaming experience. But here are some fixes, which as a remedy when facing the problem of  Borderlands 3 not launching.

Causes of Borderlands 3 Not Launching

  1. Your system requirements may not be up to the mark and maybe that’s what would have caused the issue of Borderlands 3 not launching.
    borderlands 3 not launching
    Borderlands 3 Not Launching
  2. Outdated Basic Input Output System (BIOS) will not allow the Borderlands 3 to function properly and the user faces regular issues.
  3. Bad Graphics Driver will remain a matter of concern every time as the bad graphics make the gaming experience Unfruitful as they raise several issues most of the time.

How to Fix Borderlands 3 Not Working

The solution to Borderlands 3 interruptions: 6 ways to fix Borderlands 3 Not Working.

Method #1 Validating the Integrity of the Game Files

Checking the game files at first place is the prior every gamer should do at first instance. It happens most of the time, that the corrupted game files raise the issue of Borderlands 3 not launching. So, here are some of the steps to follow to get the issue resolved.

1. Launch your steam application in the system and click on the library button.

steam library
Steam Library

2. Locate the Borderland 3 option on the screen and open its properties.

3. Now go onto the Local files tab present and verify the integrity of games files.

4. Wait for the process to get complete and then restart your Pc and check whether the problem of Borderlands 3 Not Working gets solved.

Method #2 Running the Application with the Administrator Privilege

It happens most of the time that sometimes some files of the game don’t have administrator’s permission to run and they block the gateway of game launch. So in order to get this issue sorted, the user needs to run the application with the administrator privilege and the following are the steps to do the same.

1. Right Click on the game application and select the option of properties.

run as administrator
Run as Administrator

2. Now next to do is to click the compatibility tab and check the option of run this program as administrator. If it already ON its OK but if not select it and make then click the option of OK and apply simultaneously to make the application to run with administrator authorization. Chances are, your issue will be resolved.

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Method #3 Updating the Graphics Driver with the Latest Configuration

An outdated graphics driver doesn’t allow the game to function properly. It’s the graphics driver which commands instruction from the game to the computer. So, it becomes necessary every time to be on the updated and well-configured graphics driver.  So, in case your PC is not on updated device driver and that’s what causing the problem, here are the ways to fix them.

update graphics driver
Update Graphics Driver

1. Open the system information and check the graphics driver your system is working with.

2. In case your system is working on two graphics driver, check onto one with which you stimulate your game.

3. Once you configured the model of the graphics driver, go onto the respective website and download the updated version by entering the all necessary detail of your system’s graphics driver.

Method #4 Optimise the Configuration Status of Borderlands 3

Configuring the documents and file association of the games is an efficient measure every gamer must and should take. It’s very likely that most of the solution to your problems is stored in the configuration of those documents which contains the game’s file info. And so, in most cases, optimizing the configuration status of Borderlands 3 is to be done and the following are the steps to do it.

  1. On your PC go to; Document > My games > Borderlands 3 > saved > config > WindowsNoEditor
  2. Now open the game user settings in the text editor or notepad application
  3. Now find the preferred Graphics API, and change it to DX11.
  4. Save in the changes and exit the window. Restart your PC and check if the game runs properly.

Method #5 Check the System Files

It happens most of the time that some of your corrupted files on your system make you face the problem of Borderlands 3 Not Working. The missing or damaged file doesn’t allow the game to launch properly. In order to check whether the system contains any corrupted files, the user needs to run a system file checker to get it fixed. And to do it, the following are the steps to follow.

  1. Open the command prompt as administrator and for that in the windows search bar type- cmd and press ctrl+shift+ enter and the command prompt will run as administrator.
    Run command prompt as sdmin
    Run Command Prompt as Admin
  2. In the window of command prompt type- sfc /scannow
    type sfc :scannow
    Type sfc :scannow
  3. With this the system will begin the scan for corrupted files.
    restart pc
    Restart PC

    Once the scan is completed, the corrupted files of the system will be repaired. Restart your PC and launch the game.

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Method #6 Uninstall/Reinstall the Game

In case all the above measures fail, the only option which remains is to uninstall the game and then reinstall it again. And to do this, the following steps user can follow.

uninstall game
Uninstall Game
  1. Open Control Panel on the Windows.
  2. Now click onto Uninstall the program.
  3. Select the Borderlands 3 application and uninstall it.
  4. Once the game is uninstalled. Open the steam application on your system and download the Borderlands 3 on it and install it again with all the new credentials.