The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Review


The Legend Of Zelda is one of the most popular game franchises of all time. And that comes as no surprise since Nintendo always seems to hit the mark with new Zelda games. A couple of its most popular titles are Ocarina Of Time, Majora’s Mask, Windwaker, and its most recent release, Breath Of The Wild. The game was officially teased back in 2019, and ever since then, there was no news about the game. And now, after four years, we finally got the first glimpse of Breath Of The Wild 2 gameplay that was shown at E3. It is going to release next year and it will be a direct sequel to the previous one.

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Breath Of The Wild 2: New Zelda Game

The first game was an extreme success. It introduced so many new gameplay mechanics. And for the first time, the game had actual voice lines from characters during cutscenes. Well, except Link, of course, as he remains a silent hero. The open game world was simply massive. Filled with different areas for you to explore and full of different scenarios. To snowy fields, scorching deserts, among other terrains, Breath Of The Wild took fans by surprise.

breath of the wild 2
Breath Of The Wild 2

A hundred years ago, Hyrule was studying ancient technology and discovered guardians. A machine with tentacle-like legs, and the four Divine Beasts. Their plan is to use them to assist them against the evil force which foretells to bring ruin to their land, Ganon.

Zelda holds the power to seal away darkness, but as she wasn’t able to awaken it, they had to rely on four different warriors that could take control of the Divine Beasts. And to accompany her on that journey, she appoints Link as her knight.

zelda holds power to seal away darkness
Zelda holds power to seal away darkness

After finding warriors who could pilot the divine beats, everyone was surprised when Ganon surfaced and proceeded to control that ancient technology, gaining control of the guardians and the four Divine Beasts.

During the attack, the four pilots lost their lives, and Link almost lost his while protecting the princess. But Zelda saves Link, as she was finally able to awaken her power and sealed herself with Ganon inside of Hyrule Castle. To heal all of Link’s wounds, he was put to sleep in a healing chamber.

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Zelda’s Turn In The Spotlight

After waking up from a hundred years of sleep, or hero Link wakes up to the voice of Princess Zelda calling him. After leaving the chamber where you slept, you come across a whole different Hyrule. By being asleep for a hundred years, some of his memories are still foggy.

play as zelda in breath of the wild 2
Play as Zelda in Breath of the Wild 2

So you must journey through the land and search for places that will help you regain what you have lost. And to assist you with that, you meet with Impa. Who vaguely tells you what happened and sends you out to rescue the princess. You will meet many people along your journey and allies who will help you take down Ganon and rescue the Princess.


Fan’s expectations are extremely high. And the game has been in development for so long which shows that they are working hard on this game. The story will take place when Link and Zelda defeat the dark entity Ganon. And from what we saw in the release trailer, the two of them proceed to explore the ruins of what is left of Hyrule Castle.

hyrule castle
Hyrule Castle

During that, they see a body that looks like the physical body of Ganon, and it seems that some kind of seal was put in him. But somehow, that seal breaks and frees Ganon. That event makes the ground collapse, separating the two. Some mysterious kind of energy attaches itself to Link’s right arm, and later on, we get to see the whole castle rising into the skies.

Breath Of The Wild 2: Teaser

This year, we were lucky enough to see a new teaser for the game that included some gameplay. It seems that you will now be able to explore the skies of Hyrule, as some parts of it seem to be floating now. We can expect new types of weapons, and the energy that attached itself to Link’s right arm gave him some new abilities that can be used. One of them looks like it can make certain objects go back in time.

breath of the wild 2- teaser
Breath Of The Wild 2- Teaser

New types of enemies, new armor sets for Link, and much more will for sure be added. The gameplay teaser only had one minute and thirty-eight seconds. So we have not seen much gameplay in it, but it only focuses on what’s new. There is not much we know about story-wise or even how Link will traverse through the skies. We also didn’t get to see many familiar faces in the trailer. But we can surely expect to see some old friends in this title.

The Verdict

After the huge success of Breath Of The Wild and similar games like Genshin Impact, it comes as no surprise that Nintendo was going to develop another title. It was a great surprise to discover that it would be a sequel. As the story of the first game is so enticing. Players connect more with its story as it has cut scenes with voice-overs which makes players feel so amazing.

breath of the wild 2- new zelda game
Breath Of The Wild 2- New Zelda Game

At the year of its release, Breath Of The Wild received the game of the year in The Game Awards 2017. And the best game direction and best action/adventure game. And they deserve these awards. Breath Of The Wild brought a new life to the series and introduced many new elements. So, expectations for its sequel are high. Nintendo decided not to give away the subtitle of the game. As it can hint at what the story will be about. So we will also have to wait to discover the game’s full title.

Breath Of The Wild 2 is going to release sometime in 2022.

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