Canon Printer Not Responding: Canon is a leading manufacturer of high-quality optical products such as cameras, camcorders, televisions, projectors, printers, etc. This article deals with the Canon printer in particular.

The Canon printer is one of the most highly appreciated and used worldwide. To fix the Canon Printer Not Responding Error: Check Printer Power, Cables, and Paper.

Check that the paper is loaded correctly into the printer and not jammed. Replacing damaged cables, plugging in loose or disconnected cables, and fixing paper jams may resolve the issue.

how to fix canon printer not responding

It is widespread for all technical devices to show some issues and faults, along with their exclusive features. So it is for Canon printers. In this article, we will discuss the possible causes of the Canon printer not responding issue and the different methods to fix it.

Causes of the Canon Printer Not Responding Issue

The printer not responding is a prevalent issue and is not restricted to the brand Canon only. In this case, it has been seen that a user faces this situation with a poor internet connection or printing the second document, or suddenly the printer freezes with the Canon Printer not Responding. Some possible causes of this issue are given below:

canon printer not responding

  • Poor connection with PC.
  • Poor communication with PC.
  • Bug in the printer.
  • Old Version of the printer device driver.
  • Internet connection issue.

How to Fix the Canon Printer Not Responding Error

In this section, we will be discussing the methods to fix the Canon printer not responding issue. To resolve any issue, it is essential to discuss the possible causes of it. As we have already discussed, the possible causes of the issue; therefore, now, it would be quite easy to eradicate it. Following are the detailed steps to fix this issue. Please follow them step by step.

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Check the Connection of Canon Printer With Your PC

This method is one of the primary methods to eradicate the Canon printer not responding issue. Most of the time, technical problems arise due to poor connection between the devices. Thus, in this case, it is worth mentioning to check the connection.

check connection of printer with pc

If you have a wired connection between a PC and a Canon printer, check out the wire thoroughly for cuts or physical damage that break the connection between the devices. Also, check out the ports and jack of the PC and cable to ensure a perfect connection. You need to refresh your Bluetooth connection if you have a wireless connection. This would allow you to check for the connection between the PC and the printer.

Refresh the Spooler Print

Spooler print is a feature that allows smooth coordination between PC and Printer. It may be possible that your PC cannot coordinate smoothly with the printer, due to which the Canon printer not responding issue is arising. To counter the issue, you can refresh this feature on your PC. Following are the steps to refresh the Spooler print:

1. Go to the control panel.control panel

2. Click on the Services option. Search for Spooler print. Hit the Restart option.

Thus, you can quickly refresh your Spooler print option. To see these changes in action, refresh your system. It will undoubtedly help you to fix the issue seamlessly.

Use the Printer Troubleshooter

To resolve the Canon printer not responding issue, you can go for the activation of the troubleshooter of the Canon printer. Windows troubleshooter is an inbuilt feature that allows troubleshooting in the connected printer. This feature lets you check for bugs and remove them in just one click. Thus, to counter this issue, you need to turn on this feature. Following are the steps to turn on the Windows troubleshooter:

1. Go to the Control Panel.

control panel

2. Search for the devices option.

devices and printer

3. Right-click on the Printer option.

select printer

4. Hit the Run troubleshooter option.

printer troubleshooter

Thus, by following these steps, you can debug your printer. This method will help you to resolve the Canon printer not responding issue. If the method does not work, go to the following method below.

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Update the Printer Driver

It may be possible that you are facing this Canon Printer issue due to the usage of an outdated or wrong device driver. The device driver plays a leading role in the smooth functioning of the printer; thus, any fault in the driver can freeze your printer. To tackle this issue, you need to check if the current device driver of your printer is faulty or has become an outdated product. This can be risky to download and run any driver on your PC manually.

update printer driver

Also, installing or updating device drivers requires a lot of patience and skills. Thus, you can download the Driver Easy application to make your work easy. Driver Easy automatically checks out the system requirements for device drivers and suggests the best suitable for your PC.  Following are the steps to install and run the application in your PC:

1. Download the Driver Easy application.

download driver easy

2. Run the application on your PC.

run application

3. Click on the scan.


4. Click the Update button beside the Canon printer and install it.


This would remove all the faults from the device driver of your printer. This would help you to eradicate the Canon printer not responding issue if this was the scenario. Read this article if your work halts when the computer system shows an error printing message.

Refresh your Internet Connection

It has been seen that most of the users complaining about the Canon printer issues had a poor internet connection. Sometimes this issue arises due to the poor internet connection of the PC.

refresh internet connection

Poor internet connection often causes malfunctioning or freezing of the devices. Thus, if you are working from a poor internet connection problem, this can be a significant reason behind the Canon printer not responding. Therefore, to eradicate the issue, refresh your internet connection.

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How can I fix a paper jam in my Canon printer?

Try removing any jammed paper from the printer, cleaning the printer rollers, and checking the paper tray settings to fix a paper jam in your Canon printer.

Why is my Canon printer printing blank pages?

Your Canon printer may print blank pages due to empty ink cartridges, clogged printheads, or incorrect printer settings.

How can I fix a clogged printhead in my Canon printer?

Try running the printhead cleaning utility in the printer software, manually cleaning the printhead with a damp cloth. Or replace the printhead to fix a clogged printhead in your Canon printer.

Why is my Canon printer not connecting to my computer?

Your Canon printer may not connect to your computer due to issues with the printer's driver, connectivity settings, or network connection.

Why is my Canon printer not recognizing the ink cartridges?

Your Canon printer may not recognize the ink cartridges due to issues with the cartridge chips, dirty contacts, or incompatible cartridges.

How can I fix my Canon printer's incompatible ink cartridge issue?

Try replacing the ink cartridges with compatible ones, and cleaning the cartridge contacts. Or resetting the printer to fix an incompatible ink cartridge issue in your Canon printer.


These were some easy methods to counter the Canon printer not responding issue. The steps mentioned in these methods are easy and accurate. We have tested all these methods, and the steps will help you resolve the issue.


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