Can’t Drag And Drop Windows 10? 5 Solutions To Fix It


Can’t drag and drop in windows 10? Although you can always use Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V to move a file when you want to attach it to an email or traverse among folders, the drag-and-drop option is more straightforward. Utilizing the drag-and-drop tool, you may handily move documents or folders to another spot. Click here to secure windows 10 with easy ways.

Therefore, it is annoying when we can’t drag and drop Windows 10 onto our machines. This article will provide help to resolve this issue.

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Quick Solution If You Can’t Drag And Drop Windows 10 

When such a situation comes across, there are a few quick solutions to it, such as,

  1.  Restart the running program
  2.  Start File Explorer again
  3.  Verify your Windows version
  4.  Examine your mouse drivers
  5.  Execute the SFC and DISM scans

They consequently asked for advice on how to fix the drag-and-drop in Windows 10 problem. If you have the same problem, you’ve come to the right place. However, You can figure out how to fix this issue by reading this post. Read this article if your windows update shows errors.

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Restart the running program

Firstly, there is a potential that the software will freeze if you observe drag and drop not working windows 10 into a specific program. Save your work, then restart the program to fix the problem quickly. Then try dragging and dropping once more.

Force windows to forget the previous drag and drop

You, in some cases, can’t drag and drop Windows 10 because your PC is as yet handling the last simplified activity. Fortunately, resolving without restarting your computer or changing any system settings is simple.

drag and drop

While keeping the left mouse button depressed, click any item in File Explorer. Next, press the Esc key. Once more, try dragging and dropping.

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Start File Explorer Again to Fix Drag And Drop in Windows 10

In File Explorer, drag and drop can occasionally result in issues. Thankfully, restarting the service will fix the problem. However, it is not as easy as closing all open File Explorer windows because the service is continuously operating in the background. Windows can’t connect to your network and want to fix it? Read this article.

Launch the File Explorer again:

1. From the choice that seems when you OK snap the Start button, for File Explorer to restart, choose Task Manager.

2. Check the Details tab for the explorer.exe file. tab for the explorer.exe file

3. From the context menu, choose End task. 4. Select New Task under File. The desktop will vanish, but don’t panic; this happens frequently. choose end task

5. So, to relaunch the process, type explorer.exe and press OK.

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Verify Your Windows Version tab 

Utilizing an ancient form of Windows 10, you may drag and drop windows 10 files on your computer. Moreover, follow these instructions to see if your Windows is up to date.

1. Go to Settings. go to settings

2. Navigate to Update & Security.

3. In the left sheet, choose Windows Update. windows update

4. Tick the box next to Updates.

Windows will search for and apply any available updates. When it’s finished, try dragging and dropping to check if the problem was resolved by updating your system. Click here to fix if you can’t sign in to your account.

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Examine Mouse Drivers 

If your mouse clicks and drag is not working properly, Update the drivers for your Mouse if necessary. It is especially true if you’re using a laptop and can still drag and drop with the trackpad. Check this article if your start button is not working in windows 10.

1. A menu will show as soon as you press the Start button—select Device Manager from the list. device manager

2. Access the menu for pointing devices and mice.

3. From your mouse driver’s context menu, choose Update Driver. choose update driver

4. If you select Search automatically for drivers, Windows will locate and install any available driver updates.

Furthermore, using a third-party program to alter your mouse control settings may interfere with how it usually operates. Examine the program settings to check if anything prevents your Mouse from working correctly, and you can’t drag and drop windows 10. Click here to fix faulty hardware corrupted page in windows 10.

Stop an app that you use for gaming from running upon Startup. Launch Task Manager, navigate to Startup, pick the app, and then click Disable.

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Execute SFC and DISM Scans To Fix Drag and Drop Windows 10

Firstly, SFC will scan all of your system files for damaged or corrupted files for the issue of click and drag not working in windows 10. The replacement of such files happens automatically. In addition, the System File Checker will provide complete information about the scan in its log file.

To do an SFC scan, adhere to the following steps:

1. Type “command prompt” and “Run as administrator” into the search bar on the Start menu. run as administrator

2. Type “SFC /scannow.” type sfc scannow in run

3. To start the scan, press Enter.

Before quitting the Command Prompt window, give the scan time to finish. The total amount of system resources determines how long the scan will last. If Windows Resource Protection can fix corrupt files, The warning will appear if the System File Checker discovers any corrupted or damaged system files. In addition, a notification stating that Windows Resource Protection did not discover any integrity violations will show up if it does not detect any corrupted files. Read this article to fix if your windows defender blocked by group policy.

Try a DISM scan if the SFC scan is ineffective in fixing the problem. 

Type the following commands into Command Prompt while logged in as an administrator:


• Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/restorehealth

Once your system has finished scanning, see if you can drag and drop.

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Does drag and drop work with outdated Windows 10?

Let us agree that the drag and drop feature is quite handy because it provides tremendous convenience when working on our PC. This fantastic function assists in transferring or copying various directories and files, resulting in increased efficiency. However, it has been observed that if you are using an outdated version of Windows, you can't drag and drop windows 10.

How to drag and drop between two windows in Windows 10?

Open the two windows (folders or apps) for which you want to use the drag and drop function in turn, and then press the Windows + arrow keys (or keys) in one of them; the window will be automatically left or resized to half its original size.

Why can't I drag and drop on my Mouse?

At the point when you right-click the Start button, a menu shows up; select Device Manager from that point. Make the menu more Mouse and other pointing devices friendly. Examine Mouse Drivers; if you can't drag and drop windows 10 with your Mouse, update the drivers for your Mouse if necessary.

How do I fix Windows 10 update not working?

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter as follows: Choose Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot from the menu. Select Windows Update from the Get started menu. If the Troubleshooter doesn't determine the issue, consult Microsoft's direction for managing update hardships. Refreshing Windows 10 requires extra storage, so you might have to make some space accessible.


To sum up, this post has given 6 solutions to the Windows 10 dragging windows problem. Try these fixes if your issue is similar.

Hopefully, one of the options suggested above fixed your computer’s drag-and-drop feature. The possibility of a broken mouse exists if none of the alternatives works. In this scenario, you can go out and buy a new one.

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