Discord is a VoIP application that provides gamers and non-gamers the best virtual experience. Since Discord enables individuals to do voice talks, sometimes, you may encounter that you can’t hear anyone while utilizing Discord. The issue might be because of an incorrect audio device selected.

The issue might also arise due to the changed volume settings of an individual user. Turn on Use Legacy Audio Subsystem. Setting your audio device as the default device is necessary. Use Proper Sound Output/Input and refresh Discord. It might be because of a bug or software update if nothing else worked.

Keep reading this article to know how to fix Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord.

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Why Does Voice Chat In Discord Not Work Properly?

Different clients will most likely hear you out plainly, however. You probably won’t hear a particular individual or a lot of individuals, or you probably won’t hear anybody by any stretch of the imagination. You may likewise observe the green rings, which show the sound is coming.

The cause of the voice chat issue on Discord could be several factors. It may occur due to wrong voice settings in the Discord app OR a malfunctioning microphone in Discord.

force calls to use opensl es

This problem can arise even if you use Discord with an outdated version. You might try switching the input mode to Voice Activity to fix it. You could also update the Discord app or enable “Force calls to use OpenGL ES.”

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Might Check Your Volume Mixer 

The volume mixer is a feature that lets users control an application’s audio. For some reason, the volume mixer occasionally disables the application audio. As a result, we advise checking the volume mixer first to see if the discord volume is disabled.

Click the speaker icon to the right and pick Open Volume Mixer to verify the volume.

The red circle logo on the speaker will display if the feature is disabled. To turn the volume on, you must click on it.

If the desktop application functions well, we advise reinstalling the Discord software using the instructions below.

  1. To start, launch Task Manager and terminate each Discord instance. task manager
  2. Click Run, enter, and click OK. Delete it as soon as you’re in the Discord folder. %appdata%/discord
  3. Reopen Run. Type “%LocalAppData%/Discord.” Delete this folder at this time.
  4. Restart your computer.restart
  5. Reinstall Discord by clicking on this link: discord.com/download

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How To Make Discord’s Quiet Mic Work

Even if everything on your desktop appears in working order, the program may still have an audio problem. Like the first issue, you can fix this one by utilizing the app.

There are numerous alternatives open to you to make your condition better. Changing the input loudness is one of them. Since input devices on computers frequently change, personally configuring my input device is a preference of mine.

how to make discord's quiet mic work

You can resolve this issue by switching to push-to-talk input mode, or if you find it too laborious, you can adjust the input sensitivity. The bar’s sensitivity to noise decreases as it moves further to the left.

It prevents background noise like the rain and your dog’s barking from being broadcast. The sensitivity increases with increasing dB, so you don’t need to talk as loudly. It’s crucial to experiment and find the value that works for you. Use this in conjunction with the testing tool to discover the appropriate settings. Although I rarely use this option, I typically change the value to -40 dB when I do.

Despite all this, if you continue to have a green circle around your profile in Discord, but other users still cannot hear you, RTC Connecting is probably to blame. Read this article If your Discord mic is not working.

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Is There A Bug In Your Audio Device

The explanation for this issue is generally inappropriate sound settings or your sound gadget not being chosen as the default gadget. Sometimes, the problem may be brought about by a Discord update or a bug in the Discord application. Most of these reasons can be wiped out within a few minutes, so you don’t need to stress. Pursue the strategies given underneath and prop up until the issue is settled.

13 Best Ways To Fix Can’t Hear Anyone On Discord

Well, there are many methods to solve this issue. But we have explained 13 working methods. It will surely save you time and money. So, let’s move ahead and get rid of this error.

Method #1 Check The Audio Subsystem

Here and there, your equipment probably won’t be good with Discord’s most recent sound subsystem. Returning to the heritage Audio framework will settle this issue. Turning the Use Legacy Audio Subsystem alternative on has explained this issue for many Discord clients.

To proceed, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Discordgo to discord
  2. And User Settings on the right-hand side of the avatar and select Voice and Video.user settings> audio and video
  3. Look for Use Legacy Audio Subsystemuse legacy audio subsystem
  4. A new dialog box pops up. Hit okay and confirm. Now close the settings by pressing the Esc button, which is on the right at the top corner

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 Method #2 Set All The Default Settings

Setting your sound gadget as the default gadget is essential; however, it should likewise be set as the default specialized gadget. These settings are accessible on Windows, not from Discord, so many people neglect this. Along these lines, ensure that your sound gadget is the default gadget as the default specialized gadget.

Follow the steps carefully to resolve the problem:

  1. In the icon tray, Click right on the icon referring to as sound.
  2. Choose Playback Devices, after which a Sound option pops up.
  3. Select the playback tab from it.
  4. Look for the audio device and click the right speaker and headphones.
  5. Set it as the Default Device.
  6. Now on the audio device, click right.
  7. Followed by setting the Default Communication Device.
  8. Once done, there should be a green tick mark beside your audio device.sound

This would resolve Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord.

Method #3 Select The Correct Audio Device

The problem can also be due to selecting the wrong audio device in Discord. All that is to be done is the selection of the right one. To select the right equipment, follow the steps given below:

  1. In Discord, choose User Settings.
  2. Then press Voice and Video. how to make discord's quiet mic work
  3. On the top, there are two options, Input and Output.
  4. Now, hit the menu dropping down and select the audio device. output
  5. The user can select the first device also.
  6. In the settings, choose the Esc button and confirm whether it works.esc
  7. All the tools can be checked from the menu, and the one which suits the best system can be chosen.

Method #4 Update The Software

If nothing else worked at that point, it might result from a bug or programming update. Discord discharges a lot of updates, and it mostly doesn’t take long to download and introduce the updates. Along these lines, you probably won’t have seen.

update discord

In these cases, for the most part, Discord moves back the update, which resolves the issue or discharges another fix. Along these lines, reviving Discord will trigger the update and understand the problem. All the user has to do is close the Discord and reopen it. Also, use the command CTRL + R  to refresh.

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Method #5 Switch To A Different Version

A new version of Discord can switch if no method is successful. It is the latest Web version of Discord. For instance, the issue’s roots are the bug, which will not be experienced in the web version. discordOnly the official website of the Discord application has to be visited. Read this article to fix failed to connect to Windows service.

Method #6 Shut Down Discord And Restart

A good-to-go solution can be shutting down Discord and restarting it. You can do so by refreshing Discord. For that, click on Ctrl + R key.

restart discord

The problem is temporary and can be due to the app only.

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Method #7 Ensure The Hardware

Regularly the correct arrangement is the minor complex. Guarantee your earphone jack is safely associated with your PC’s sound sources of info and yields, particularly if you have a work area where the pinnacle is housed under a work area and once in a while investigated. Gaming headsets regularly accompany a worldwide quiet catch for both information and yield.device hardware

Check to ensure you’ve hasn’t incidentally tapped it. Headset and receiver producers are consistently siphoning out new drivers to control issues. Verify you have the most recent form by examining your particular model’s merchant site. If you require committed programming for your frill, ensure it’s modern.

Method #8 Check The Simple Settings

Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord? Before using all the technical help from various sources, the user must ensure that all the device’s simple settings are at their correct modes.

discord setting

Check all the audio parameters, including the microphone’s volume, the high sound level, and other basic settings.

Method #9 Contact The Manufacturer

You might experience a technical issue if you can’t hear anyone on Discord. Discord is one of the top companies dealing with various technical domains. They have all the essential and friendly services and are always willing to support the users.


If the user cannot solve the problem with the above-mentioned manual methods, then an in-depth guide with all the details is on the official website. Apart from this, another platform, TechLoris, provides step-by-step solutions to technical problems. The users can directly visit their official website and look for solutions to the problem.

Method #10 Try The Reimage Tool

Reimage Repair Tool is handy if none of the other methods give a positive result. It can go through all the repositories and scan them.

reimage repair tool

This, in turn, replaces all the corrupt and even the missing files. This tool works when the problem has its roots in a corrupted system. Reimage tool also helps the system to work at its highest efficiency.

Method #11 Instead Of An application, Use The Web Version

Consider employing a web version instead of the Discord program if the problem remains.discord web The customized sound setting or an old and damaged driver is probably to blame if the problem does not exist in a browser version.

Method #12 Modify The Server Region

The server regions may be the source of the no-sound problem, as most consumers have been able to fix it by switching areas. We don’t know how it can block you from listening to other users’ sounds; however, there might be a ping or server slowness problem.

  1. Navigate to the server settings and modify the region there to alter the region for the entire server.
  2. Click on the region menu and choose a new region to alter the location for the group call.server region
  3. Once finished, verify that the problem has been resolved. Want to learn 10 Ways To Fix Windows Key Not Working Read This.

Method #13 Ensure That You Are Not Muted

If you can’t hear someone on Discord, you may be mute. Tap the speaker button at the bottom of your screen and choose “Open Sound Settings” to verify your computer’s mute setting.

open sound settings

Ensure the “Mute” slider is on the left under “Mute.” Adjusting the “Do Not Disturb” slider in Settings > Sound & Vibration> Sound lets you see whether your phone is now muted.

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how do i enable audio on discord?

Open your Discord client. Click on the User Settings found in the bottom-left corner of the screen, right next to your user information. Switch to the Voice & Video tab using the menu in the left side pane. Here, scroll down and locate the Audio Subsystem section

how to fix discord voice chat not working?

To fix this, you have to switch to the legacy audio system of your operating system. Open your Discord client. Click on the User Settings found in the screen's bottom-left corner, right next to your user information. Switch to the Voice & Video tab using the menu in the left side pane.


We hope our guide helped you to resolve the frustrating error of Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord. Now enjoy getting back to gaming with friends. Happy gaming! Using the Discord application’s web version (discordapp.com) is preferable if none of the above techniques are successful. You don’t need to install the Discord online application on your computer; it can operate without special rights.


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