While retaining Bluetooth devices connected to the desktop typically has no drawbacks, users could frequently clear out the Bluetooth settings by deleting gadgets users do not actively utilize. While doing so, sometimes they can’t remove Bluetooth devices in Windows. This article will briefly discuss ways to fix the “can’t remove Bluetooth device in Windows 10” issue. We may occasionally encounter systems we can’t get rid of during this process. These connections remain on our list of devices regardless of whether we choose the delete option.

Users can organize the device list on their Windows 10 computer by eliminating redundant Bluetooth connections.  To fix the error:

  1. Press Windows key + X
  2. Click on Device Manager
  3. Click View
  4. Click on Hidden Devices
  5. Search for Bluetooth device

remove bluetooth device in windows 10

In most cases, deleting Bluetooth connections is simple. However, occasionally Windows develops a bug, and deletion of the network is unsuccessful. Suppose you are facing this issue and don’t know how to delete a Bluetooth device. Fix this issue and remove one unsightly device, following these simple and prevalent troubleshooters.

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How To Delete A Bluetooth Device?

Additionally, there are instances where the item cannot be discovered in the Server management screen and can’t appear in Wireless & parallel connections within the Device manager. When you attempt to delete them, the gadget reportedly returns. This makes it impossible to associate the gadget with it again, hence why you can’t remove Bluetooth devices in Windows 10. Whenever the Pc program accountable for connecting two gadgets is not active, the issue can occasionally arise. Network Affiliation Software, the server in charge of this, essentially permits connection between the desktop and any electronic connections you could own. Therefore, you are unable to couple gadgets unless it’s functioning.

You have a few techniques for removing Bluetooth devices from your Pc, but first, examine an often-used typical method—using Bluetooth default settings to fix the can’t remove Bluetooth device in Windows error.

If you are unable to remove the Bluetooth device in Windows 10 or cannot remove the Bluetooth device at all, Below mentioned is the simplest way to fix it:

  1. You shall first go to your pc settings and tap into Bluetooth settings. 
  2. You are referred to a display of devices connected to your pc. 
  3. There you select the device that you wish to disconnect.
  4. You shall then right-click on the device and select “disconnect.”

This is the most convenient and conventional way to fix the can’t remove Bluetooth device in Windows 10 error. But if you cannot troubleshoot the error and remove the Bluetooth device fails, you can turn to the below-mentioned fixes. 

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Eliminate Other Cordless Gadgets

Rarely, additional Bluetooth or wireless connections might impede the Bluetooth connection you’re removing.bluetooth

If feasible, be sure that the Wireless gadget you would like to disconnect is not close to any other wireless device.

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Quick Fixes For The ‘Can’t Remove Bluetooth Device Remove In Windows 10’ Issue 

It is unnecessary to yell out if Windows won’t disable your Bluetooth connections. Users encounter this issue very frequently, but the best part is there are some fixes one could test. Ensure to implement the instructions in this section, as we’ll teach readers how to fix the can’t remove Bluetooth device in Windows. 

Activate Pc’ Flight Configuration

Since you’re having trouble removing a Bluetooth connection from your Laptop, try turning on flight mode. The Computer is disconnected from all cellular systems, together with Bt and Usb, when it is in airplane mode. 

Switching On The Flight Mode

  1. You can launch the Control tab by tapping the Windows, and I buttons concurrently.
  2. In the settings bar, go to the network settings. 
  3. There will be an option with an airplane; press that. flight mode

This will enable your flight mode. Now disconnect the Bluetooth device you want. 

Reinstall Windows Programs For The Connected Gadget

It is quite likely your Bt device’s software is faulty, which would explain why you can’t unplug it from the Desktop. In this situation, you can upgrade the device’s software and afterward check to determine whether you can remove the hardware. You may employ Display Settings to quickly locate the most recent drivers, eliminating the need for manual carrier searching and installation, and you might be able to remove your Bluetooth device from Windows 10.

  1. Use the Device Manager from the Home screen by selecting the icon.
  2. Locate the Bt connection by boosting the Bt menu. can't remove bluetooth device in windows 10
  3. Upgrade the driver by selecting the Bt gadget.
  4. In the subsequent screen, tap on choose driver automatically.driver
  5. Try disconnecting the connection from the Desktop once the drivers have been installed.

Delete Bluetooth Connection Within The Control Bar

In Microsoft, there must be numerous approaches to eliminate a Bluetooth connection. Attempt the Control Center way if the Configuration option will not function.

    1. Navigate to the Home page, type Control Panel into the URL bar, and click on the outcome.remove bluetooth device in windows 10
    2. Again on the control panel icon, click View Devices. When you don’t see this choice, select Category under View.
    3. Your pc displays a list of Devices connected. Locate the hardware that you need to delete from your System.remove bluetooth device in windows 10

You can follow these steps to remove your Bluetooth device from Windows 10.

Utilize Your Embedded Troubleshooting System On Your PC

Your windows pc has an already installed troubleshooting system that can attempt to fix the “can’t remove Bluetooth device in Windows 10” error. To facilitate this method, heed the measures below;

  1. Pick Troubleshooting under Devices, then toggle Bluetooth up.troubleshoot
  2. Activate the troubleshooting system.
  3. Immediately beneath the Bt fixer, you can access the Systems & Networks fixer.

This way, you can fix the ‘can’t remove Bluetooth device in Windows 10’ error using the existing troubleshooter on your desktop. 

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How can I delete a device on my desktop?

You probably can't unplug the Bt product from the laptop since the software is malfunctioning, which would be understandable. In this situation, you can upgrade the phone's software and afterward check to see whether you can remove the hardware.

Why can't my pc detect the Bluetooth connection?

The Device should be reinstalled and its software updated to resolve this issue. You can also reboot Bt Assistance Program and see if it resolves the error.

Why has Device Driver concealed Bluetooth?

Software problems are probably to blame for the Bt not working issue. Try updating the Bt program to see if it helps. There are two methods for updating your Bt operator: mechanically or fully automated.

How can I verify if my Bt software is set up?

You can verify the Device Manager on your laptop to verify if a Bt connection is loaded or constructed. Device Manager should be opened. To broaden the display of Wireless devices, locate your Wireless item & press the icon towards the left.


It should be simple to use Bluetooth connections on the pc. Users only need to associate their computer with another gadget by turning on Bluetooth. Windows has, nevertheless, seen a lot of Wireless troubles, which are frequently very annoying. One problem is the inability to remove your Windows laptop’s Bluetooth connection.

When attempting to unplug a Bluetooth connection using the Network setup, people occasionally encounter the “Remove Rejected” possibility. This article highlighted some of the best and easiest ways to troubleshoot the ‘can’t remove Bluetooth device in Windows 10’ error. We understand it can be frustrating when your pc does not function however you want, so we come to the rescue. We hope these fixes work for you and are helpful.

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