7 Chrome Homework Extensions That Really Work for Students


Speaking of the Chrome extensions that might be useful for students, we are certain that they are endless. Chrome homework extensions are a panacea for students who are controlled with loads of homework.

Chrome Homework Extensions
Chrome Homework Extensions

Obviously, most students perceive Chrome as a browser for conducting preliminary research in terms of your final paper.

Top 7 Chrome Homework Extensions for Students

Yet, a wide range of Chrome homework extensions types exists, which are to be discussed in this article. If you have little or no experience with those unique tools. You should definitely read on to get acquainted with them!

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1. myHomework Student Planner

When it comes to student planners, their role is just immeasurable in terms of memorizing everything related to your studies. So, myHomework Student Planner stands out as being the best homework planner app on the market because of a few reasons:

  • Firstly, it tracks all the classes, assignments, team projects, and term papers right in your browser.
  • Secondly, it synchronizes with all of your devices automatically.
  • Thirdly, you are free to use it free of charge, which is persuasive enough for students.
myHomework Student Planner
myHomework Student Planner

Another valid reason to call it the best homework planner is the function of setting personal schedules, syllabuses, and priorities to all of these. Solely because of those aforementioned reasons, myHomework Student Planner is just overwhelmingly good for students. Especially those who are fond of keeping themselves organized.

2. Homework Simplified

This Google Chrome extension is just invaluable for all students, regardless of their major. Unfortunately for students, there are no apps that do your homework for you, but there are some, which might be precious for everyone. In such regard, Homework Simplified is an app that would help you with your academic writing assignment tasks.

homework simplified
Homework Simplified

Basically, it is a toolbar, which helps you search for whatever you might need on the Web. Even though you might not be the best college writer, your academic endeavors definitely need this extension for conducting proper research facilities. In that case, just keep this extension in mind the next time you will be thinking about how to prepare decent research for the upcoming class.

3. My Study Life

Regarding the applications that offer an outstanding sense of comfort and usability, we are sure that My Study Life is one of such. Its services best match the needs of ordinary students that are willing to create full schedules, assignment calendars, and everything related to studies one way or another.

my study life
My Study Life

Just because of that, even assignment writing companies advertise the service of this extension since it is literally an assignment help service that helps with your assignments. In case you’re struggling with proper planning or organizing your time for the assignments, just configure this extension according to your preferences. With all that being said, go ahead since My Study Life is literally a quintessence of professional help for students.

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4. Google Dictionary

Obviously, Google Dictionary is just too good not to enter it in our list. In most cases, students whose mother tongue is not English are confused about reading all those countless articles and web pages. This is especially true if you don’t understand the meaning of those words.

Google Dictionary
Google Dictionary

In that case, Google Dictionary is just a wonderful opportunity to know the meaning of any word on the Web page since this extension provides the definition of a word in a bubble. So, if you’re looking for an application that might be of good use for ESL students, Google Dictionary is something that should be recommended in the first place.

5. Course Hero Search Button

It won’t be a big of a secret if we tell you that thousands of students across the globe use Course Hero? Its functionality is similar to any other button extension, but you should be aware that this one would not answer the question about how to access course hero for free.

course hero search button
Course Hero Search Button

Instead, it will add a specialized button that will allow you to search for the topic on the website of Course Hero without even visiting it. In such regard, students will be granted a unique chance to skim through all the study guides and sample paper assignments. They are of good use for schoolers.

Note: you should register on this website in order to obtain all those study-related resources!

Once you managed to register there, just feel free to use this app in order to make your student life easier once and forever.

6. Focus Mode

Obviously, students in 2019 are being distracted too often, especially when it comes to social media services. But how to study when there are so many things going on on Facebook? Well, you may just download and install Focus Mode. It is an application that allows you to focus on your studies. At the same time, it turns off all the other websites.

focus mode
Focus Mode

As noted by students from Canada, this service is just a panacea for students who cannot focus on their study-related facilities. Solely because of that, you should try it at least once in order to know all the benefits of studying in an environment with no online distractions. In that case, this Chrome Homework Extensions stands out on the list because of the uniqueness of its functionality. Which makes it useful for everybody in 2019.

7. My Homework Reminder

In some sense, the decision to comply with all those endless assignments into a single organizer is a great idea. But what should students who forget everything do in that instance? So, My Homework Reminder might be a savior of those who can forget about the important homework, even if it costs half of the final grade!

My Homework Reminder
My Homework Reminder

If you’re looking for an extension that is the best homework reminder app on the market. It offers custom configurations, My Homework Reminder speaks for itself. Speaking of which, we are sure that its simplicity and straightforwardness would be precious for students with memorizing issues. So, if you’re one of those students, give a sneak peek on this app’s functionality since it might become a panacea for your studies.

Final Words

Regardless of whether you will download all of the Chrome Homework Extensions or not. You should remember that all of them offer value for students. In some sense, their assistance might seem to be minor, whereas, in reality, the offered services are becoming students’ best friends.

Keeping that in mind, you should give each of those extensions a try to form your own opinion about it. Nonetheless, we would be in delight if any of these would be of use for meaningful study-related purposes and intentions!