This article highlights the four best ways to fix Chrome looks blurry in Windows 10. Many Windows users are quibbling that their Chrome looks blurry and pixelated in Windows 10. If you have the same issue where your Chrome looks blurry and weird, we have investigated thoroughly for you and found not one but four fixes!

Your chrome font might be set to blur or hazy, so you can change it to solve the issue. There are many solutions to the problem of blurred Chrome. Open Chrome, go to Settings by clicking the three vertical dots in the top-right corner. On the left, click Appearance. Then select Customize fonts.

To fix the ‘Chrome looks blurry in Windows’ problem, we must first get acquainted with it. Keep reading to understand the problem and its detailed solutions. 

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What’s The Issue? 

Today, Google is the most diversely used software with its adverse features and user-friendly model. The most widely used web browser is Google Chrome. It is substantially updated into better versions with more eclectic features, intriguing designs, and better functioning. 

However, like every software, it has some technical errors that require troubleshooting! With the arrival of new versions of this browser, many users have complained about blurry screens or text while using Chrome. 

Windows 10 customers are adamantly facing this issue. The reason is unknown, but some ways exist to fix the problem. In this article, we underscore four ways to improve the ‘Chrome looks blurry in Windows 10’ issue to make browsing efficient and glitch-free. Read more on why your Chrome keeps opening new tabs by itself here.

If you are wondering, “Why is my font weird on Chrome?”, Here are some quick fixes we have tried and tested for you. 

Fix The Blurry Font For Windows 10 On Google Chrome

If your Chrome text is blurry on Windows 10, here are some things you should do to fix it. 

Alter Font On Chrome

When you open your Google settings, scroll down to the font tab. You will see different font sizes and styles on your screen. font Select the option that best suits your desktop and shows clearly on your screen. 

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Update Your Browser

The most effective and quick way to fix the blurry font on Chrome is to delete your browser and re-download its newest version. With every update, websites and applications fix bugs and troubleshoot issues users face. update your browser

Using the newest version of Chrome is best to have a bug-free experience. 

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Do As Google Says!

Google is a global platform. It does its best to cater to the needs of its users. After its newest update, it has received complaints and queries like; Chrome looks blurry on Windows 10, Chrome text is pixelated, chrome font looks terrible, and so on.

Google has spoken up in response. It has given us a guide for fixing the issue. 

  1. Type ClearType in the search menu after clicking the Windows button on your desktop.

search cleartype2. Move down to the option, adjust clear type textand press on it.

adjust cleartype text

3. Now, switch on the ClearType, and you will have a blur-free screen.


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Old Is Gold

Sometimes the newer versions of sites and applications act up. In a race to improve, the sites sometimes install too complex software and, therefore, difficult to use. It generates issues like Chrome looking blurry and pixelated text. old chrome

In these times, it is best to dive back into the old pattern of the browser. 

Now, you must be thinking, “HOW?” Worry not! We get your point, and we help you find solutions. You must follow the steps below to use your browser’s older set.

  1. In your Chrome search bar, type in chrome://flags and press on the first option that pops up in the search tab.
  2. You will then see a page on your screen. You will now have to search top-chrome-md.
  3. It will direct you to a page. On the top, you will find a list. In that list, check the option that says normal. 
  4. Then, you will have to restart. 

That’s how you will get your new old version of Chrome.

Fix Your Blurry Background On Windows 10 For Your Browser

It happens due to various reasons. You either have problems with your font setting (ways to fix that above), or you shall clear the cache in your browser. 

It might happen if you are operating an old rendition of your browser. You might want to consider reinstalling your browser. Blurry Background On Windows 10

Click here to learn how to reinstall Windows 10 without losing data.

Below mentioned are some fixes for you to turn to:

Clearing Cache

Open Chrome and go to settings on your desktop screen. You will find an option there titled cached files. Press that and clear the data. 

clearing cache


Your cache will clear up, and you will have a glitch-free browser. 

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Say No To Helvetica!

In your browser settings, when you move down the screen, you will find an option that says customize your profile. When you tap on that tab, you will see Helvetica written on your screen. helvetica

Now, we suggest you might want to get rid of it. Helvetica is a font that we think might not fit Windows 10. 

Turn Off Scaling In Chrome

This process is called DPI scaling. In this process, you click the Chrome icon on the home page of your pc, and you will get a shortcut. Move down the list and then tap properties. 

Now, you press the compatibility tab and disable fullscreen optimization. Doing this will lessen or entirely negate the effect of Windows on your browser. 

fullscreen optimization

That means if the blur is because of your desktop model, by following this methodology, it will fix itself! You can fix the “Chrome looks blurry in Windows 10” issue differently. 

Turn Off Your Browser’s Extensions

In your browser settings, scroll down to more. You will see so many options popping up on your screen. In those alternatives, disable extensions. That will help you fix blurry text or background on Chrome for Windows 10. 

chrome extensions

Extensions personalize your Chrome site but can sometimes cause problems like blurry font and background. Identifying it as an issue and getting rid of it is crucial. 

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These were some of the ways through which you can fix the “Chrome looks blurry in Windows 10” error. We tried giving you a thorough step-by-step guide, and we hope you use it. We hope this article proves to be somewhat helpful for you. 

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Can I boost sharpness in Windows 10?

Yes, you can boost the sharpness of your text in windows 10. To do so, you shall go to your display setting and change the display resolution to your convenience.

Why is my windows ten browser pixelated?

Every desktop has an inhabitant resolution that needs to be maintained. If a site or application does not cater to an inhabitant's solution, the pixels of the desktop get affected.

Why is my browser not working on my pc?

It can be tribulation with connectivity, or your desktop might not support your browser. In this case, you check that your internet connection is strong and that your browser and desktop are both update to their newest versions.

How to fix the blurry screen on Windows 10?

This issue can arise due to improper monitoring settings. To fix this, go to your desktop settings and click on the display tab. A list will appear on your screen. Move down and tap on display resolution and switch on the recommended option.


Windows and Google Chrome are the most global platforms. They work on coordination for a better user experience. Although, sometimes, the collaboration fails to cater to the needs of its audience. Sometimes some issues require immediate troubleshooting. 

So, we have put forth everything we know to solve the “Chrome looks blurry on Windows 10” issue for you. We make it efficient for both the parties- users and providers, by solving a problem on their behalf and for you!

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