Did you ever have trouble where your “computer keeps making USB sound“, and it’s driving you insane? Wee, it is time to figure it out and repair the issue. This article will provide some of the best solutions concerning the issue.

computer keeps making usb sounds

Fixing this problem can be as simple as reconnecting the USB devices or changing the USB port and as challenging as Updating the USB drivers. Nevertheless, you are very likely to find a fix for this problem. You can also look at this guide to restore lost USB data.

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Follow These 8 Fixes To Turn Off The USB Sound

Mentioned below are a few 8 fixes for that annoying USB sound. After reading this article, you can easily address the issue at hand and understand why your computer keeps making USB sound and how you can fix it.

Connect the USB drives again

Before trying anything else, first, take out the USB devices. Sometimes you can correct this by merely removing and connecting the USB devices again.

reconnecting usb drivers

This can sometimes solve the issue of the computer making a USB sound. So, give this a try before trying any other method.

Device Manager

A common reason computer keeps making usb sound is if there are errors or issues in the USB device. You can fix it by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the device manager by searching it in the device menu.device manager
  2. Once you open it, you can look for errors by going to the USB drivers. You can easily know if there is any error or not because if there is any error yellow exclamation would appear beside it.usb drivers
  3. Now either uninstall or Update that particular driver who has an error.

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Sound Settings

Are you still bothered when your computer keeps making usb sound? Try checking the sound settings of your personal computer.

  1. Open the sound settings or search for it in the Start menu.sound panel
  2.  Choose the sound control panel and go to the more sound setting option.device disconnet
  3. Click on Device disconnect. From the Drop down menu, select the sound option. Ensure it’s set to windows hardware removed.windows hardware
  4. Congratulation, you have turned off the USB disconnect sound.

The sound could have been due to accidentally selecting the USB sound to play when you carry out a task on windows. 

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Change to another USB port

Another reason your computer keeps making usb sound is when your USB port is broken. See if plugging your USB device into another USB port helps.

new usb port

If the problem is in the port and not in Windows or any other software, you can solve this issue by switching to another USB port. Also, sometimes you might have encountered an unusual power surge error on the USB Port. This can be frustrating while sharing an important file because it can crash and damage the file. Though there are ways to fix it.

Update USB Driver

The USB driver turns corrupt, or maybe some updates did not install properly. You might face the problem of the USB connect sound repeating. You only need to keep the USB driver up to date

driver up to date

After updating the driver, Reboot the pc, and you are good to go.

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USB selective suspend

USB ports are suspended via the USB selective suspend feature to conserve power. Turning on the USB Selective will suspend any USB port if it’s not in use. Although this is a very helpful feature, sometimes it can malfunction, and thus, the computer keeps making a USB sound. But you can solve this by following these simple steps.

  1. Open the control panel by searching in the start menu.usb selective suspended device
  2. Go to change Advanced Power settings. Click on USB settings, and to disable USB selective suspend, click on it.
  3. Now restart your computer, and the issue will no longer be there.

Stop using USB hubs.

USB hubs are great if you want to add more USB ports to the computer. However, they may harm your device. Keep as far away from USB hubs as you can.

root hub

Try to disconnect the USB Hub to solve your problem. After disconnecting it check every USB device separately by directly connecting it to the computer. If no problem persists, then the problem is in the USB hub.

USB notification sound

If none of the above methods helped and your computer keeps making usb sound, all you can do now is turn off the USB notification sound in windows10 or any other windows you have from the sound settings.

  1. Go to Setting > Notification.sound panel 2
  2. Click on the dongle button to set it to none.

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Why does my computer keeps making USB sounds?

If your computer keeps making a USB sound, you should check for the reason behind it. This happens when your USB device or the USB port is not able to work properly. Another reason could be that your USB driver is corrupted or not properly updated.

How can I stop the USB sound on my computer?

This article contains the eight most common and easy fixes to turn off the USB disconnect sound. Choose accordingly, and you can make your USB sound stop on your computer hassle-free.

How do I turn off the USB notification sound in windows 10?

Windows 10 also has the same procedure, just as Windows 11. To turn off the USB notification sound, go to sound settings. In sound settings, go to the sound control panel and open the sound tab; now click on device connects. The sound would be written on the left bottom with a drop-down menu below it and set to none.

How can I eliminate the sound when my USB connects?

Go to the sound control panel and open the sound tab in the sound settings. Now click on device connects. The sound would be written in the left bottom, with a drop-down menu below it, and set to none. You can turn it off in sound settings by changing the sounds for Device Connect to none.

How to change the USB sound?

To change the USB sound, you have to follow the same steps as when we were trying to change the sound to none, but this time you rather have to choose the sound you like from the list instead of 'none .'Remember to follow the same steps; choose another sound instead of the 'none' option. Then save it and reboot the computer to bring it into effect.


Now that you know why your ‘computer keeps making usb sound,’ it is time to fix it with the hacks mentioned in this article. These hacks are easy to apply and bring your computer back in nice condition. You can also give a look at {Solved} 5 Ways to Fix USB Device Descriptor Failed Error.