Minecraft is a very popular building and exploring game. Almost every gamer has encountered the frustrating issue of not reserving enough space for object heap in Minecraft. It occurs when the Java version is incorrect, or you set a large heap size with insufficient memory.

The issue can also arise when the heap size is enormous, and the process cannot hold it. Install 64-bit Java JREGo to the Java JRE download page. Click on Windows Offline (64-bit). Add a new system variable.


If your Minecraft launcher cannot connect to a server, it can also be due to outdated drivers, corrupted files, mods causing conflict, or other software issues. To solve the error entirely so that it never bothers you again, check for updates, run scans or find conflicting files and delete them. This guide mentioned below will help you follow the steps to eradicate the error.

[FIX] “Could Not Reserve Enough Space For Object Heap in Minecraft”

Before going further, ensure all the physical connections are stable, and the device is operating correctly. Now, follow the steps below to eradicate the error.

Try lowering the size of the heap.

One of the easiest solutions for not reserving enough space for an object heap in Minecraft error is to address the heap size you have set.

minecraft settings

Go to the settings and save the files in jobss file, edit the bat or sh file. Now rerun the game and check for the error. Minecraft login could not connect to the server.

Try adding a new system variable.

The following solution for not connecting to the server Minecraft error is adding a new system variable to your system. Before doing so, kindly back up Windows so that you can restore it if anything goes wrong. To do so,

In the run search bar, enter the control panel. Tap on system and security, and now go to the system option. Tap on advanced system settings

add a new system variable

In the window, tap on environmental variables, find the system variable, and tap next. Now enter, Variable name: _JAVA_OPTIONS and Variable value: –Xmx512M

This will increase the memory size by adding a new variable to the system and solve the could not reserve enough space for object heap in Minecraft error.

Add the JAVA JRE for 64-bit to your system.

Alternatively, you can try reinstalling 64-bit Java JRE to resolve the error. To do so,

Go to the official Java JRE page and tap on Windows Offline (64-bit).

reinstall java jre

Now install the same and run it on your system.

Now try to rerun the game and check if the Minecraft could not connect to server login issue persists.


What can happen if my heap size is too large in Minecraft?

If you set the heap size to be too large, you will encounter the inability to reserve enough space for object heap in Minecraft error. To solve this, lower the size or follow this step-by-step guide.

Why to do if I get the 'could not reserve enough space for JBoss' error?

Improper or insufficient memory for JVM can cause the issue to occur. To solve this, try to allocate more space and RAM for JVM.


After going through this guide, we hope you can find and resolve the issue of not reserving enough space for the object heap in Minecraft. Also, many players face the problem that their Minecraft login Button not working properly. This can be frustrating, just like this space issue, as it can break your gaming pace. However, don’t worry. This issue also has easy solutions, just like the solutions mentioned above.

If the problem persists, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the game from your Steam client. Now that Minecraft is launching again without any issues, you can happily return to building those blocks. Happy gaming!

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