The computer CPU Fan errors do not mean the CPU is broken or disabled computer fan issues or other computer hardware issues. CPU Fan Error is a simple mistake that can be solved manually in a blink.

There is no need to change the computer CPU fan due to a sudden decision. Sometimes, only changing computer settings is required to solve CPU Fan Errors.

Usually, several causes can let the device users face the CPU or its Associated Fan errors.

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The Meaning Of The Message “CPU Fan Error”

The CPU Fan Warning Message is the motherboard’s extremely basic means of informing you that it cannot find a cooling device for your CPU.

cpu fan error

Your motherboard’s helpful safety feature prevents your CPU from burning. It protects PC Builders from unintentionally breaking their hardware beyond repair. The motherboard also inhibits the PC from booting because operating a CPU without a cooler is an excellent method to compromise your processor’s security. Strangely enough, ASUS claims that loading the incorrect BIOS version can also result in the problem appearing in m1.

It won’t be the initial time a component vanishes due to a missed BIOS update, but it’s still odd. It’s always good to see that your BIOS is the newest version. ASUS and other motherboard vendors have various EZ Update tools to assist you.

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Catastrophic CPU Cooler Failure

There are numerous reasons why a CPU cooler can stop working, including oxidation brought on by liquid damage, a failed AIO pump, or a cooling fan that stops spinning on its own.

catastrophic cpu cooler failure

You can easily order a replacement fan for an air cooler, but you might need to contact the manufacturer for an AIO liquid cooler.

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The CPU cooler’s fan could be Dead On Arrival for the fewest unlucky people (DOA). It would help if you spoke with the vendor to make an RMA request known as Return Merchandise Authorization.

doa cpu fan

It is one of the discouraging things you could encounter when creating a new PC, but there is some solace in the knowledge that it is rare to happen twice. Consider connecting a different fan to the CPU FAN header and ensuring that it boots appropriately to confirm that the CPU cooler fan is, in fact, dead.

However, it would help if you didn’t use the computer in this setup because you won’t properly cool the CPU.

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Are You Unable To Fix CPU Fan Error?

Many sources can cause the Error, like the user might have improperly set the fan’s information in the BIOS interface. In daily use, when the device cannot find the connections of the CPU fans or detect the fan speed, the settings might have been changed unknowingly.

cpu fan

There are times when the CPU Fan operates too slowly due to the presence of dust or its bad quality. Apart from this, the CPU fan might not be connected properly and can be damaged or broken leading to the cause of the error. Lastly, no matter which one of these sources is the actual cause of the error, do not believe the misconception that you have to change the CPU.

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10 Best Ways to Fix CPU Fan Error

In some instances, only changing some computer settings is only to solve CPU Fan Errors. Usually, several causes can let the device users face the CPU or its Associated Fan errors.

Method #1 Did You Change The BIOS Settings Earlier

If you have changed the BIOS setting before, reboot your device and reopen the BIOS interface to reset the elements in the fan back to normal. To start with, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the BIOS screen and press F2, F12, or Del buttons once your computer is rebooted. delete button
  2. Now, Click the Power tab and highlight the Hardware monitor option from the list that is popping out.
  3. CPU FAN SPEED is to be selected after it from the options available. Change the settings to ”Ignore.” In the CHASSIS FAN SPEED options, change the settings to N/A.
  4. Change the last option, POWER FAN and SPEED, into IGNORED. The device will stop showing the error now.

Method #2 Check The Operation of the CPU Fan

Shut down the computer correctly and open the computer host to check whether the CPU fan is working well with accurate speed. If it still runs slowly, check it carefully to see how the speed can be changed. Back up the relevant data of your computer and shift it on some other hard drive before the PC is turned off.

check the operation of cpu fan

This is to avoid the loss of data in the future. After that, the USB drive connected to the PC must be removed. It includes removing a memory card, SD card, or USB drive. Before powering off the device, it must be done to avoid corrupted hard drive file loss.

Method #3 Remove All The Dust From The CPU Fan

After verifying the computer CPU fans and analyzing that they all are very dusty, clean the dirt thoroughly.

remove all the dust from the cpu fan

Try traditional home remedies to remove the dust from these fans. Also, try to clean the other components simultaneously to avoid further overheated PC issues.

Method #4 Ensure The Connections Are Correct

The CPU fans have a couple of connection ports set along with it on the motherboard so that users can connect more than two fans with different types at the same instant. And the other ports for different computer elements are also similar to the ports of the host CPU fans.

ensure the connections are correctly set up

So, some users can insert their CPU fans incorrectly. To get rid of it, remove the connections and combine them with other ports to take possibilities.

Method #5 Switch To New Fans And Remove The Corrupted One

When you, by default, get a corrupted or broken fan, merely go purchase and change a new one instead.

new cpu fan

Conclusively, no matter how your CPU fan error problem goes, always act carefully to cause no further computer component damage. If the user can also try to act these methods under the guidance of experts.

Method #6 Inspect All The Hardware

Check if the fan is spinning perfectly once the message regarding the error has popped up. Try focusing on the sound caused by the fan. Most fans have intolerable sounds they make. However, the most advanced models of PC and other devices are now coming with fans that hardly make any sounds.inspect all the hardware

The user must deal with all the minor parts related to the fan. Also, check the motherboard connections once the fan is located. Try moving the fan using an object that is static-friendly. Reboot the device and check if the fan has begun spinning.

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Method #7 Scan All The Software And Remove All The Errors

Once it is sure that the hardware is not causing the problem, put everything back collectively and reboot the device to the default BIOS settings. Any latest Windows device can insert the BIOS setup simply by pressing the F10 button. This allows you to process most of the device’s hardware functions, including the fan itself.scan-for-errors

Modifications can be in the speed at which the fan of your device is operating. Read through all the options available and proceed as follows: Advanced Settings > Hardware Monitor > CPU Fan. After that, enable the following settings: Heat sink, Fan Duct with Fan/ Without Fan. Save all the changes made and exit the portal. This will lead to an automatic restart of the computer.

Method #8 Shift The Device To a Cooler Place

Keep your computer in an area that regularly gets hot or is open to healthy sunlight, intake as this can cause it to overheat and shut down no matter how hard the fan tries to cool it. Try moving your computer to a more cool room or ensuring you never place it in direct sunlight throughout the day.

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Method #9 Reboot The Windows Frequently

The proper functioning of CPU fans requires a boot and reboot many times once in a while. For that, the users can use the app titled Windows Boot Genius. reboot-pcThe latest Windows boot expert targets fixing booting problems, including device collisions, screen going blue, irregular restarts and shutdowns, and several other booting problems related to Windows.

Method #10 A Word of Caution! Don’t Overlock

An outcome of overclocking is a dramatic increase in system heat that default fans can’t manage. Moreover, overheating can damage circuits and cause frequent shutdowns and errors.

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What could result in a CPU error?

The CPU, also known as a processor, has tiny transistors and even a slight issue with any of them can lead to the failure of the main processor. CPU failure might result from faulty capacitors, prolonged usage, and voltage problems. The incredible thing is that CPUs give you warning indicators of impending danger.

How do I modify the BIOS fan speed?

Click F10 to enter BIOS as soon as the machine is turned on. Select Thermal from the Power tab. To adjust the fan's minimum speed, move the left and right arrows and press F10.

How hot can a CPU tolerate?

Your CPU will begin to be at risk of harm once it reaches and beyond 100 degrees Celsius, and it will begin thermal throttling to lower its temperature. If this isn't enough, your CPU or anything else you're pushing it with will probably crash shortly after.

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There are just a couple of essential issues in the PC that is worse than the CPU heat. If the CPU is excessively hot, things will go amiss, and the machine will break. That’s why it’s essential to regulate the temperature so it will always stay below the critical point. What’s more, one of the noteworthy warmth controllers is the fan.

In any case, consider the possibility that you experience a CPU Fan Error upon boot. If you need an enduring PC, you would prefer not to let the machine run without the appropriate working fan. Here are the approaches to fix the CPU fan mistake on startup. Whether you have a work area or a workstation, the technique to fix this standard blunder is pretty much the equivalent.


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