What if you are working with your system and suddenly a blue screen pops up and displays the error that reads critical structure corruption? Many of us don’t know the cause of Critical Structure Corruption Windows 10 error and the way to resolve the same.

Critical Structure Corruption is a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error several Windows users encounter on Windows 10 PCs (Image 1). The most common causes for this error include hardware failure, system crashes, or corrupt/faulty drivers.

Here, we bring you this article to help you in both cases. So, first, let us briefly try to understand the cause of the Critical Structure Error.

Reasons for the error

There are two reasons which can cause the error, and they are

(i) ” Hardware related,” i.e., due to some faulty hardware or

(ii) “Software related,” i.e., when the kernel detects a critical kernel code or data corruption.

How to Fix Critical Structure Corruption Error

You need to work to resolve the issue. Follow these simple methods to help you fix the Critical_Structure_Corruption Windows 10 error.

Method 1. Clean Boot

Running your system with the least possible practical applications is always advisable to eliminate the blue screen BSOD error. To disable the rest and to perform the clean boot follow these steps:

1. At First, press Windows Button + R to open the Run dialog box.

run box

2. Then type “msconfig” and then click OK.


3. The System Configuration window will appear. Under the Services tab, select Hide all Microsoft Services and then click on Disable All.

hide all microsoft services

4. Then, under the Startup tab, you will find an option to open Task Manager. Click on it. Afterward, select the items displayed in the task manager and then click on End task at the bottom of the task manager. This way, you will disable the applications that are not very useful.

end task

Finally, restart your system.

Performing a clean boot will help you resolve the Critical Structure Corruption error, and the Blue screen won’t appear again.

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Method 2. Update The Video Drivers

If there’s a hardware-related issue causing the Critical Structure Error, then you should check the version of drivers installed on your device and its compatibility with your system. Follow these steps to update the video drivers.

1. At First, press Windows Key+X together and then choose Device Manager from the menu to open the device manager.

device manager

2. Then scroll down and locate Display Adapters under the device manager. Expand it.

expand display adapters

3. Afterward, the graphics family will be displayed. Right-click on it and then select Update Driver.

update driver

4. A window will appear asking your permission regarding how you wish to update the drivers, either manually or automatically. You should opt for automatic driver updates so that Windows will automatically search for the latest available version of the drivers compatible with your variant of Windows 10. However, if you are well aware of the technicalities, you can also update the same manually.

search automatically for updated driver

After updating the drivers, Re-start your system to make the changes visible, and the blue screen displaying the BSOD Critical Structure Corruption error won’t reappear.

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Method 3. The Memory Check

As mentioned earlier, faulty Hardware can also cause the Critical Structure Corruption error, and in most cases, it’s the RAM causing the error. So you should perform a memory check to rectify the problem. To do the same, follow these steps.

1. At First, press Windows Button + R together to open the Run dialog box.

run box

2. Then type “mdsched.exe” and then press Enter.


3. A screen will appear asking for your permission to restart the system later or now. Make the selection accordingly, and Windows will perform the system memory check upon the next restart.

restart now and check for problems

Once the memory check is completed, and if there was any default in RAM, the problem will be resolved, and the blue screen won’t appear again.

Method 4. Reviewing the Event Viewer

Reviewing the Event Viewer and identifying the program causing the error can help you eliminate the Critical Structure Corruption error. For this, follow these steps:

1. At First, press Windows Button + X together and then click on Event Viewer.

event viewer

2. The Event Viewer screen will appear. The side left pane will contain Windows Logs. Under Windows, logs click on System.

windows logs system

3. Scroll down and look for any suspicious event just before the blue screen appears, and you will be able to identify the program causing the problem.

Method 5. Windows Updates

If the BSOD error persists, it’s better to check for Windows Updates as well, and if there’s any pending update for your system, then make sure to launch the update and keep your system up-to-date. To launch the Windows update, follow these steps:

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1. At First, press Windows Button + X at the same time and then click on Settings.


2. Then type Check for Updates in the search bar & hit Enter. A new window will open. Simply click on the Check for Updates button. Windows will automatically look for the available updates and the status of your system. If there is any pending update for your system, then go ahead and launch the update.

check for updates

Updating your system will help you eliminate the Blue screen BSOD error.

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What causes critical structure corruption?

Hardware or software issues, such as incompatible drivers, faulty memory, or malware infections, can cause critical structure corruption.

How can critical structure corruption be diagnosed?

Critical structure corruption can diagnose by analyzing the dump files created during system crashes or using diagnostic tools like Windows Memory Diagnostic.

How can critical structure corruption be prevented?

Critical structure corruption can be prevented by keeping the system up to date with the latest software and security updates, installing compatible drivers, and running regular malware scans.

How can critical structure corruption be fixed?

Critical structure corruption can be fixed by running the System File Checker tool, updating or reinstalling drivers, or performing a clean operating system install.

Does critical structure corruption affect all versions of Windows?

Critical structure corruption can affect all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Is critical structure corruption a serious issue?

Critical structure corruption is a severe issue as it can lead to frequent system crashes and data loss.


Following the steps mentioned above will help you eliminate the Critical Structure Corruption BSOD error, and the Blue screen won’t appear and hinder your working pace again.

If these methods don’t work well for your system and the problem persists, then do feel to write us back, and we would love to assist you regarding the same.


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