How To Fix Crunchyroll Error 502 Easily?


In this time of being stuck at home due to the pandemic, binge-watching and streaming movies and videos have become a life savior. Anime has also come up as people’s favorite. Crunchyroll is one of the most used websites or apps for watching anime. As great as it is, sometimes you can get stuck with the frustrating issue of Crunchyroll error 502.

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crunchyroll error 502
crunchyroll error 502

The issue of Crunchyroll bad gateway can arise due to HTTP server failure or if the services are down. If the startup wasn’t proper, that can also result in the issue. To resolve this, check the internet servers try restarting the system with proper boot devices.

How To Fix Crunchyroll Error 502 Easily?

Despite the reason for the Crunchyroll error 502, this detailed step-by-step guide will help you to eradicate it from its root. To do so,

Use a different browser.

The browser page can also be a problem sometimes. If the web page doesn’t recognize your internet, the issue can also occur. To resolve this, refresh the browser page by clicking on ctrl+F5 and reloading.

change your browser
change your browser

Now check for the Crunchyroll bad gateway 502 error and if it persists, use a different browser like opera and try again.

Remove the VPN

In most cases, the VPN or proxy connections hinder the app because it hides your identity and claims you fraud.

disable vpn and proxy
disable vpn and proxy

To resolve this, disable your VPN and proxy and retry. If Crunchyroll error 1015 persists, you need to switch your connection while keeping your proxy disabled, using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi.

Try using Crunchyroll after some time.

If the error reference number 502 Crunchyroll keeps coming up no matter what you try, then it is better to stop trying for a while and then retry.

use crunchyroll after sometime
use crunchyroll after sometime

In this way, any browser or server-related issue gets fixed, and then the website will open without any error.

Update the application

If your browser is working fine, then the issue can be due to outdated app. Update the app by going to the app store and finding it in the updates section.

update the app
update the app

Now let the update complete and then rerun Crunchyroll to check if Crunchyroll error 502 persists.

Check and fix the DNS Error.

Sometimes the issue can be in the DNS settings; majorly, the two things to check for are,

Remove DNS Cache

If the cache files are not removed time and time, then it can result in the error. To remove these,

  1. In the search bar, enter the command prompt.
  2. Run it as administrator and then tap on yes in the prompt window
    remove dns cache
    remove dns cache
  3. One by one, enter the following :ipconfig /release, ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /renew

now restart your pc and check if the issue persists. Or, 

Turn on Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically

Try enabling the system to automatically choose the server. To do so,

  1. In the toolbar, right tap on the network icon
  2. Go to the properties option and tap on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
    internet protocol
    internet protocol
  3. In the window, choose properties and go to the general tab
  4. Under this, click on the Obtain DNS server address automatically option and press ok.

This will make your system choose the server for you; eradicating the Crunchyroll is bad issue.


Reach out to the support

Unfortunately, if nothing from the methods mentioned above works for you, try reaching out to Crunchyroll support. They will be able to pinpoint the error for you and tell you if the request was blocked or not accepted only. If the issue Crunchyroll error 502 isn’t because of your system, they will solve it for you.


What error 502 means on Crunchyroll?

The error signifies that your browser is not getting a valid server response. Try using a more straightforward browser or check your DNS settings to fix the same.

What 502 error means on the server?

The 502 error is where the server can’t move ahead and complete your request. In such cases, try reloading and retrying or remove your VPN and then try.


With assistance from this guide, we hope you were able to resolve the frustrating Crunchyroll error 502. Now that you’ve dealt with all server issues, get back to binge-watching your favorite anime on Crunchyroll. Happy streaming!

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