CS:GO : Tournament System, Historical Champions, And Streamers


CS: GO represents one of the most prominent eSports disciplines, and numerous individuals are becoming interested in it. And so we will now talk about this cyber sports phenomenon where the world’s best teams play, and you can explore the best cs teams on Profilerr. It is supposed that you have some idea about eSports but need to familiarize yourself with one specific discipline. Let’s go through the main features and tell you about each.

A little background about the game

CS: GO is a classic game that everybody should be familiar with. The game is a team shooter in which two teams of five individuals alternate between playing for terrorists and special forces. The first task is to plant a bomb in a specially designated location. The mission of the second is to keep them from doing it at the appointed time. The game got broke into rounds until one team wins 16 times.

Depending on the team’s success, in-game money gets transferred between bands, which can get used to buying better weapons in the new round.

Tournament system

CS: Unlike many disciplines, GO does not have a strict tournament system. Valve, the game’s publisher, only hosts two $1 million Major tournaments every year, one in the spring and one in the fall. And in general, the tournaments are not held by them themselves, but each time they will get specified to a new third-party contractor. Qualifiers for Majors get held in three regions: America (USA, Canada, and South America), Europe, and Asia. It is worth noting that the volume of the US market is 900 million dollars, and the audience includes people aged 16-60.tournament season

In the intervals between them, hundreds of various private tournaments of multiple levels are constantly held throughout the game, and given that organizers, themselves are ready to keep them in such a quantity, we can safely say that they pay off, and the game can live on its own and without a publisher. The largest now is the series of tournaments from BLAST and ESL under the names Intel Extreme Masters and ESL Pro League. Their final matches are comparable in prize money and prestige to Major games. And sometimes in the financial issue and surpass them.

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General Dynamics of CS: GO Esports

According to Profilerr expert Volodymyr Huda, the total number of CS: GO tournaments decreased by 10% last year, but Valve and contractors again held two majors, as it was before the coronavirus pandemic.general dynamics

IEM Katowice, PGL Major Antwerp, and the IEM Rio Major 2022 were the most popular months for the discipline. 449.7 million hours of CS: GO tournament viewing were recorded in 2022, representing an 8.8% increase over 2021. But August became the most inactive month regarding total hours watched – usually, sportspeople go on vacation at the end of summer. Therefore, the organizers try to avoid scheduling competitions for this period.

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Historical champions and legends

Since esports in Counter-Strike has been around for twenty years, there are a lot of legends here, so let’s say a few words about the main milestones in the history of CS: GO and the teams that dominated at the time. With the new game’s release in 2013, two Swedish giants, Fnatic and Ninjas in Pajamas, became the strongest teams. Initially, the NIP team was more vital. They were invincible and destroyed everyone. But then another Swedish team, Fnatic, appeared; until 2015, they were the strongest team in the world.historical champions and legends

After their fall, there was a period of instability for some time, until in 2018, the Danes from Astralis firmly entrenched themselves on the throne. But now they, too, have fallen from the summit and dispersed.

The strongest teams now

Right now, the CS scene is in a transitional period. And last year, Ukrainian guys from NaVi ascended the throne for a long time and still hold leading positions in the charts.

The best team right now is the FaZe Clan European mix. But they are less dominant than the top 1, as many other groups were.faze clan european mix

If we talk about the regions, then everything is single side now. Absolutely the best is the European region. Both East European and Western European teams are strong in it. There are good teams in North America, but they could be more assertive. Teams from Brazil show themselves a little better, but they could be more stable too. Well, the weaker region is Asia.

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Main channels and streamers

For the second year, Brazilian Gaules has been the most popular CS: GO streamer on Twitch. In 2022, his channel scored 120 million hours watched, and the peak online amounted to 707.6 thousand viewers. The second line of the top will get hold by the official ESL_CSGO channel. It is where the tournament broadcasts were in English.background about the game

Most of the positions in the top got occupied by channels from tournament organizers. However, several other streamers, in addition to Gaules, also made it to the top ten. For instance, the Brazilian mch_agg and the American fl0m went up many spots simultaneously. German streamer Ohnepixel ranked only 130th in 2021 but moved to ninth in 2022.

Ale_apoka, a Brazilian streamer with over 5.2 million hours seen in the CS: GO discipline in 2022. Surged several hundred rankings simultaneously. Bysl4m scored almost the same number. Many official Russian-language streams of tournaments were on his channel.brazilian gaules

Valve’s shooter remains one of the significant esports disciplines in the business. With CS: GO competitions attracting increasing numbers of spectators each year. At the same time, outside of esports events. The number of viewers on Twitch in the game sector has fallen slightly – numerous factors have contributed to this, including fierce competition in the genre, a decline in the frequency of broadcasts by notable streamers, and so on.