These days, GIFs are widely used in conversations; finding someone who has yet to utilize them is nearly complicated. Using GIFs to exchange messages with others on Discord is a fantastic communication tool. The photos are easy to transfer and load rapidly. A GIF is frequently the best way to convey your feelings. You may suddenly wonder why Discord GIFs are not working. As we go deeper into this topic, there are several reasons why Discord GIFS may not be working.

You can fix Discord gifs that are not working by clearing the Discord cache, restarting Discord, and changing Discord settings. Try checking your internet connection or reinstalling Discord if the issue is complicated. Lastly, you can use Discord Web to fix GIFS. 

  • Let’s examine all the troubleshooting methods you might attempt, as several possible causes exist for your discord gifs not working on Android.

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Reasons for Discord GIFs Not Working

Problems with the network connection are typical reasons the Discord GIFS are not working. You need a reliable internet connection for your PC or mobile device to access and use Discord.

It will thus be unable to connect to its servers due to network problems. Issues like Discord go live not appearing may also arise due to unreliable network connectivity.

discord gif not working


Launching problems: Apps such as Discord occasionally face problems if there are launch-related problems. Therefore, a problematic app launch may interfere with Discord’s ability to load or display GIFS.

Cache for Discord: Caches facilitate the app’s smoother and quicker page loading. When they age or become corrupt, they may cause issues that prevent the Discord tenor GIFS from appearing.

How to Fix Discord GIFs Not Working?

The inability of GIFs to function on Discord is a universal problem that affects Windows, iOS, and Android devices equally. However, the causes are standard for all of the gadgets.

fix gifs issue


You are likely using a shaky internet connection if you cannot transmit GIFs on Discord. System file corruption and transitory flaws will also cause the problem.

You can transmit GIFs on Discord with a maximum size of 8 MB. You’ll run into the issue if your GIF size restriction is exceeded. All of these were the usual reasons for the problem. Now, let’s look at how to remove them.

Method 1: Clear Discord Cache

The most commonly asked question by users is why are my Discord gifs not working. The issue at hand may arise as a result of corrupted Discord cache files. Discord uses cache data like any other program to provide a quicker and more seamless user experience.

However, these data may eventually become tainted for preventable causes by someone. If this is the case for you as well, you will deal with several problems, including the one you’re dealing with right now. The instructions to clear the Discord cache are below if your Discord GIFs are not working.

  1. First, launch the Task Manager and end Discord’s background process.task manager on discord
  2. Shut off every other background program connected to Discord.
  3. Press the Windows + R shortcut key to launch the Run dialogue and r
  4. Enter %AppData% in the designated space and press OK.
  5. Slide open the folder for Discord.folder
  6. To access the Cache folder, double-click on it.cache folder
  7. After selecting everything within, perform a right-click and choose delete

Method 2: Restart Discord

Initially, you may restart Discord. The best course of action in this case is to continue the application since it may have caused a momentary bug that is causing the issue. Try restarting Discord to see if it fixes the problem. If so, you are good to go. 

  1. Click the X button in the top-right corner of your screen to launch the Discord app. It will now leave Discord.launch discord app
  2. Open Discord and see if the problem still discord

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Method 3: Check Internet Connection

Many users have reported that a poor internet connection is to blame for discord gifs not working on mobile. For messaging apps like Discord, you need a steady internet connection. Diverse problems will always surround you if this is different.

discord gif not working

Check your bandwidth by going to any website that offers an internet speed checker. If your bandwidth is much less than you are receiving, contact your ISP and urge them to fix the issue. Always ensure a steady network connection if your Discord GIFs are not working.

Method 4: Change Discord Settings

Changing the Discord settings is the next thing you may attempt. These are the adjustments that you must make.

  1. Launch Discord on a Windows computer.launch discord app
  2. Choose the gear icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.discord settings
  3. Select the Accessibility option from the App Settings menu.accessibility option on discord
  4. Turn on the option next to Play animated emojis and automatically play GIFs when running the Discord animated emojis
  5. Restart Discord and look for any issues.restart discord

Method 5: Reinstall Discord 

You might perform the reinstallation procedure if none of the previous procedures prove helpful. A bug in the installation file can cause the problem.


Reinstalling the application is the recommended course of action in this case. Shutting down and reinstalling Discord will also fix the can’t hear anyone on Discord issue.

Method 6: Use Discord Web

In the worst situation, there’s a good chance of an application issue if reinstalling Discord does not solve the issue either.

discord web

You can use Discord Web in this situation until the developers work to fix the problem. Also, use the web version to fix if Discord won’t open an error occurs.

How to Enable GIFS on Discord?

It should come as no surprise that auto-play features occasionally become disabled, sometimes due to updates. If you are unsure, examine if it is disabled and, if so, manually activate the option once more.

  1. The saved GIF file may be dropped into the web client or desktop application using drag and drop.saved gif file
  2. Use the GIF option (next to the text field) to select from Discord’s pre-installed gif collection.gifs tab
  3. To upload the GIF file from your device, utilize the upload option (next to the box).upload file

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Why aren't my GIFs showing up on Discord?

It can result from a sluggish internet connection, an out-of-date app version, or settings inside or on your device. To be sure that GIFs can play, try verifying your internet connection, upgrading to the most recent version of the Discord app, and reviewing the app settings.

Why is my GIF not loading?

Try a few things if Chrome isn't playing your GIF. First, ensure you have the most recent version of Chrome installed and that your browser is up to date. Also, delete the cookies and cache from your browser. You might also need to change your browser's settings to enable GIFs to play automatically.

How do I get GIFs to work on Discord?

The Emoji and GIF tab will open when you tap the emoji symbol! You may now search for the GIF you want or select one from one of the various categories when you touch the GIF tab.

Why isn't my GIF working on Discord?

Verify the connection to the Internet. Verify that the Discord PFP format is GIF rather than WebM. Reupload the GIF from your PC if you use iOS. Install Discord again.


Discord GIFs are not working; loading or functioning may be troubleshooted using a few easy yet efficient procedures. Priorities first: ensure that your internet connection is stable. A shaky connection might make it difficult for GIFs to load.

Second, empty the cache on your Discord device to eliminate any possible bugs or corrupted files that might be the source of the problem. Furthermore, as hardware acceleration occasionally interferes with GIF rendering, think about turning it off in the Discord settings.

Finally, reinstalling or upgrading your Discord app may fix any compatibility issues if the issue still occurs. Following these instructions may improve your Discord experience and take advantage of smooth GIF interactions on the platform. Recall that identifying and resolving the problem’s core cause may need a mix of these fixes.


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