Gamers, online communities, and companies frequently use Discord’s chat and audio communication software. Users can share files, stream while gaming, video chat, establish and join servers, and communicate with friends. One of Discord’s most valuable features is push-to-talk, which lets users chat with others only when they hit a particular key or button. However, when Discord pushes the talk button not working, it frustrates users.

To solve this issue, Login in or create a discord account. Click on the gear icon in the bottom left of the discord interface and open the settings menu. Under settings, click Voice and Video. In input mode, check the input box>Push to talk. 

These options include setting up the proper key binds, verifying the audio and microphone settings, turning off other programs, running Discord as an administrator, or contacting Discord support for additional help. Users occasionally experience problems with their push-to-talk button not functioning. Let’s talk about this problem’s potential sources and solutions.

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Reasons For Discord Push-to-Talk Button Not Working

The discord push-to-talk button is not working, and there can be several reasons. 

Inappropriate Keybinds

Users can customize their push-to-talk hotkeys or buttons in Discord. Push-to-talk may not function if the key binds configuration is incorrect. keybind Users must make sure that Discord has appropriately configured their push-to-talk hotkey. Go to User Settings > Voice & Video > Keybinds to accomplish this.

Microphone Problems

A microphone issue is another reason why push-to-talk might not function. Users should verify that their computer has appropriately detected and connected their microphone.

microphone problem

Configure the microphone as the default input device in the computer’s sound settings. Users should verify the Discord settings and the physical mute button to ensure the microphone is not on mute if it is unmuted.

Audio Settings for Discord

Push-to-talk functionality may not function properly in Discord if the audio settings configuration is incorrect.push to talk Users must ensure that Discord’s input and output device settings are accurate. Users can do this by selecting User Settings > Voice & Video and selecting the appropriate device.

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Interfering With Other Applications

Other background programs can occasionally hamper the push-to-talk function of Discord and notifications as well.other applications


If other programs use the microphone or audio settings, users should identify and close them.

Solutions For Discord Push To Talk Button Not Working

Now that we know why Discord’s push to talk stopped, let’s look at potential fixes.

Verify Keybinds

Users must make sure that Discord’s push-to-talk basic configuration is proper. To achieve this, make sure the push-to-talk key is configured appropriately. Follow these steps.

Navigate to User Settings. Go to Voice & Video and choose Keybinds.keybind

Users should experiment with various keys or buttons to see if it resolves the problem. 

Test the Microphone

Users should verify that their computer has appropriately detected and connected their microphone.

test microphone

Sometimes your mic might not work, so ensure it is set as the primary input device by checking the audio settings. Additionally, users must ensure the microphone is neither physically nor in Discord muted.

Audit the Audio Settings

Discord not recognizing push to talk can occur if the audio settings are configured incorrectly. Users must ensure that Discord’s input and output device settings are accurate. Follow these steps.

Select User Settings. Choose Voice & Video and select the appropriate device.user settings

You can also attempt to modify the Discord settings’ audio subsystem.

Turn Off Other Programs

Other background programs can occasionally hamper the push-to-talk function of Discord. If other programs use the microphone or audio settings, users should identify and close them.

other programs

They could also try restarting Discord and other programs after shutting them.

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Relaunch Discord

Restarting Discord may occasionally be able to solve the problem. The Discord app should be closed and then reopened by users.

relaunch discord

Additionally, they should ensure that Discord is running at the most recent version.

Check Device Drivers

Device drivers are pieces of software that let computers talk to hardware, such as microphones. Push to talk is not working in Discord if the microphone driver is out of date or absent.discord input volume

The microphone driver should be updated, and users should reinstall it if necessary. They can also try using a different microphone to find out if the problem is with the microphone or the software.

Launch Discord in Administrator Mode

Running Discord as an administrator can assist in resolving the problem, particularly if it is connected to authorization issues.

admin mode

To rectify the issue, right-click the Discord icon and select “Run as Admin.” You can test the push-to-talk functionality to see if it is functioning properly.

Use the Discord Website Version

Users can try using Discord’s online client if the push-to-talk feature is still not functioning. No need to install any software because the web version operates within the browser. discord website version

To test whether the push-to-talk feature on the web version is functional, users can use it. If that is so, there may be a malfunction with the Discord application’s desktop version.

Make a Discord Support Call

Users who need assistance can contact Discord support if none of the above fixes work. Users can contact Discord’s support team for assistance in resolving platform-related problems.

discord support call

They must describe the problem and the steps they took to resolve it. The support staff will offer additional assistance and instruct clients on how to fix the issue.


Why is the Discord push-to-talk button not working?

Push-to-talk on Discord can not work for several reasons, such as bad key binds, microphone problems, bad audio settings, interference from other programs, obsolete device drivers, or permission problems.

How can I configure my Discord push-to-talk button?

Go to User Settings > Voice & Video > Keybinds and choose the key or button you want to use for push-to-talk to configure the push-to-talk feature on Discord. Either designs your custom keybindings or choose from the options offered.

Why won't my microphone in Discord work?

There could be several causes for your microphone to stop working in Discord, such as wrong audio settings, hardware problems, or software conflicts. Ensure your mic is configured as the primary input device and check the physical mute button on the device.

How do I resolve audio problems on Discord?

Ensure the input and output devices are configured correctly in Discord and that the right device is chosen to fix audio issues. Shut down any programs that are using the audio settings after checking. Change the audio subsystem or restart Discord if necessary. For other solutions, see the aforementioned article.


Discord push-to-talk button not working can be annoying, especially when interacting with friends or playing games. Users can use the preceding alternatives to diagnose and fix the problem.

Users should verify their microphone and audio settings, disable other programs, launch Discord as an administrator, and ensure their key binds are configured properly. For additional help, they can also try using Discord’s web interface or contacting Discord support. Users can experience uninterrupted Discord chat by using these fixes.

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