How to fix “Display Driver Failed To Start” Issue


nowIs the phrase “display” in the context of computers necessary to refer to the computer’s visual components? This comprises both the computer screen on which we are currently reading this and the video card, which provides the signal to the screen. The technology that makes data visible is this video card. But there are times when we might see a message that says – display driver failed to start.

display device error

There are numerous potential causes for the error. It might be as straightforward as a computer needing to boot up correctly and load the driver. The issue can also result from corrupt or outdated drivers. Another cause of this is obsolete Windows and damaged Windows files. Any graphically intense task could result in a mistake. Viruses and malware are equally harmful and might cause “windows 10 display driver error.”

Our graphics card may become worthless if the graphics drivers develop problems. We won’t receive any graphics performance as a result.

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Top fixes for “Display Driver Failed To Start”

You must try the following techniques if you receive the “display driver failed in windows 10” issue. 

how to fix

Here are some top fixes:

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Graphics Driver restart

Restart the graphics driver if you encounter this problem for the first time.

restart graphics

When we simultaneously Press Win, Ctrl, Shift, and B, your screen will flicker, a beep will sound, and the display driver will restart. Since no custom settings are changed throughout this process, everything should function as it did before.

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Update, restore, and recall graphics drivers

Using outdated or damaged graphics drivers is one of the most frequent reasons for the “display driver failure” problem. In some cases, the problem might also be caused by incompatible graphics drivers. In this situation, reverting to an earlier driver version might be required. The graphics drivers can be updated, rolled back, or reinstalled using the below instructions.

  1. Press Windows+X to create a menu, then select Device Manager.device manager
  2. Open the Display adapters tab, and right-click every driver (one at a time). display adapter
  3. Select Update driver to start the driver update procedure.update driver

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Driver Rollback

  1. If updates are unavailable, utilize “Roll Back” to return to a previous driver release. display adapter
  2. Select the Properties option in the Display adapters section of the device driver’s context
  3. Choose if the Roll Back Driver option is on the Properties window’s Driver tab.rollback driver
  4. Press OK.

Reinstall drivers

  1. Once you right-click the driver in the Display Adapters area, you can choose “Uninstall device” from the context menu. uninstall
  2. To finish the uninstallation procedure, Reboot the computer.confirm 
  3. The uninstalled drivers will install immediately.
  4. If the drivers don’t install automatically, we can download them from the company’s website and reinstall them by hand.reinstall

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Refresh Windows

It is preferable to install all outstanding updates because an outdated version of Windows could be the root of the display driver problem. We can install the most recent Windows updates by following the above instructions.

  1. Select Update & Security from the menu by pressing Windows+I.check updates
  2. Select Install the most recent updates after selecting Check for updates. Install any pending updates first if they are already available.

Execute an SFC Scan

Windows frequently uses system files to preserve sessions and functionality. If these system files become corrupt, the system may freeze, crash, or even experience other issues. The issue with “Display driver failed to start Nvidia” can be caused by this. Fortunately, the ‘System File Checker‘ utility may be used to examine these files for any problems. Follow these steps to launch the SFC scan:

  1. Press Windows+S to open the Search box and type “cmd.” As an administrator, launch the Command powershell
  2. Type “SFC /scan now” into the command line and click Enter.command prompt
  3. Restart the computer after the scan is finished.

Any corrupted system files will be automatically corrected after restarting the computer.

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Check PC for Viruses/Malware

The PC may experience decreased performance and other technical issues due to malware and viruses. A virus or malware may be what first caused the display driver to fail to start the issue.

scan In this situation, we’ll need to scan our PC using optional antivirus software, such as Windows Defender, and eliminate the malware on your computer.

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Reinstate Windows

Utilizing Windows ‘System reinstatement feature is possible if everything has failed up to this point. We can go back to a previous version of Windows with the help of this function. However, if we do not make any prior restore points, this procedure will not function. Go to the definitive solution if there are no restore points available.

  1. Press Windows+S to open the Search bar, then type “Control Panel.” Switch to the Control Panel.control panel
  2. Type “Recovery” into the Control Panel’s search box to access the Recovery options. Select “Open System Restore” from the menu.recovery
  3. Click Next when the System Restore setup window appears. You should check the Show additional restoration points system restore
  4. Choose the restore point that represented the previous iteration of Windows that was error-free from the list of available restore points. To begin the System Restore procedure, select Next and then Finish.system restore

Remember the days when Windows had the display driver fail to start? Choose that Windows version from the list of available restoration points.

Install Windows once more

If the Windows “System Restore” option does not apply, we can perform a “Clean Install” of Windows. Back up all the data because a clean install will remove everything. The “Display driver failed to start” error won’t exist after installing Windows from scratch.

install windows


We can now reinstall Windows without losing your data if a “Clean Install” is not an option. However, a clean install is the suggested method and the most efficient of the two.


What should we do if the display driver won't start?

Pressing Win + Ctrl + Shift + B simultaneously is one of your best bets. Your screen will briefly go dark before returning after the display driver has restarted. It may be necessary to update your driver, as the error notice indicates.

How can we fix a malfunctioning display driver?

Modify the display driver. From the Start menu, select Control Panel and then select Hardware and Sound. Select Device Manager from the list of devices and printers. Increase the number of display adapters. Choose Automatically check for driver software updates. Update to the most recent driver version.

How can we make the display driver active?

Open the Device Manager once Windows has booted up. Scroll down and click on Display Adapters after that. Next, if your graphics card is disable, right-click on it and choose Enable Device.

Is it necessary to install display drivers?

A separate monitor driver is typically not required for the plug and play displays. If a monitor driver or, though. Adding the INF file can allow support for display resolutions, refresh rates, or color quality. Installing a display driver or INF file may be advised by the maker of your computer or monitor.


Display drivers, the display drivers failed to start the error, and its fixes have all been covered. Nevertheless, the solution process is essentially the same regardless of the window. As a result, all methods are interchangeable.

Therefore, this problem must be fixed because it slows down your computer and displays videos of poor quality. Hopefully, you can finally resolve this matter once and for all. Please share any more techniques you have found to be effective in the comments area.

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