Drivers play a vital role in the computer system. They are the driving forces that enable that device or program to work on the computer system so that we can get the desired results.

Without the availability of drivers, we could never have used devices such as printers, speakers, etc., so quickly. Almost all the devices we use externally require a driver to be installed alongside. But some also have an inbuilt driver that does not require manual installation. In this article, we will discuss another standard error regarding the drivers, i.e., the display driver stopped responding and has recovered.

To fix this, you can try closing the background processes. First, open Task Manager by pressing the CTRL+Alt+Del keys together>click on the process tab. End the unnecessary ones from the running process list by clicking the End Task button.


What is the Display Driver Stopped Responding?

While we all want to enhance the display quality of our computer screens, we do not take care of the machine that well. Thus, the display driver encounters various issues while working, and the Display Driver Stopped Responding.display driver stopped responding error message But the problems are not that big, so the system fixes them. It is related to the Windows Operating System feature of Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR), which ensures all the components are working correctly.

What Are the Causes Behind the Display Driver Stopped Responding?

The Error described above results from various factors, including the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Most of the time, the GPU is the cause of the display driver has stopped responding and has recovered the Error. But, a variety of causes can be the cause of this Error. Some of such reasons are:

  • Running too many programs and applications in the background.
  • Overheating of the GPU.gpu overheating
  • Issues with the Display Drivers.
  • GPU Timeout.

The above list is probably not exhaustive, but these are the most common causes that are known to cause the display driver to stop responding and recover the Error.

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How To Fix Display Driver Stopped Responding And Has Recovered Error?

Once we know the causes of any error, we can quickly fix it. In this case, we have a lot of methods that can be used to improve the display driver stopped responding and has recovered the Error.

The ones fixing the issue on one computer might not be useful on the other computer. Thus, you must check out the method that best suits your Error cause.

Method 1: Close the Background Processes

Since the running of an excess of background processes is one of the major causes for the Display Driver Stopped Responding and Recover Error to come out, it is a wise decision to end all or most of the background processes. Since the techniques we don’t need to run keep running in the background, they hinder the normal functioning of other parts. The steps to end processes are:

1. press the CTRL+Alt+Del keys together to open the Task Manager.

windows 10 task manager

2. Then click on the Processes tab.

3. From the list of running processes, end the ones we do not need by selecting the process and clicking the End Task button.

end task

4. Finally, exit once completed.

After closing most of the processes in the background, the issue would not reappear. But in case it does, try the methods discussed below.

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Method 2: Increase the TDR Value Manually

The TDR value is the time the processor allows to complete a task. The peripherals will not have optimum performance time if this value is too low. Hence, the system will assume lagging and take troubleshooting actions accordingly. Thus, ensuring that the TDR value is appropriate for the hardware is essential. To increase the TDR value and fix the Display Driver Stopped Responding Error, you can follow the following steps:

1. First, press Windows Key + R to open the Run command.

run box

2. Then type in “regedit” & hit to open Registry Editor.

registry editor

3. Navigate to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers in Registry Editor.

graphics drivers

4. In the edit menu, click New and select DWORD (32-bit) if your PC runs a 32-bit OS. Else choose QWORD (64-bit) value.


5. In the name section, type TDRdelay & hit Enter.


6. Afterward, double-click on TdrDelay & type “8” in the Value data field & press OK.

tdrdelay value data

Finally, restart your PC. After increasing the TDR value, there is significantly less possibility of getting the display driver to stop responding and recover the issue coming out again. In case it does, follow the methods discussed below.

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Method 3: Check the DirectX version

An outdated DirectX software version could be why the display driver stopped responding and recovered the Error. To prevent the Error, check the DirectX version on your computer and update it if required. You might face window update error Code 0x80070643. The steps to check the DirectX version are as follows:

1. First, press Windows Key+R together and search for “dxdiag.”

type dxdiag

2. Then click on System Properties and check out the version of DirectX.

directx version

3. In case the version on the computer has gone obsolete, download the latest version and install it. It would fix the issue quickly.

Method 4: Uninstall or turn off the Interfering programs

This method is proper when you know that the display driver stops responding and keeps crashing and has recovered issues that come out during a specific program. uninstall programsIn such cases, the deletion or uninstallation of the program helps fix the Display Driver Stopped Responding. After this, if the issue remains intact, then you should try the following method.

Method 5: Do a Hardware Check

While hardware check includes checking up of processors, graphics card, etc., it cannot be denied that the untidy GPU could be the one cause preventing the display driver from responding and has recovered Error from being fixed. check hardware Thus, clean the GPU and make a hardware check. It will surely solve the issue.

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What does it mean when the display driver stops responding and has recovered?

Firstly, when you encounter the error message 'Display driver stopped responding and has recovered,' it indicates that the graphics driver on your computer experienced a temporary issue. It can manage to recover without crashing the system.

What are the possible causes of this error message?

Besides, a few elements can add to the showcase driver halting and recuperating. These include outdated or incompatible drivers, overheating of the GPU, insufficient power supply, or conflicts with other software running on your system.

How can I fix the 'display driver stopped responding and has recovered' Error?

Moreover, there are a few stages you can take to determine this issue. One standard arrangement is to refresh your design's driver to the most recent adaptation from the maker's site. This can help address any compatibility or performance-related subjects.

Are there any other troubleshooting steps I can try?

Moreover, you can try adjusting the timeout detection and recovery settings in the Windows Registry. This will give you the graphics driver more time to respond.

Could overheating be a possible cause for this Error?

However, overheating can indeed be a potential cause for the display driver to stop responding. Ensuring your computer is cool. Cleaning any dust buildup on the GPU and fans and improving airflow within the system can help mitigate overheating issues.

What if none of the above solutions work?

Finally if nothing from what was just mentioned arrangements resolve the 'show driver quit answering and has recuperated' mistake, looking for additional assistance might be fundamental. Take it from technical support or consider consulting with a professional who can diagnose and address any underlying hardware or software issues.


These were the methods for fixing the display driver stopped responding and has recovered Error in Windows 10. If the above methods do not work, then it is time that you switch your Operating System or reinstall a better version.


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