Nowadays, almost everyone is getting fond of different video games. The hype about video games is increasing daily, especially among teenagers. People are keenly interested in buying new video games and trying them. In this article, we will cover the video game “Dragon Age: Inquisition” and the common error faced by “Dragon age inquisition opens then closes.”

Video games are electronic games that require devices like a joystick, a Windows keyboard, a controller, a headset, and sometimes a device that senses motion. The characters, the storyline, the tiny details, and the graphics are so attractive that once a person starts playing video games, they get addicted to them. A lot of people play video games to relieve stress after a long hectic day. But what if you begin your video game and it shows some error, and you do not know how to resolve that error. It will be frustrating. We are also going to discuss an error Dragon age inquisition opens and then closes for the video game “Dragon Age,” which is very common. You must know the solutions to resolve it.  

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What Is Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Dragon Age is a famous video game that was released in the year 2014. Its genre is “action.” The video game’s storyline revolves around an inquisitor (the player) who is on a journey for Thedas to help settle the civil war/unrest and also close Breach, a tear coming from the sky that is mysterious and dangerous for the world.

dragon age inquisition

The game also has different open worlds to explore. Bioware develops this game.

How To Fix The Error ‘Dragon Age Inquisition Opens Then Closes’?

After knowing all the main causes behind the error “Dragon age inquisition opens and then closes,” we will discuss some of the solutions to fix it easily so that players can continue enjoying their game. Check out this article, if you also want to know how to fix file error in minecraft

Compatibility Mode 

One of the easiest solutions to remove your video game error and run it properly is to run your video game in a compatible mode, and the steps to do that are

  1. Locate the file location of your video game and open itcompatible mode
  2. Right-click on it, and you will see the properties option
  3. Click on properties and select the compatible option tab. A checkbox will appear
  4. Click on it and save your changes. Now open your game and check whether it’s working or not.

Restart Your PC And Game

The easiest way you can follow to solve a problem is by restarting. Close the video game properly and after a few seconds, restart it.


If it is still not working after the closing game, restart your PC and start your game again.

Turning Off The Antivirus

As discussed in the causes that your antivirus software may be the reason behind the error dragon age inquisition immediately crashes, try turning off antivirus temporarily. 

  1. Click on the search bar and write the word uninstall
  2. In the search bar, select the option of “add or remove the program.”turning off antivirus
  3. Locate the third-party antivirus under the option apps and features
  4. Right-click on it and press uninstall. Try opening the game now after restarting your PC once

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Graphic Cards

Updating the graphic cards can also provide you with the desired result of removing this error. To update your graphic cards, updating the graphic card driver is important

  1. Locate the device manager on your device(PC)
  2. Click on display adapters, and you will see the option with the name of your graphic card.
  3. Right-click on the title and select the option “update drivers’updating drivers
  4. Restart your game and check whether it’s working or not. 

Changing The Launch Settings

Try changing your launch setting to fix your video game error “Dragon age inquisition opens then closes” by following the steps.

  1. Open file explorer on your PC and then find folder game installation.file explorer
  2. Right-click primary DAI and select the properties option
  3. Select the run as administrator option from the compatible tab
  4. Don’t forget to choose “run the program in compatible mode” and your window version from the menu option. Apply and save all the changes and start your game

Clean Your Window Boot

Sometimes the device has some applications which lead to this error, but you will not be able to identify that specific application. For this, it is recommended to clean your window boot as this will help you to identify those particular applications causing this error. 

  1. On your PC, open the run dialog box 
  2. Click Ok after writing “MSConfig” in the dialog box.
  3. A window will open where you have to select the selective startup option, which will be under the general window boot
  4. Please select the options of loading system services and the original boot configuration from it 
  5. Open the service tab and choose to hide Microsoft services.
  6. Click apply after disabling all the services and try restarting game

Reinstalling The Game

Another easy method you can follow is to uninstall your game and all the setup related to it. And from scratch, reinstall the game and see whether it’s working or not. After all these methods, if the error of Dragon age inquisition starts and then crashes is still not resolved, there are possibilities of some internal problem in your PC or default problem in the game. Consult with someone in a nearby computer café or contact the game help center for some guidance.

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What Are The Reasons Behind The Error Inquisition Crash On Startup?

The error “Dragon age inquisition opens then closes” is mainly occurring in Windows 10, and there can be many reasons behind this.


Most probably, the antivirus software installed in your device is blocking the game credentials and preventing it from launching.


Which is why your game is not working properly and dragon game inquisition immediately closes.

Graphic Settings

The graphic settings of your game must be the reason behind your game not working properly.

graphic settings

And most probably, there is a need to reset all the graphical settings for the game to work.

Overclocking Of GPU

Overclocking of GPU or RAM is done to increase the natural clock speed of the video card to improve and increase the video game performance, but this can also become one of the main causes behind the error.


“Dragon age inquisition opens then closes.” Read this article, if you want to know how overclocking also leads to NVIDIA control panel missing error and how to fix it.

How To Play Dragon Age: Inquisition?

This video game is easier to play compared to some hard video games. You can play this game several times to explore different worlds, diverse characters, and various romances. These all things make this game interesting, and the player does not get bored with it. Always make sure to have characters with updated weapons to make the fight easier for you. And make sure not to forget to collect campsites often.

how to play dragon age

The setup required for the Dragon Age is similar to other video games, and you don’t need anything special to make dragon age work. You are ready to play your game. But suddenly, due to some reasons, your dragon age has stopped responding and is having the common error of “Dragon age inquisition opens then closes.” What are the reasons behind this error? How to solve them? 


Do I have to pay money to install this game?

The video game provides a free trial of a maximum of six hours, but after that, you need to spend money on it if you want to continue your game.

Do resolving the error is free?

Yes, as discussed above, almost every step requires some setting changes on your PC, and they are free. No money is necessary unless you need to change your PC hardware.

Is the role of the inquisitor important?

The inquisitor is like the main lead of this video game, and almost the whole story revolves around him. He is the one saving this world in the video game.


Video games are fun, but they come with some errors, which can cause frustration for us. We should know some steps to solve our problem with many difficulties in some easy steps. All the above steps can help you resolve your error in your game Dragon Age.

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