Did you download Dragon Age Inquisition? Undoubtedly, the Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the best role-playing games. The dragon age inquisition starts and then crashes. You are not alone here. Bio-ware and electronic arts have done a perfect mix of storyline and best graphics with a unique gaming experience. 

While the game performs well on some platforms, some cases are associated with Windows 10. Most of the issues are in dragon age inquisition windows 10 crash; no worries. There are a few methods, such as updating your graphic drivers, by which you can solve them efficiently. You need to update your graphics drivers. Old or obsolete drivers frequently make it difficult to run demanding games like Dragon Age Inquisition, resulting in crashes.

Updating the GPU drivers is an excellent approach to remedy this problem and ensure that you always have optimal gaming performance. Let’s dive deep into the methods of solving the issue.

Causes For The Dragon Age Inquisition Starts Then Crashes

Even though there is no specific cause for the dragon age, the Inquisition starts and then crashes issue. Some assumptions may have these causes.game dragon age inquisition

  • 3D vision bypasses the game’s startup process.
  • Your third-party antivirus may be blocking the Dragon Age Inquisition from working correctly. 
  • Maybe wrong or poor graphic settings have been used.
  • The built-in origin menu.

8 Methods to Fix the Dragon Age Inquisition Starts Then Crashes

Here are the top 8 methods to fix the Inquisition crash on startup. Do follow the methods and steps carefully.

Method 1: Check If Your PC Has The Required Hardware Configuration

If the dragon age inquisition starts, then it crashes. This might be because the Configuration that is to be played with the game does not satisfy your PC Hardware Configuration. In this scenario, you have no options other than tweaking your Hardware.

Below are the basic Configuration in which Dragon Age can run seamlessly.system requirements dragon age game

  • OS – Windows 7 or 8.1, 64-bit
  • Processor (AMD) – QuadCore @ 2.5 GHz
  • Processor (Intel) – QuadCore @ 2.0 GHz
  • Memory – 4 GB
  • Graphics Card – Radeon HD 4870 or GeForce 8800 GT
  • Graphics Memory – 512 MB
  • Hard Drive – 26 GB
  • DirectX 11
  • Internet – 512 kbps up and down

These are the minimum Configuration to run the game smoothly; cross-check your PC Configuration with this; if it does not satisfy, please consider upgrading it. By doing this, you can avoid dragon age inquisition immediately crashing.

Method 2: Disable The Antivirus

A dedicated antivirus program on your PC may be why the dragon age inquisition starts and then crashes on startup.

In this scenario, you should either disable the antivirus program or add an exception for Dragon Age Inquisition.

When adding an exception, each antivirus has its way of doing it. So, ensure you read the respective documentation correctly and make the exception.

By disabling the antivirus, the issue might get resolved; if not, let’s go to the following method.

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Method 3: Uninstall The NVIDIA 3D Vision

3D vision is designed to allow people to watch the 3D content seamlessly. But this may be part of the cause of making the dragon age inquisition starts and then crashes. It restricts users from opening Dragon Age Inquisition. By uninstalling it, you might prevent this issue.

Here are the steps to uninstall Nvidia 3D vision

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows key+R simultaneously on your PC. And then, type appwiz. cpl in the search bar and press enter. This will end up in programs that are on the featured list.type appwiz
  2. Navigate through the list and right-click on the NVIDIA 3D system. After clicking it, at the top of the window, you will see uninstall/Change option.NVIDIA 3D system

Follow these to uninstall 3D Vision from your PC.

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Method 4: Do Try Changing Graphics Settings or Update The Graphic Card

While playing Dragon Age Inquisition, many players on enthusiasm use high or ultra-graphic settings. There is nothing wrong with running your game with these graphics, but sometimes your Hardware doesn’t cooperate with the settings you keep on games. It will undoubtedly crash if your system does not support ultra or high graphics.

If you are running your game on high or ultra graphics, try lowering the graphics. This may probably solve most of the issues, and it also solves the dragon age inquisition opening and closing.

Updating Your Graphic Card

Try this if your graphics are low in your game but still face the startup problem. Sometimes the drivers on your PC may be outdated, and it can’t launch the game properly. Try to update your graphics drivers to the latest version. Follow the below steps.

  1. Press Win+X and open the device manager on your PC. Search display adopter in the device manager.
  2. You can see graphic drivers, click on the respective graphic drivers and click on update drivers.
  3. After clicking, now select Search automatically for updated driver software.

This will automatically search for the apt version for the graphic drivers and install them on your PC. This could undoubtedly solve the dragon age inquisition starts then crashes issue.

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Method 5: Disable Built-In Menu

The Players who bought the game from the origin knew that the EA platform as a dedicated built-in menu most likely caused the entire issue surrounding the game to crash. Follow the below steps to disable.

  1. Log in to your respective EA Account by entering your credentials. Click on the application settings in the main menu and choose origin in the menu tab.sign in on ea account
  2. Now, uncheck the enable in-game origin checkbox to disable the built-in menu.uncheck the enable in-game origin

If the built-in Origin menu were causing the Dragon age inquisition to crash on launch, the issue would get resolved by now, and you should be able to play them seamlessly without any hindrance.

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Method 6: Underclock Your GPU

Gaming enthusiasts often overclock the CPU or RAM to enjoy the higher performance of the game.ram into processor You can revert it to the default settings if you have recently overclocked your GPU. While this method works most of the time, it can also have a severe negative impact on the game startup.

Method 7: Run It In Compatibility Mode

If the dragon age inquisition closes after launch, follow the below steps.

Open your game File location ( mostly, it will be on a C drive). Now, right-click the game file and select properties. Go to the compatibility on the top and run the game in Compatibility Mode. Click on Okay to save the respective changes.run the game in Compatibility Mode

After doing this, run the game.

Method 8: Uninstall And Install The Game

If none of these methods help, there is a high probability that your application file for dragon age inquisition is corrupted. This acts as the best remedy if none of the methods works.click uninstall It also serves as a solution for the dragon age inquisition, which starts and then crashes. In this scenario, uninstalling and reinstalling the game is the best solution for the corrupted files. The process may take up to 5-10mins depending on your PC.


Why does Dragon Age Inquisition keeps crashing?

This may be due to many reasons. A most common issue is your antivirus; try disabling your antivirus.

Does Dragon Age Inquisition work on Windows 10?

Yes, Dragon Age Inquisition works on multiple platforms, including Windows 10.

Can RAM cause Dragon Age Inquisition to crash?

After installing extra RAM, consumers noted that their games continued to crash. When trying to run high-speed DDR RAM, this typically happens.

Do memory leaks happen in Dragon Age Inquisition?

It will rarely happen but incase it starts to leak just quick save alt+f4 and restart the game.

What is the best class in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Knight-Enchanter, Necromancer, Rift Mage are among the top ranked classes.


In conclusion, here are the top 8 methods to solve the dragon age inquisition that starts and then crashes. You can try any of the abovementioned methods and solve the issue yourself. It would most likely be your antivirus blocking, or your Hardware does not satisfy its needs. Try to rectify and enjoy the gaming experience seamlessly.

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