The ‘error 42125 Zip archive is corrupted’ is an antivirus error that may appear when users operate the Zip archive data file on their desktop. This article will briefly discuss the ‘zip archive is corrupt’ issue and how to fix the ‘Avast archive is corrupt’ case. You must investigate the viable sources of error 42125 to rectify the matter. 

The 42125 Zip Archive is Corrupted error may be due to the outdated device driver. There are various ways to solve the 42125 Zip Archive is Corrupted. These include removing malware, upgrading hardware and software, reenabling antivirus, etc.Error 42125 Zip

Users frequently operate disk encryption tools to reduce file size to retain extra data on the desktop. Zip has the most comprehensive customer base among all data converters. Zip allows you to conserve storage drive capacity. You may access cutting-edge technologies like encrypting and authentication systems with the Zip archive data file. Zip files are more dependable and secure because of these qualities. Although, often, you may run into the corrupted Zip archive issue when the Avast archive is corrupt, which can compromise the Zip files’ integrity. Below, we analyze the grounds for this error and point out ways to troubleshoot the Avast boot scan error 42125. 

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How Does Error 42125 Zip Archive Is Corrupted Happen? 

The error 42125-zip archive is corrupted issue is amongst the most typical antivirus issues that Kaspersky Internet users experience with Avast. Enormous numbers of people employ the antivirus application; Avast. Customers gain protection against malicious programs for their pc through it. When error code 42125 happens, your input devices operate sluggishly. Additionally, you’ll notice that the program crashes regularly.Zip

While opening a Zip document, error code 42125 may appear. You may run into it occasionally when configuring an Av product. What is the source of the error 42125 zip arch is corrupted.

 Some of the malfunctions that cause the issue are- 

  • In your gadget, the Antivirus software is not running correctly.
  • The Kaspersky antivirus – Avast installation seems damaged.
  • You might have extracted files from a Zip archive employing counterfeit software. Error 42125 Zip corrupted
  • While your transmission of Zip documents, you inappropriately interrupt the server.
  • You unintentionally erase specific folders from the Avast application.
  • There must be faulty segments in the storage system of the zip archives. 
  • The location where the Zip archives are has root filesystem instability.

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Now, we will discuss how to repair the error 42125 Zip archive is corrupted. You can use the following fixes to restore it after understanding the previous potential causes. We’ll provide you with strategies. 

Ways To Fix Error 42125 Zip Archive Is Corrupted Issue

Here, we will talk about how you can fix the Error 42125 corrupted Zip archive issue.

Get Rid Of The Program’s Malware

While you browse the Web, a good amount of storage media and garbage folders may accumulate on your system. You should frequently delete them for the benefit of your system. If not, it may result in several errors, such as 42125.

A virus can enter your device due to these documents, but removing it won’t guarantee that the error 42125 Zip archive is corrupted will fix. They can also cause the machine to freeze or fall off abruptly. 

Below mentioned is a guide on cleaning out the program’s trash documents that is on your desktop:

1. Enter cmd in your address bar, then select run as administrator from the context menu on the top of Configuration File.remove Error 42125

2. Enter “cleanmgr” in the adjacent folder. Now press your Enter key. A pop-up window might then display, & users must choose Yes to continue.Steps to remove Error 42125

3. Within that pop-up window, select unnecessary documents and data, and press OK to save the adjustments. The files and directories will subsequently remove themselves. Error 42125

4. you may remove the trash documents from the computer using a trash folder remover as a substitute. Of course, emptying your laptop using the instructions in this article is also beneficial.

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Scan The USB Drive For Faults

The ‘error 42125 Zip archive is corrupted’ yields faulty sections and disk space issues on the USB disk. It would help if you employed a split manager that qualifies to verify any identified issues. Read how to fix USB Descriptor Failed Error.

Verify The USB Disk For Any Damaged Segments

Configure MiniTool Disk Manager on the PC after installing it. Now, check for disk drive issues. Adhere to the instructions mentioned below:

  1. Open the default settings of MiniTool Division Manager. Select Interface Check in the left column after selecting the disc that contains your Zip archive.
  2. To initiate the procedure, select Start Now option within the following box.
  3. You shall eventually see the outcome. Skip the third step if you get the highest accuracy, meaning your disc has no faulty sectors. Red bars indicate inaccurate sections on your disc if you discover them in the outcome. 

Verify Your Disc For Data Malfunctions

Similarly, upon accessing the network’s default settings, select the disc where your Zip archive is stored and pick the Verify Disk Space options from the action on the column.

Select the antivirus check and fix discovered faults button, then enter the “start” button on the pop-up screen.

Upon finishing, you’ll get pdf documents. Following the process, correcting any disk space faults found on the storage device will happeWantnted to know more about How To Set An App Development Budget? Click here.

Upgrade Hardware

Controllers that are no longer current may result in error code 42125, and due to various circumstances, the device controller occasionally malfunctions. Under this situation, you shall upgrade the software to the recent edition.

Enlarge Screen connectors by the dual pressing device operator. Hit the Drivers and software option from the display menu by clicking on the installation underneath the Screen connectors.

In the box that appears, explore automatically for revised driver software. Then, to finish the procedure, adhere to the display instructions.Steps to remove error

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Reenable Antivirus Software

As you may know, error 42125 Zip archive might happen by a damaged Avast update or an unfinished Avast setup. 

Below is a comprehensive manual for reinstalling Avast.

  1. Create and install Windows by combining the Windows key with the R command. While inserting the ing control, click OK.steps (reenable antivirus software)
  2. In the Interface box, click uninstall a program option after selecting a program. reenable antivirus software
  3. In the following pop-up, click the Avast software and pick uninstall. Finish the process by following the elicit instructions.
  4. Visit Avast’s company portal and select the Iso file to start the installation. After that, carefully reinstall it on your system, following our guidelines. 

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What should I do when a document doesn't start?

Press the zip archive and select 'Open with' Navigate to Internet Browser. In the toolbar or near the top of the screen, choose Extract entire documents. Select Preferred Software and Device Manager, then press OK if File Manager isn't an alternative.

How to repair a damaged zip archive?

You're having trouble with a damaged ZIP file. Open Recuva, then in the URL bar, find the damaged archive. From the sidebar, choose the subfolder, and hit Restore. Enter the location of the repaired library, select the archive type, and press OK.

Is a damaged archive causing a virus on the desktop?

Identifying viral indications and those caused by damaged operating systems is essential since typical glitches like program activation difficulties and malware can produce signs that seem to be malware.


In conclusion, this article examines the sources, indications, and fixes for the issue of error 42125 zip archive corrupted. With the help of this comprehensive tutorial, the error 42125 won’t disturb you. With the findings in this article, the issue becomes easy to troubleshoot. 

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