Netflix may display the error code m7053-1803 when viewing movies or TV series on its popular online streaming platform, Netflix. This issue is common on certain Chrome and Chromium browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Opera. The problem may be due to minor issues, malfunctions in the browser, incompatible extensions, or a corrupted online cache. To resolve error code m7053 1803, delete the cache and store cookie information from your Chrome browser.

To troubleshoot the Netflix error m7053 1803, you should first try to Close and Restart Your Browser, Reset Chrome Settings, and Clear Cache And Cookies. If these basic steps don’t solve the problem, try reinstalling the Netflix app, Restarting your network, or Restarting your computer. In a more severe situation, Make a compulsory Browser Update, Remove Netflix-indexed data, and Deactivate Browser Extensions. If the issue persists, try contacting netflix customer support.

As you discover how to resolve the Netflix Error Code M7053-1803 on the Chrome browser, unwind and get ready to follow the troubleshooting steps below for a better understanding of the problem.

10 Ways to Troubleshoot Netflix Error Code M7053 1803

The error codes may make viewing your favorite TV series and movies difficult and prevent you from using Netflix’s streaming service. The error message “Pardon the interruption” will appear when error code M7053 1803 is present. Your browser is no longer compatible with this video. Installing the most recent version is required to continue viewing.

So, if you’re facing these issues on Netflix, follow these proven solutions to enjoy seamless streaming.

Solution 1: Close and Restart Your Browser

On your Mac or PC, it’s easiest to start by closing and reopening your web browser. It helps finish off partially finished browser upgrades and fixes small problems and glitches that prevent Netflix from loading.

Numerous minor issues may always be resolved by restarting the computer. Consequently, you should restart your computer before doing any complicated operations if you encounter the Netflix error code M7053-1803.

  1. First, use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+Q to exit the Google Chrome browser.keyboard settings
  2. Relaunch Google Chrome and give Netflix another chrome
  3. If you use Netflix on your phone, be sure you leave and then reopen the app.updating netflix

Solution 2: Reset Chrome Settings

You can also encounter the error message m7053 1803 on your Chrome browser due to a specific browser-related issue. Resetting Google Chrome can resolve Netflix’s error code in certain circumstances. Furthermore, try troubleshooting the error message M7703-1003, which also occurs when Google Chrome has corrupt or destructive modules.

  1. Open the Settings box on Google Chrome.settings in google
  2. Select Reset and tidy up. Next, on the right side, choose Restore settings to their original defaults.
  3. Choose Restore settings to their initial restore settings
  4. Click Reset settings to carry out the resetting process when the pop-up warning box appears.reset
  5. Restart Google Chrome when the operation is finished, then try to visit Netflix once more. The error code M7053-1803 has already been eliminated. Every one of the techniques listed in this blog is accessible. You can attempt each individually until the Netflix m7053-1803 is resolved.

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Solution 3: Clear Cache And Cookies

If the Netflix error number M7053-1803 doesn’t go away, you may fix problems brought on by corrupt Netflix cookies by clearing the temporary cache in your browser. Apart from the code m7053 1803 error, you may also try resolving error code m7037 on Netflix, which also arises due to a cookies-related space issue.

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + Delete (PC) or Shift + Command + Delete (Mac) in a new browser tab to do that.clean my mac
  2. Check the boxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cache images and files on the Clear browsing data box that appears. google clear browsing data
  3. Set the Time range to All time. 
  4. In the end, hit Enter or choose Clear Data.clear browsing data
  5. The streaming service will likely resume functioning properly if you load the Netflix website and log in with your credentials. 

Solution 4: Reinstall The Netflix App

You should reinstall the Netflix app if you use it on your smartphone and have attempted all of the fixes mentioned above for your problem, but it is still present.

You may see error code m7053 1807 because you’re using an old version of the Netflix app. Your program will be updated to the most recent version if you reinstall it.

  1. To launch the Run dialogue box, use the Windows key + R. run command
  2. Then, to access the Programs and Features tab of the Settings app, type “ms-settings:appsfeatures” into the text box and hit Enter.program and features
  3. You may use the search tool or scroll through the list of programs to find it.
  4. Once you’ve found the right item, click the Netflix app and then the link to the Advanced welcome screen
  5. To verify the uninstallation procedure, select Uninstall from the newly shown menu.
  6. Once the process is finished, restart your computer and bide your time till the subsequent startup is finished.restart
  7. Press the Windows key + R to open a new Run dialogue box after restarting your computer. microsoft storeType “ms-windows-store://home” and hit Enter to launch the Microsoft Store
  8. Next, search for Netflix using the Microsoft Store’s search bar in the top-right corner of the screen. open netflixWhen you find the correct listing, click the Get button linked to the Netflix UWP version to download and install the most recent version. 
  9. Finally, stream content from the new version of Netflix once more to see if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 5: Restart your network

Occasionally, the error code m7053-1807 on Netflix may be caused by your home network. Restarting the router completely makes your internet connection much smoother.

Accomplish this activity by following the instructions below. Apart from code m7053 1807, considering different ways of fixing error codes nw-2-5 and NW-1-19 on Netflix, which are also linked to insufficient internet connectivity, is worth the hassle.

  1. Switch off your gadget. network connectivityAfter thirty seconds, unplug your modem and router from the electric connectivity.
  2. When no more indication lights begin to blink, plug in the modem and wait. check router
  3. Once the router is plugged in, watch if any more indication lights flicker.light blinking in router
  4. Try Netflix once more after turning on your device.

Solution 6: Contact Netflix Support

We advise contacting Netflix Support and reporting the problem to their staff if other solutions need to be improved. You may speak with the support staff via the Netflix Help Center website or give them a call.reinstall netflix app

They promptly settle the conflict and offer solutions specifically tailored to your issue. All you have to do is tell customer executive help about your problem in full, and they will provide you solutions so you can resume uninterrupted streaming.

Solution 7: Reboot your Computer

Most impacted users have stated that after restarting the machine or browser, the problem was immediately fixed temporarily. Restarting the browser or restarting your computer should clear the temporary folder and resolve the error code m7053 1803 if a corrupted temporary file is the actual source of the issue. 

  1. If the browser is open, close it. reboot
  2. Navigate to the Start menu, select Power, then choose Restart. refreshing browser in mac and windows
  3. Your computer will automatically restart. restarting
  4. Open the browser after restarting it, then try Netflix once more.

Solution 8: Make a compulsory Browser Update

Obsolete chromium versions may also display the Netflix error number M7053-1803. While certain browsers like Google Chrome can automatically update, this may only sometimes occur. That’s why forcing a browser update is usually a smart idea.

  1. For instance, click the Chrome browser’s Chrome menu and choose About Google extension menu
  2. Chrome will automatically download and install any available updates; 
  3. Choose Relaunch to complete the installation.

Solution 9: Remove Netflix Indexed Data

M7053-1803 Netflix error code is also frequently caused by a corrupted Netflix index database. Try clearing out Netflix’s indexed database, also known as IndexedDB, in Chrome or another web browser to see if it helps.

Most Chromium web browsers use a similar process. As an illustration, in Google Chrome:

  1. Try to get Netflix to load. Next, click the Lock symbol in the address bar and choose Cookies.connection is secure
  2. Select Indexed databases after expanding from the “Cookies in use” pop-up.cookies privacy
  3. Choose Done > Remove
  4. Lastly, to refresh the Netflix tab, click the refresh button to the right of the search box.watching netflix You should be fine streaming material if a faulty index database causes the problem.

Solution 10: Deactivate Browser Extensions

Conflicting add-ons, particularly content blockers, might occasionally cause Netflix to malfunction. The only verification method is turning off all current extensions in your Chromium browser.

  1. Open the Chrome menu and choose More Tools > Extensionsextension developer mode to accomplish that.
  2. After that, restart Netflix and deactivate all extension
  3. Reactivate each extension separately until you find the malfunctioning add-on, if that helps.
  4. To access your extensions using Microsoft Edge, visit the Edge menu and choose Extensions. microsoft edge extension
  5. Use Shift + Ctrl + E (PC) or Shift + Command + E (Mac) to open Opera.

What Causes Error Code M7053-1803 on Netflix?

It turns out that this specific error code in Netflix could arise in many different cases:

  • Corrupted temporary cache: This problem typically arises from erroneous data in the temporary cache that impairs Netflix’s capacity to stream media. Rebooting your computer will, in this situation, compel your operating system to delete the surface-level temporary files, which may fix the problem.
  • Inadequately cached browser data: Another situation that might lead to this error number. Please delete the browsing data in your Chromium browser since this may interfere with some Netflix streaming history
  • Incorrect Netflix Cookie in the IndexedDB – The Indexed Databases may also cause this problem. It usually happens when you use a VPN or proxy server to access Netflix and then return to your home network (during the same browser session). vpnIn this instance, clearing the Netflix-related IndexedDB from your browser’s options should solve the issue. As an alternative to error code m7053 1803, find the solution for error code ui3012, which you may encounter due to the accommodation of unnecessary netflix cookies and cache.
  • Different browser settings- installed extensions or customized browser settings may also be to blame for this issue if they interfere with your browser’s capacity to stream media. In this instance, try restoring your browser’s settings to their original settings and see if it resolves the problem.


Which particular Chrome extensions can cause M7053-1803?

Certain extensions might not work with Netflix to determine and fix any extensions generating the M7053-1803 issue, disable or delete each one individually.

If there is an issue with refreshing the page, how can I troubleshoot M7053-1803?

Delete the cookies and cache in your browser. This problem can frequently be caused by outdated or faulty data, which can be fixed by starting over.

Is Google Chrome more prone than other browsers to M7053-1803 errors?

Although this problem can happen with other browsers, users of Google Chrome can see it more often. Keeping Chrome updated can help avert these kinds of issues.

What is causing me to get M7053-1803, and is there a simple fix?

Conflicting extensions or out-of-date browser settings may be the cause of this issue. Refreshing the page or restarting your browser are two quick remedies.


Simple yet efficient fixes for Netflix error code m7053 1803 on Google Chrome include clearing the cache, adjusting browser preferences, and maintaining a steady internet connection.

Through proactive management of extensions, proactive browser upgrades, and help requests as needed, you may rapidly resolve M7053-1803 and experience continuous Netflix viewing via Google Chrome.

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