The Evolution of RPG Gaming: A Quick History


RPG Gaming has been around for a couple of decades now and it is truly interesting how RPGs have been revolutionized over the years. Game developers of RPGs leveraged on the advancements in modern technology to be able to come up with games that will offer the ultimate gaming experience for a wider set of audience.

The Evolution of RPG Gaming

In line with this, let us take a look at the evolution of RPGs.

1. The Birth of Western RPGs

The Ultima III: Exodus game is known to be the first modern computer RPG created by Richard Garriott and released in 1983. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar follows suit. This game includes complex social issues during that time, making the games not suitable for younger audiences.

western rpgs
Western RPGs

According to the seasoned gamers behind IGM-IndieGameMagazine, there are games that are really intended for adult audiences only. Simply because gaming caters to all ages and gamers will constantly want something more challenging. Nevertheless, the Ultima Series played a significant role in the development of modern RPGs.

2. The Birth of Japanese RPGs

One of the earliest RPGs in Asia was released in Japan in 1982 and this is the Dragon and The Princess.

japanese rpgs
Japanese RPGs

The game was a fusion of text-based adventure elements with tactical-based combat. However, the first game that was able to integrate strategic gaming with role-playing is the Bokosuka Wars, which was developed by Koji Sumii.

3. Dragon Slayer

While the games above are consideration as the earliest RPGs. It was the game Dragon Slayer, developed by Nihon Falcom, which truly made an impact in the RPG industry.

dragon slayer
Dragon Slayer

In this game, players need to traverse through dungeons and combat monsters. Dragon Slayer was a significant influence behind Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. These games, in consideration are two of the most popular RPGs of all time.

4. Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest

Final Fantasy was released in the last quarter of 1987 and this game was unique among other RPGs because it features a female hero.

final fantasy
Final Fantasy

It revolutionized RPGs because it introduced character creation, as well as the ability to travel with different vehicles like airships. On the other hand, Dragon Quest was released a year earlier and it became extremely popular because of the user-friendly game mechanics that was easy to comprehend.

dragon quest
Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest boasts of a storyline that binds the quests and missions together.

5. The 90s Onwards

The 90s brought an immense rise in the development and popularity of Japanese RPGs. On the other hand, it is during this time that the Western RPGs began to decline. This was perhaps because of the high development costs that resulted in delays in the release of the games. Nevertheless, RPGs continued to thrive with some of the most popular RPGs still offered online such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. RPGs are one of the toughest games to develop, but in parallel, one of the best games to play.

world of warcraft
World of Warcraft

RPG Gaming is very popular among gamers and this is the reason why the game’s popularity unceasingly rises, especially with more realistic games that are developing with the help of today’s latest technological innovations. With the continuous modernization in technology, it can be deemed that the future is bright for RPGs. Now, wouldn’t a VR open-world RPG be something?


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