5 Ways to Fix Exodus Kodi Not Working (Update May 2022)


It so happens that on several occasions, as you stream on Kodi, the systems stop, and you discover that the Exodus is no longer working. This could be the case if you receive notifications like “Exodus Error Message,” “No Stream Available,” or when your show or other media won’t stop buffering. Exodus Kodi Not Working is a general error. Well, don’t worry, for such errors are quite often easy to resolve and mere maintenance errors.

exodus kodi not working
Exodus Kodi Not Working

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Go through the below-mentioned ways of resolving your Kodi. If this doesn’t help, then you might consider shifting to different, more compatible repositories. This is quite common because Exodus is not official and more or less an organized open source project, making disruptions extremely likely.

Top 5 Ways to Fix Exodus Kodi Not Working

If your Kodi videos are buffering a lot or if your videos are not being displayed, there could be an error in your Exodus Kodi. These errors are often because of errors between the internet service provider and the server you are working with. Here are some easy solutions to this problem to ensure you can consume from the Kodi machinery without the hassle and through the open-source project of your Exodus.

Method #1 Clear your Exodus’s Cache

If the Exodus is not working well with the Kodi, it often happens because of the cached data and the list of providers associated with it through titles. This is most probably the case if you see the “No Stream Available” pop up or if your media is constantly buffering.

  1. Here are the steps you need to take on your Exodus to fix the same:
  2. At first, click on add-ons and then click on my add-ons.
  3. Surf through them to arrive at Video add-ons.
  4. Now find your Exodus.
  5. Browse through the Exodus and find Tools
  6. Click on Clear Providers
  7. Click on Clear Cache

Press yes to confirm. Now your Exodus cache is free of hindrances.

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Method #2 Use A VPN

The internet service that you are working with may be blocking your Kodi shows. This could be the case in the “No Stream Available” error and indicates that your Exodus is incompatible with the Kodi. To eliminate this problem, you must install a Virtual Private Network or the VPN, which shall help you hide your video so that the Internet Service Provider does not recognize the Kodi links you are working with.


You only have to look for the VPN in your browser and find the most suitable one in your area. NordVPN is a good option among several others for the same. Download the VPN of your choice, Run it, and connect it with your server’s location. This process shall help unlock your Kodi and thus enable your Exodus to allow Kodi videos. Check Out Is your Netflix App Working?

Method #3 Update your Exodus

Most often, when the Kodi add-ons stop working on the Exodus, there is an update that you might have missed in the maintenance of your Exodus. Broken add-ons most often signify that your Exodus needs an update.

The process for the same is for you to yet again,

  1. Find your add-ons tab,
  2. Now find your video add-ons
  3. Click on Exodus
  4. Look for your Exodus add-ons and find the Exodus that needs an update.
  5. There will be a pop-up updating you with the update process that you must keep checking till you are assured that the update is successful. Your final shot at saving the Kodi videos is to check if the Exodus can be re-installed.
  6. You must uninstall the Exodus from the exodus add-ons page and then click on the Install tab once again.

Method #4

In instances of streaming issues, you must check the Exodus you are streaming under. There is the possibility of a timeout setting that must have gone haywire in the installation process or otherwise due to lack of maintenance of the Exodus. To enable this change, return to your Exodus, find the tools tab.

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  1. At first, go to the general settings.
  2. Pen the control panel window.
  3. Finally, change your Providers Timeout from 60 to 30.

This small change will help reduce the timeout settings. It will also stop the Exodus from getting delayed because of the service provider. This will help the Exodus from browsing too long and enable it to choose a different provider to ensure a fast and smooth working of your Kodi videos.

Method #5

The final error could be in your Kodi’s cache and the Temp files that might be stalling your streaming process. You will need another plugin to ensure this process, one which you will find in your Kodi bae repository (installed during the installation of the Exodus itself). Check out these best ways to Delete System Error Memory Dump Files.

  1. At first, go to your add-ons tab and find your downloads, then the Program add-ons.
  2. Find the Merlin Wizard and install it to see an animation. Consequently, it will shift the Kodi UI. This is the Merlin UI.
  3. Find the toolbox and under its housekeeping section. You must select the clear cache, delete packages, and delete thumbnails.


This will restart Kodi. You must do this last because the Kodi will start working again, and you wouldn’t start that process until all the steps and updates have been updated. Now you have to wait for the Kodi to emerge again finally, and you shall know if the cache has been successfully cleared or not.

These ways, as mentioned earlier, are your most straightforward ways of knowing whether or not your Exodus can operate with your Kodi. If this doesn’t work, then you should look towards finding a new repository or service provider.

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