Are your function keys not working? And it makes you wonder why the “f key is not working in Windows 10?” To help you, we have compiled easy fixes to repair the f key. 

An over-the-top spot is to confirm that the function keys are not locked. Often the function key gets locked by accident, which can cause an error in the f key. If not, try turning off the filter key, reinstalling the keyboard driver, or running for troubleshooting. Read further to learn an easy step-by-step guide that will allow you to navigate easily while fixing the error.

Let us solve this problem without delay and improve the function key’s malfunction

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Best Methods To Fix “f” Key.

Mentioned below are easy-to-follow fixes that will assist you in repairing the f critical error instantly. Read further to know more.

Check The f Key Status.

When the f key is not working in Windows 10, it usually gets locked by accident. Make sure to check it and unlock it. When the f1-f12 keys are not working in Windows 10, they are locked. 

Your keyboard will determine how you can succeed in this. Many keyboards have an fn lock key, but if your keyboard doesn’t have an fn lock key, press Esc+ fn together to unlock the f keys.

Turn Off The Filter Keys

Windows 10 provide the feature of filter keys that enables the system to dismiss the key you press numerous times. Pressing the key several times can be another cause of why function keys are not functioning on the keyboard. Follow these simple instructions to shut off the filter keys.

ease of access fn key

  1. Go to Start and open settings, then click on Ease of Access.
  2. Click on the keyboard, find filter keys on the right-side panel, and turn it off.

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Reinstall, The Keyboard Driver 

Another thing you can do if the function keys are not working is to delete the hotkeys driver from your computer. The function keys don’t perform well if the driver is corrupt or not updated. So, delete the driver and install it again with the latest updates.

  1. Open the device manager by clicking on the Windows+ X key.
  2. Search for a keyboard and extend the list. keyboard driver
  3. Choose the right keyboard and right click then select update driver.

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Windows Troubleshooter

Even after trying all the steps mentioned earlier, the f key is not working in Windows 10. Then you should scan the issue and automatically repair it by running the Windows troubleshooter.

  1. Go to Start and open settings, then click on Update and Security. 
  2. Select Troubleshoot, search for the Keyboard option, and click Run the troubleshoot on the right-side the troubleshoot
  3. In the same tab, search for the Hardware and Devices option, and click the run the troubleshoot on the right-side panel.

The BIOS Settings

Like the Keyboard driver, a missed update or error in the BIOS settings can lead to the “f key is not working in Windows 10″ error. To fix it, open the BIOS settings and enable these functions. 

  1. Restart the computer, and immediately click Esc when the screen turns on. 
  2. Choose the BIOS setup. fn key behavior
  3. From the top bar, select the Advance tab, find, and click on Function key behavior
  4. Opt for the Function key as the primary choice. Save the changes, then finally reboot the computer.

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Scan For Viruses

Ensure there are no viruses in your system. Since none of those mentioned above worked for you, it increases the chances that viruses will attack your system.

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Reactivate HID Services

One of the reasons why the f key is not working in Windows 10 might be that your computer’s Human Interface device services have been deactivated. So you must activate it by going through these steps. 

  1. Right-click on the start menu and open computer management
  2. Click on services and applications and double-click on services.
  3. In the recently opened window, scroll down and right-click on Human Interface Devices.human interface device
  4. Select properties, locate Service status, and ensure it’s on the Standard option. If not, select Start, find Startup type, and change it to Automatic.
  5. Save the changes by clicking Apply Ok.

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Synaptic Pointing Device Driver

The Synaptic Pointing Device Driver allows users to control their cursor using the touchpad. As a result, the driver becomes corrupted; you might see the error that the f key is not working in Windows 10. So it is better to uninstall it on Windows 10.

  1. Open the device manager by clicking on the Windows+ X key.synaptic device
  2. Select Mice and other porting devices, then choose Synaptic Driver and Uninstall
  3. Reboot the computer, and now you can use your f keys.


How to fix function keys that are not working on the keyboard?

Firstly, ensure there is no dirt and grime on your keyboard, making it hard for you to use the keys efficiently. If any one key is not working, Like the f11 key not working, run a troubleshooter to fix any hardware faults if present.

Why are function keys incompatible with Windows 10?

A few common reasons for the function key being incompatible can be the keyboard or system drivers not being up to date or having some bug; Filter keys are enabled, malware in the keyboard, or hardware faults.

How do I make my keyboard's fn key work again?

Attempt unplugging and re-plugging your keyboard for a moment. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard take out its batteries for some time. If there is no change, connect your keyboard to see if the keys are working properly.

What should I do when my windows key fails to work?

Start your computer again as immediately as possible. If still not working, try one of these ways, run troubleshooting for the start menu, disable sticky keys, check if the windows keys are locked, update system drivers, or scan for viruses.


After reading this article, you will know all the potential causes of your function keys’ malfunction and can quickly address the issue. From all the complex methods to fix your Function key malfunction, we have compiled easy-to-follow fixes for your f keys.

From unlocking the f keys to uninstalling the drivers, this article contains nine methods to fix the f key that is not working in Windows 10. You can also read about how to repair faulty hardware corrupted pages in Windows 10 by clicking on the link.

These fixes save both your time and make your work easy.

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