5 Ways To Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working Error


Is Your Facebook Notifications Not Working Error? Let’s Solve! There’s pretty much not a person on this planet that doesn’t have a Facebook account, and it is becoming implemented into our daily routines. We scroll for hours through our feeds, whether it’s in between our workday during breaks on our phones or in the bathroom, while we’re out to dinner or even in a movie, or while we’re sitting at work or home.

It’s the first thing we do as soon as we wake up- open our eyes and look to see if we have any new notifications from Facebook. We follow our friends, get updated on new events and gatherings, and can read about the things that interest us the most. We share other people’s posts and also put up our thoughts and feelings.

Facebook Notifications
Facebook Notifications

Many apps rely on having the notification system in play. All these apps need to have it working flawlessly so that there are never any problems. You’ll even find that they are extremely popular in the eLearning sector in particular. Having a Browser Notifications Guide For eLearning Companies is something that all eLearning platforms swear by, and you’ll also find that even social media platforms have their guides and methods by which they design their notification systems.

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Notifications play a large role in keeping any online business-relevant because, in the simplest way of explaining it, it reminds you that it’s there. That you have something on this site or platform that you need to look at. So if ever the day comes where there is a notification issue, and they’re only not working anymore, this can be nothing short of disastrous. 

So now you know that your Facebook notifications have an issue, what can you possibly do to fix this? There’s something that isn’t right, but where is the source, and the bigger question is, it is something that you, yourself can manage to fix? Most probably, yes!

How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working Error

In this article, we’re going to go over what it is that you need to do to get your notifications working again, and how to manage these issues so that hopefully, you never have a notification glitch ever still!

Method #1 Restart the Phone

If your phone has been running for a very long time and you have quite a few apps on it, this means that quite a several background applications will be running, taking up space and also taking a toll on how the phone functions. This could affect the notifications because some of these background applications can create glitches on the phone’s functions as a whole. Restarting the phone will refresh the amount of apps running in the background, and could actually clear things up and have the notifications up and running again.

Restart the Phone
Restart the Phone

Before you restart your phone though, make sure that you close as many applications as possible to check if the issue is solvable without a restart. It’s also advisable that every now and again, you look over all the apps on your phone and see if there are apps that you don’t need or use. Uninstall or disable these apps because they will be taking up space and creating problems unnecessarily. It might fix Facebook Notifications Not Working Error but if it doesn’t then try the next fix.

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Method #2 Check if notifications have been enabled

There are times where the enable option for notifications if off. This may occur if you have restarted your phone or perhaps had an update made for an application or the OS in general.

check if notifications have been enabled
Check if notifications have been enabled

So go to your phone settings, click on the notification tab if you have iOS or applications if you have an Android system, and active/allow notifications from the Facebook app. This should solve the problem right away.

Method #3 Reinstall the Facebook application

Sometimes, when you install an app on your phone, because of a connection that isn’t so good or bad network, the installation isn’t completed correctly, and this could affect the notifications coming up as they should. In this event, what you need to do is, first uninstall the version you already have, and then reinstall the Facebook app from scratch. Try to do this when you know you have a stable and fast connection so that it is done right, and your Facebook Notifications Not Working Error should be solved.

Method #4 Clear the cache

All apps have a cache folder where they store data temporarily that you may use. Over time, this folder can become quite heavy, and it could play a part in the fact that you’re no longer getting your notifications from your Facebook app. The best way to counter this is to clear your cache. Try doing this every once in a while so that things keep running smoothly.

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Method #5 Update the operating system

The operating systems on our phones do have upgrades available from time to time, and if we don’t have these upgrades done, this can affect the way many apps function. Your older operating system, should you choose not to upgrade it, may no longer be compatible with newer versions and upgrades, and this can cause issues. This is very much a valid point when it comes to the Facebook app.

Update the operating system
Update the operating system

Having an older operating system can affect some of its functions, and it can undoubtedly affect the notification running smoothly or even coming up at all. That’s why it’s essential that you continuously keep your operating system upgraded, this will ensure that you get all your notifications and your Facebook Notifications Not Working Error.

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You don’t know the value of anything until it’s gone, correct? This is very true in terms of Facebook notifications. For many of us, a large chunk of information about our social and even our work lives, and most important things that entertain us- comes from Facebook. And not being notified about all of these things could prove to be a real issue.

The good news is, if you find that your phone is having issues with bringing up your notifications, there are a number of ways that you can take care of it. And in the worst-case scenario, you can consult someone from the Facebook team to help you out and guide you in getting those notifications that you value so much back!