Videos are taking over Facebook because many people join Facebook every minute. In that case, minor issues like Facebook videos not playing could be frustrating after waiting a long time to load.

To fix Facebook Videos Not Playing, Use AdLock for Windows, Check Your Internet Connection, Clear App Cache, or try Reinstalling the Facebook App.

This problem could be due to a slow internet connection. Try connecting to a good Wi-Fi or a different network, and re-login or reinstall Facebook. Be sure that your mobile supports you to download mobiles.

Here we will list a few ways to help you resolve this problem.

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How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing Error?

To deal with such silly troubles, we have come up with possible solutions to help you eliminate this issue as soon as possible. Below is a comprehensive list of a few hand-picked & tested methods to resolve the issue.

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Method #1 Use AdLock for Windows

AdLock Adblocker obstructs all unwanted pop-ups, including banners, picture ads, or video ads on browsers (like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and in certain apps (Skype, clean master, etc.). Besides, it ensures that the URLs are safe to open so that malware does not enter your system and break into your confidential information.adblock

It also protects your browser and system from phishing and spyware capable of extracting sensitive information. The Internet connection becomes faster because it stops unwanted ads from popping up. This ad blocker for Windows has superb abilities that let you browse without unnecessary ads. Be it Skype or YouTube ads, you can watch the videos ad-free.

You can also regain control over your Twitch experience and block those pesky ads once and for all.

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Method #2 Check Your Internet Connection

A network connection is an essential factor while viewing videos on Facebook. Poor Internet connection or weak network signal can result in Facebook videos not playing issue. Your video will keep loading indefinitely for a long time, which could be annoying. So it would be appropriate to consider your phone’s WiFi or network signal.

check internet connection

So, to resolve this issue, move to a place where you get a decent network connection. If you still face the same problem, refresh it quite a few times until it usually starts playing. So that the video loads faster and you’ll be able to watch it without any breaks.

Method #3 Reinstall Facebook App (For Smartphone Users)

Many users who face Facebook videos not playing suggest uninstalling and then reinstalling Facebook as a possible solution to this problem. And guess what? It helps.reinstall

At times, we are unaware of the updates that Facebook gets and fail to update them. That’s when this issue arises and leads to this trouble. Updating the Facebook app also helps to solve this problem.

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Method #4 Re-Login Your Facebook Account

When we face Facebook videos not playing issue, it would be best to either re-Login into your Facebook account or you may restart your system. This will return your account to normal so that you won’t face this issue again. facebook loginThis works fine for iPhone, Android, and even desktop computers. If it doesn’t work out even after that, it would be advisable to uninstall the app and reinstall it again to see the result.

Method #5 Clear App Cache (Only for Android Users)

This is another way to deal with the Facebook videos not playing problem where you must initially force the Facebook app to stop and clear the cache. This is usually done because cached data slows the system’s overall functioning.clear cache

All you need to do this go to settings. Then select Facebook under apps. Then click on force stop. After doing that, go to Facebook again. Clear cache and cookies to see if the video is playing correctly. This is mainly applicable to Android users.

Method #6 Switch Device or Browser and Re-Login

Facebook videos might work better if you try logging in through a different browser or device. For instance, if you open a Facebook account using a Chrome browser and face the issue of videos not playing, you can try opening Facebook on a different browser (say Mozilla Firefox). You can see the result instantly, and the video will usually be played without a problem.login in browser

Another way to deal with this problem is to switch to a different device and log in again. Check if the video is working fine after doing this.

Method #7 Close Background Apps for Better Performance (For Smartphone Users)

Close background apps that are running because it consumes a lot of space on ram, reducing the performance of other apps like Facebook. close background appsFacebook requires a lot of resources and, therefore, can’t afford to have other apps running in the background.

Method #8 Disable Incompatible Plugins

Another possible issue that can lead to this fatal issue is the incompatibility of plugins in your system. These plugins are responsible for the unusual problem between the browser and the web page (in this case, the Facebook page). So, it becomes essential to remove it as soon as possible.disable incompatible plug-ins

But the question here is, how do we understand that? The solution is to enter incognito mode and check if the videos are loading on Facebook. If they are loading, then it is confirmed that the incompatible plugins cause this.

To deal with this, you can try uninstalling the plugins that caused this problem.

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Method #9 Directly Download Facebook Videos

If the solutions mentioned above don’t help, download Facebook videos using software like Video Converter Ultimate directly. This will now download the videos from Facebook to your system, and you don’t have to wait until the video loads and plays.facebook-downloader It is also used to download videos from YouTube and other sites.


Can a weak internet connection cause Facebook videos not to play?

A weak internet connection can cause Facebook videos to play incorrectly or buffer slowly.

Can a problem with the video file cause Facebook videos not to play?

Yes, if there is a problem with the video file itself, it may not play properly on Facebook.

Can disabling autoplay cause Facebook videos not to play?

If your Facebook settings turn off autoplay, videos may not play automatically when you scroll through your feed.

Can logging out and back into Facebook fix videos not playing?

Logging out and back into Facebook may help fix videos not playing if the issue is related to a temporary glitch in the app.

Can reinstalling the Facebook app fix videos not playing?

Yes, reinstalling the Facebook app may help fix videos not playing if the issue is related to an outdated or corrupted app version.

Can a Facebook server issue cause videos not to play?

Yes, if there is a problem with Facebook's servers, videos may not play properly.


These were some of the methods to fix Facebook videos not playing. So if you have an Android phone, iPhone, tablet, or PC, make sure that you try out these methods if you face this issue. Analyze the problem and then look for a possible solution for your video to play. Happy watching!

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