Some Windows 10 bugs might be localized and start at the rear. “Failed with 0x57 retrieving AppModel Runtime status for package Windows” is also one of the issues that could occur and cause the screen to freeze. This issue, however, is known to be caused by the inability of Windows 10 to retrieve AppModel Runtime status for the package Windows. However, the fixes for this issue are relatively simple and are mentioned ahead. Here is an article on the Advantages of the Data Modeling process for businesses.

Fixes for failed with 0x57 retrieving AppModel runtime status for package windows Fix 1:Repair Damaged System Files. Fix 2: Remove the Most Recent Windows Updates. Fix 3: Update Windows and its applications. Fix 4: Install the most recent Graphics Card Drivers. Fix 5: Modify a Windows Registry Value.

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Fixes for Failed with 0x57 retrieving AppModel Runtime status for package Windows and screen freeze are discussed. Since no one solution is appropriate for everyone, thus the options listed below can assist you in resolving the failed problem. So, let’s dive into it and fix the error on your system.

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Fixes for failed with 0x57 retrieving AppModel runtime status for package windows

So, why this error Failed with 0x57 retrieving AppModel Runtime appear? It could be caused by various factors, ranging from corrupted system files to a graphics card crash. Regardless of who is blamed, you can attempt the following remedies to resolve issue 0x57.

Damaged System Files

To recover damaged Windows files, use the SFC and DISM utilities. SFC searches for and substitutes faulty files with cached versions. Furthermore, the DISM application assists Windows users in resolving screen stalling difficulties.

Steps to follow to fix the issue:

Using SFC:

  1. Search for CMD in the Windows search command prompt
  2. To run as administrator, click the search result using the right key on the mouse and choose that option.command prompt
  3. Execute the SFC/scannow code in the Command Prompt and hit Enter to launch it.sfc scan
  4. Sit tight for the procedure to conclude.

If this scan revealed no integrity problems, we propose using DISM:

  1. Relaunch Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. Now, Input the accompanying lines one after the other:
  • dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
  • dism /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth
  • dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Remove the Most Recent Windows Updates

If you receive the problem notice Failed with 0x57 retrieving AppModel Runtime status for package Windows after updating Windows, try removing the updates.

Steps to follow:

  1. Search Control Panel into the Windows search field and press Enter.control panel
  2. Change the viewing style to Category and select Uninstall an application from the Program category.uninstall a program
  3. In the corner of the current window, choose the Show installed updates option.view installed updates
  4. Enlarge the existing window or drag the slide bar to locate the Install On chance. 
  5. Furthermore, right-click the update file and select Uninstall. Repeat until you have uninstalled all versions installed on the exact date.uninstall
  6. Restart your device.

Update Windows and its applications.

If removing the most recent updates does not solve the problem, you should try updating to the most current version.

Steps to follow:

  1. Using the context menu of Windows in the taskbar, choose Device Manager.
  2. Select Updates & Security from the menu.
  3. Locate and then select Advanced Options.
  4. When updating Windows, ensure the Obtain updates for additional Microsoft items checkbox is set to On.
  5. Return to the previous step and install all accessible updates by choosing Check for updates or Install updates.
  6. Furthermore, install the most recent Windows updates.
  7. Wait until Windows finishes installing everything before rebooting your device.

Install the most recent Graphics Card Drivers.

The screen freezing situation may occur if your device’s graphics card driver is not up to date. Furthermore, installing a new graphics card on a Windows laptop or desktop is unnecessary. To resolve the failed with 0x57 retrieving app model runtime status for package windows issue, update the pre-installed driver via Device Manager.

Steps to follow:

  1. Choose Device Manager from the context menu of Windows in the device manager
  2. On the Device Manager panel and then select the Display Adapters option. Locate your GPU in the list, then choose Uninstall item from the context menu.uninstall device
  3. Click the Uninstall option in the pop-up window and then check the option next to Remove the driver program for this device.uninstall driver
  4. Further, Start your device again. This will need reinstalling the driver.

Modify a Windows Registry Value

Erroneous value data in the Registry Editor could also cause the 0x57 error. As a result, updating the registry value will fix this Windows issue. Create a duplicate of the crucial data before proceeding.

Steps to follow:

  1. In Windows search, enter regedit and hit Enter.regedit
  2. Proceed to the Registry’s given position:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\WINEVT\\Channels\\Microsoft-Windows-AppModel-Runtime/Admin. Select Enabled. Change the value from 1 to 0 in the Value data area and hit OK.regedit changes
  3. Check if the problem is solved.

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What is AppModel?

An App model can help us answer concerns like how the app would be downloaded, how it will save state, how version control will work, how OS connectivity will function, and how the app will interface with other apps. The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App model defines the application lifecycle

What precisely is the SFC?

All recent editions of Windows come with an application called Windows System File Checker (SFC). You can use this utility to fix faulty system files within Windows. You can start SFC as an administrator from within Windows or using the Windows recovery CD.

What exactly is the Windows Registry?

Registry values are name/data pairs that are kept in keys. Registry values are not the same as registry keys. Each registry value recorded in a registry key has a distinct name with no regard for letter cases.

What is the purpose of the Windows Registry?

The Registry includes data that Windows constantly refers to throughout operations, such as user profiles, apps loaded on the system and the kinds of files that each one can generate, asset sheet settings for directories and app icons, and what equipment is present on the system.


While running computer games on a Windows system, the failed with 0x57 retrieving appmodel runtime status for package windows error occurs. When this error notification occurs, then the computer screen freezes. However, various solutions exist to this Windows 10 problem, from upgrading Windows to other software to upgrading the latest graphic cards. This post covers all familiar and easy fixes to solve this problem.