On November 10, 2015, the action role-playing game Fallout 4 was published. Without question, Fallout 4 is a fantastic game. But there are other problems with the game, including Fallout 4 low FPS issue, Fallout 4 crashes, taking a long time to load, modifications not working, and so on. We will discuss potential causes and methods to fix the low FPS problem in the game.

To fix the low FPS issue on Fallout 4, check your system hardware, Turn off the vibration and controller settings, and Turn off the built-in VSync. If you still cannot fix the Fallout 4 low FPS in cities, Fallout 4 low FPS on high end PCs, or Fallout 4 low FPS outside, try turning the God Rays to low or closing all unnecessary processes.

Read this post to learn more about the problem and how to resolve the Fallout 4 low FPS controversy.

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What Causes Fallout 4 Low FPS?

One of the most frequent problems many PC players have is the poor frame rate in Fallout 4. It’s common knowledge that Fallout 4’s subpar optimization has drawn much criticism.

Since its release, this game has consistently had performance issues, lagging, stuttering, decreases in frame rate, and other similar problems. As a result, many modify Fallout 4 on PC to make it playable.

fallout four

In addition, there are a few established reasons why Fallout 4 has random FPS dips. Turning on VSync has been known to cause frame dips in Fallout 4 for several players. In addition, the issue can also be induced by additional parameters like Draw Distance, high God Rays, Vibration, and Controller.

Fortunately, after looking into several in-depth user comments and discussions, we compiled a list of many workable solutions to repair Fallout 4 low FPS. Let’s examine ways to increase Fallout 4’s frame rate.

How to Improve Fallout 4 FPS

How can you get Fallout 4’s FPS higher? Until the Fallout 4 frame rate drops issue is resolved, you can attempt the following five tried-and-true methods in that sequence.

Check Your System Hardware

Before further repairs, we advise verifying whether your machine satisfies Fallout 4’s minimum system requirements. Here is a comprehensive instruction on checking PC specifications if you’re unfamiliar.

  1. Windows 10/8/7 operating system (64-bit needed). A 64-bit computer system is required to prevent the Fallout 4 crash on startup.windows
  2. Processor requirement is AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz or Intel Core i5-2300 2.8GHz, or comparable 8 GB of memory.processor
  3. The hard drive should be a minimum of 30 GB of available space.hard drive
  4. Video resolution graphics must be AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti 2GB or comparable.nvidia gtx
  5. A mandatory RAM of 2 GB should be required for Visuals.ram

Turn off the Vibration and Controller Settings

Numerous people have observed that when they enable both the controller and game vibration, the random frame rate in Fallout 4 lowers. In this instance, turning off the vibration settings could assist in solving the issue.

  1. Launch Fallout 4 and go to the main screen. After entering the game, choose Settings from the Pause Menu.pause menu
  2. Select the Gameplay tab and navigate to the Vibration and Controller parts of the options list. Just turn them off after you’ve located them.gameplay tab inside settings
  3. To see if the Fallout 4 framerate decrease issue has been resolved, exit the Pause menu and relaunch the game.

Turn off the Built-in VSync

Fallout 4 has an integrated function called VSync that allows you to control both the monitor’s refresh rate and the game’s frame rate. On consoles, VSync was meant to work at 30 frames per second. You may see the Fallout 4 framerate decrease issue if you use VSync or sync at a higher level. Here, you may test turning off this functionality and observing how it functions.

  1. Use Task Manager to terminate the game entirely.task manager
  2. To access the Fallout 4 installation directory path, use the Win + E keys to launch the File Explorer. Navigate to “This PC, My Games, Documents, and Fallout 4”.file explorer
  3. Right-click the Fallout4Prefs.ini file inside the Fallout 4 folder and choose “Open with Notepad”.fallout four prefs
  4. Find the iPresentInterval=1 line in the Notepad window and change 1 to 0. Then, to save the modification, hit the Ctrl + S keys. You can add the line and change its value to 0 if it doesn’t already exist.ipresentinterval
  5. To set the “iPresentInterval” value to 0, follow the steps in Step 4 if the file has the name Fallout 4.ini or Fallout4_Default.ini. After that, try restarting the game to see if the Fallout 4 low FPS problem disappears.start fallout four

Turn the God Rays to Low

The hefty cost of God Rays in Fallout 4 might also factor in the game’s unpredictable FPS dips. You might try reducing the God Rays in this situation. For that reason, try the below steps.

  1. Locate the Fallout4Custom.ini file within the directory. Right-click it and choose “Open with Notepad”.fallout four custom ini
  2. Add the following lines to the pop-up window and save the modification. sStartingConsoleCommand=gr off in [General]

Close All Unnecessary Processes

Fallout 4 frame rate reductions might be caused by an excessive number of background activities that use a lot of CPU or GPU power. In this instance, closing them can assist you in resolving the issue.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC to access Task Manager. Then, select More information.task manager
  2. Right-click the “pointless” applications in the Processes panel and choose End job. Continue in this manner to finish the remaining jobs.processes panel


Why is my FPS so low even though I can run a higher FPS?

When computer hardware doesn't meet a game's system requirements in a particular scenario, low frames-per-second (FPS) or frame rates occur. A game will only load if the hardware specifications of the device and the game are similar.

How do I fix low FPS drops?

To assist in fixing performance difficulties, update your graphics drivers and game software regularly. To increase FPS, try lowering the lighting, reflections, and shadow settings in the in-game menu. If you want to play the newest games more fluidly, consider upgrading your CPU and GPU.

Why am I only getting 30 FPS on Fallout 4?

Navigate to C:Users(your name)DocumentsMy GamesFallout4 and open Fallout4Pref.ini. Find and replace iPresentInterval=1 with iPresentInterval=0. Doing so ought to enable your frame rate.

Does RAM affect FPS?

RAM will increase frame rates and enhance system responsiveness. The kind of games you want to play and if you need to utilize any other programs simultaneously will influence how much memory you need for gaming.


Fallout 4 low fps problem must be solved with a systematic debugging process. To start, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Outdated or incompatible drivers can seriously affect performance.

Reducing the graphical details or resolution in games is one way to adjust in-game settings and ease the burden on your machine. In addition, think about turning off unused background programs to free up resources for lag-free gaming.

If the issue still arises, looking through modding and community forums for performance-boosting modifications or fixes designed to fix Fallout 4’s frame rate problems may be helpful.

Remember that every configuration for a game is different, so a mix of these fixes can be required to maximize your Fallout 4 experience and guarantee a better, more fun gaming session with higher frame rates.

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